What is the most traded platform?

With the commoner’s access to trading platforms, there is a noticeable surge in mass searches on how to trade and the best trading platforms out there. The trading world is quite volatile. The margin between success and failure in the trading world is relatively thin. Newcomers are thus searching for the most popular trading platform out there to start their trading journey from a good site.

The problem with platforms is either they may not be suitable for trading for beginners or maybe a scam as a whole. In both scenarios, the individual is bound to have losses. Although the trading world isn’t for the faint-hearted anyway and it has its ups and downs. One does want to opt for a platform with the best rating to avoid that.

Top 3 traded platforms

Before we head over to the list, we need to understand how this list is organized. First, this list evaluated a bundle of top trading platforms and came up with a short list of pros and cons depending on commission, minimum deposits, interfaces, and customer service. Then, through testing and comparing all that, an exhaustive list is created.

1# Interactive Brokers

The platform is a strong candidate for the top post because of its fantastic trading site. It offers easy access to markets all around the globe. In addition to giving you access to worldwide markets, it has a minor commission as compared to any other trading platforms. As a result, many professionals opt for this platform for massive investment as the commission rate is close to none. Furthermore, the fee of this platform is way less than many other rival platforms.

Although trading platforms’ popularity varies from market to market and even region to region, this platform is one of the best out there owing to its unique features and over-the-top facilities and the least charges you will see in the market. For example, the commission is zero dollars for traders who don’t trade professionally, although, for professional players, the site offers way more and hence has a tiny commission set up. There are currently over a hundred markets in over thirty counties under the flag of this firm.

Summing up: The platform offers many features and highly reliable trading options with meagre fees. On the other hand, the support team isn’t as efficient, and the pricing can be complicated.

2# TD Ameritrade

This platform is fantastic to trade with as well. It owes it to its interface, which is evident from the top and easy-to-use smartphone app. The venue is the best for beginners as it has a plethora of features expressly set up for traders who are just starting their journey. The list of its educational resources may seem endless. Their knowledge centre has excellent papers, charts, and other resources covering all the technicalities small and significant of the trading world. You can access it and watch videos, PDFs, and other documents to learn more about it.

The platform works super efficiently, and trades are executed like any other professional platform from the comfort of your smartphone, Although the broker has specific fees.

Summing up: The platform offers fantastic educational resources and makes paper trading available to traders. On the downside, the charges are slightly higher than competitors, and it is not currently open to shares in fractions.

3# Lightspeed Trading

Next on the list is Lightspeed trading. This platform lets you trade as swiftly and quickly as possible. That is because the trading world is super volatile, and you have to make decisions on your feet. With this platform, you can do the above. Moreover, they don’t have any unnecessary features and are more goal and project-oriented. As a result, the platform is considered one of the most stable platforms of trading around the globe. In this platform, you can quickly seize an opportunity you see, and it is favourable for seasoned traders.

The scanners of the platform are excellent analytical tools available to its traders. They show you the highs and lows of the markets in real-time. In addition to the above, they let you view the activity of substantial trades. The location feature can also guide a trader well. There are many charts set up by their speed and are from over a hundred different locations around the globe.

Summing up: This platform is super swift and offers excellent scanners and customer support. On the downside, the minimum deposit is comparatively higher than many other trading platforms. The educational resources may seem insufficient to beginners as well, and the fee could be lesser than they are now.

Honourable Mention: Cobra Trading

Another rising platform is cobra trading. The platform works efficiently in selling and has amazing support teams. The support team is fantastic on the platform and available to its clientele without any additional charges. The individuals working for the platform are super professional and are licensed by the authorities. The platform combines advanced trading features that are suitable for seasoned players. In addition, you can easily customize the elements to your liking.

Although it offers a bunch, the platform has a high fee if you are not a big trader. The direct order option isn’t easily accessible to new traders either.

Summing up; The platform has a fantastic support team. Although the minimum amount set is relatively high and there is a considerable fee to utilize the platform.

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