Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid touches on stories involving Environmental Impact

The educational program Viewpoint, hosted by Dennis Quaid, was created and further developed as an educational platform that could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.  Specifically, Viewpoint Dennis Quaid cultivated a subsection of the program specifically designated to touch on environmental sustainability, and some of the stories that are affecting the way consumers live.  The creative and development team sought organizations and businesses who were on the forefront of the environmental field, and procured thought leaders in associated fields in order to create engrossing content that enlightens audiences through short-form documentary content.

In order to obtain the most prevalent information, the team at Viewpoint Dennis Quaid wanted to highlight a few specific sectors to comprehensively cover some of the most interesting and exciting changes within the sector.  By creating content covering Waste Management and it’s associated solutions, along with a short segment on the progression oof Solar Energy, and finally with a short story on how technology is aiding in environmental endeavors.  All segments are being created with the purpose of distribution in late 2021.

Waste Management has often been a topic of discussion, however more modern processes and protocols have allowed for the industry to escape the concept of overflowing landfills that some consumers used to have.  Now these organizations are providing advanced composting solutions, along with innovative recycling abilities, in order to reduce the overall footprint of man-made waste on the planet.  Furthermore, many organizations are educating consumers themselves on best practices and options for their own waste.  Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid was able to feature some individuals with extensive histories in the Waste Management sector to talk about the overall environmental impact of these efforts.

Furthermore, the program sought to feature new content on the progression of solar panels.  While solar technology has been leveraged for many years, advanced battery storage capabilities as well as cheaper material and installation processes have throttled the industry into a new generation of innovation.  Now many third-world countries are able to power off-grid communities in order for them to have the power necessary for light and healthcare.  States and municipalities offer additional credits in order to emphasize the possibility of building with a solar infrastructure in mind.  The Viewpoint Dennis Quaid program will bring in some experts on these matters who can also expound on the beginnings of the solar boom and where the industry is heading.

All of these advances have been made possible by the influx of modern technologies, which are revolutionizing the way consumers live on a daily basis.  Now long-range sensors in optical technology, and Artificial Intelligence, are letting organizations track patterns around the world that correlate to the health of the planet.  They’re able to extrapolate that with potential action plans that may fundamentally change the future.  People behind these technologies will also share their stories of development and delivery.

A producer at the program commented, “the creators of this program believe it’s fundamentally important to continue to share stories that inspire future enablers of change.  That’s why Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid is an excellent way to showcase new and unique ideas as it pertains to the Environment and Sustainability.  We’re dedicated to finding the best possible stories from all over the world in order to effectively take control of the future.”

The Viewpoint program has many other stories in the environmental sector in various stages of production, according to the developers.  These will all highlight other unique sub-sectors of the environmental storyline, and will all be hosted by Dennis Quaid, whose long career in film and television make him a perfect contributor to the project.  The “Innerspace” star opens and closes each short story with a concise comment on it’s topicality.

The production team behind the program continues to develop award-winning content across a range of industries and topics.  As the program continues to win recognition and awards, the Viewpoint Dennis Quaid team will continue their endeavors for dedicated distribution avenues.

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