Healthy food catering – is it possible?

Envision this! You’re hosting a party of 100 people, and you want it to be memorable, of course. But you want it to be memorable for more than just the gift of your presence. As a host, you naturally want all your guests to have a good time so that everyone leaves happy with enough memories to last until next year’s shindig.

While food is optional at many gatherings (people usually aren’t there for the food), it takes center stage in a party catering setting. Your guests will expect to grab a bite while mingling, socializing, and watching the entertainment. Not to mention – they’ll probably have come from another event or meeting where they already ate dinner. So you’d better provide something delicious. Order the best healthy catering food from Hooters.

Choose your menu wisely

The menu is a crucial part of the evening. The dishes you choose say a lot about you and your party, so make sure to get it right. You could go for a traditional catering menu, but what fun would that be? How about going healthy instead!

What does ‘healthy’ mean? That can vary from person to person, but in this article, we’ll use the common understanding of ‘healthy’: low in calories; high in vitamins; whole-food ingredients; no preservatives or processed chemicals. A menu like this might include anything from yogurt to hummus, fresh fruit, and maybe even some home-baked cake. But wait – if you’re using healthy foods, then how will you make your dishes taste so good?

To answer that question, you’ll have to look outside the mainstream catering world. The secret’s all in the preparation. There are ways to cook traditional party foods without adding too much butter or salt while retaining their flavorful appeal. Popular recipes for this include “crockpot” meals and baking with coconut oil. Of course, if you’re going for a vegan menu, then baked goods are pretty much guaranteed!

When it comes to veggies, try baking them into chips or even growing your own vegetables specifically for use at parties! If you can grow it or prepare it yourself, it is more likely to be healthy because you know exactly what goes into it. And speaking of not knowing what goes into your food, some party planners are now taking matters into their own hands by planning vegan catering instead of using pre-made dishes.

Food Menu Options

Whether you go for a full vegan menu or just choose to incorporate healthy foods, we hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the box and find new ways to make your next event a success. And if it isn’t – well, at least you’ll know exactly why.

One may often wonder what sorts of foods are served at parties. There is no one answer to that question but an assortment of various dishes. Catering food for events may vary by type, size, and occasion. But one usually can expect some sort of finger food. This eating style allows the people behind the buffet table to offer a variety of options in small portions so guests can try out different types without feeling too stuffed.

It also provides the opportunity to socialize while choosing from several delicious treats easily. But there should always be other types of food as well. Catering companies usually have different packages available, which include anything from cereal, fresh fruit, or granola bars.

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