Bril Reviews – New UV Light Toothbrush Sterilizer

What is Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer?

When we brush our teeth several times a day, probably few of us think about all the bacteria that could collect on the toothbrush after cleaning our teeth. This would be very disgusting. Few of us think about it, many of us don’t want to think about it, although it makes sense to think about it. After all, we don’t just want to brush our teeth and freshen our breath, we want our teeth and gums to be and stay healthy. However, this is only possible if there are no germs and bacteria cavorting there that remain after the teeth have been cleaned or are left over from the last cleaning at the brush head and have been redistributed in the mouth. (Any/all links in this post are affiliate links from which the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product/service, but the price is the same for you).

The following bacteria and germs can spread in a poorly cleaned toothbrush when it is next used in the mouth and thus in the whole body:

  • coli/diarrhoea: Escherichia coli is not dangerous across the board, but if it is ingested through contaminated water or food, it can become dangerous.
  • staphylococci/MRSA: colonise human skin, only when immunodeficiency is present can they enter wounds and become dangerous.
  • streptococci: live in the mouth, only when they multiply too much do they become pathological and dangerous.
  • pseudomonas: mostly found in toilets.
  • influenza
  • rhinovirus/RNA

A very disgusting idea, which is why it is necessary to think about it more and prevent old bacteria from being introduced into the mouth the next time you brush your teeth. This is where the new Bril can help, which cleans your toothbrush of all bacteria in a completely sterile and effortless way.

Why do I need this toothbrush Sterilizer?

It’s not just generally disgusting to imagine what’s on your own toothbrush. Even if you are healthy, these bacteria can become very unpleasant or even dangerous in the worst case. Not only people with weak immune systems should be careful, but everyone else should clean their toothbrushes thoroughly from time to time.

Especially people who have special problems in the mouth area and are struggling with caries and periodontitis should clean their toothbrushes more often, because bacteria on the toothbrush can possibly lead to such dental problems as caries. This way you are in a vicious circle because you keep rubbing the bacteria responsible for your disease into your teeth. Bril UV light Toothbrush Sterilizer is designed to clean your toothbrush sterilely, quickly and easily and this little can is so compact you can take it anywhere. Visit the supplier website here to find a discounted price!


Bril rating and recommendation

It is a very good invention to make a small can that uses ultraviolet radiation to clean your toothbrush head completely sterilely and effortlessly from all invisible enemies that could make you sick. The small container not only looks stylish, but also works thoroughly and can be conveniently taken anywhere. It can also be used as a toothbrush head protector when travelling to keep dirt out. Especially for people with dental problems, a toothbrush cleaning is good to prevent their sensitive teeth from being even more stressed with bacteria.

Bril technical facts

The following technical details will help you find out if this toothbrush Sterilizer is right for you:

  1. UV light sterilisation: Ultraviolet radiation gently and sterilely cleans the toothbrush head in Bril’s small container and gently and effectively kills all invisible germs and bacteria. The toothbrush is then clean and purified and ready for the next use.
  2. Battery: The battery of the small device lasts for a whole 30 days without having to recharge it in between.
  3. Cleaning: The ultraviolet radiation cleans your toothbrush from all sides with 360-degree ultra-deep sterilisation from top to bottom, killing up to 99.99 percent of all germs and bacteria.
  4. Small and handy: Its small size – about the size of an Apple headphone case – makes the Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer ready to use anywhere and great for on-the-go. It takes up no space and can be charged anywhere.
  5. Magnetic: With its magnet on the back, you can easily hang the small Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer on a wall or other smooth free surface (the bathroom mirror for example) and hook your toothbrush into it to keep it clean for longer. This way, you don’t have to store your toothbrush in a bulky way in your toothbrush cup, where germs can get to it.

What are the Bril quality features?

The manufacturer advertises on its official website that the same UV sterilisation is used in hospitals, making it ideal for cleaning the toothbrush. This proven technique causes germs to be killed at the molecular level by destroying their DNA, making the environment sterile and clean.

Toothbrush protection is guaranteed for 24 hours if the toothbrush is left in the Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer and not standing around in the toothbrush cup. This provides an even deeper clean and your next cleaning will be all the healthier for it. Bril is suitable for any toothbrush, classic or electronic, large or small. Only large UV light toothbrushes cannot be cleaned with it.

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General Bril reviews

Since not many people give much thought to their dental care, or rather what else is necessary apart from brushing their teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush several times a day, the invention of the small Bril toothbrush Sterilizer is now intended to provide a remedy. This toothbrush cleaning works quickly and easily, so that even people who need to clean their teeth quickly can do so properly. Until now, the only way to clean the toothbrush was to use a special disinfectant spray for the toothbrush. But UV light is said to be far more effective here than an ordinary spray. Protected in a small can, the toothbrush is irradiated with UV light and thus every little germs are eliminated. Whether this is actually better than a spray can only be proven by a thorough examination in a laboratory to see how many bacteria are left at the end.

One user of this special toothbrush cleaning system reported that he constantly had to deal with inflamed gums and painful teeth. From time to time, he also had ulcerated teeth. He did not know what to do, he brushed his teeth thoroughly up to three times a day and he ate as tooth-friendly as possible. He basically did nothing that would affect the teeth so enormously. He couldn’t explain it, but soon came across a report online about dental health, which said that the toothbrush should be cleaned thoroughly after each use, otherwise serious dental diseases could spread. Immediately, he realised that this could be the only reason why his teeth were so damaged all the time. He researched what he could use for a proper toothbrush cleaning and was torn between a spray and the Bril sterilizer. He decided on the Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer and as soon as it arrived at his house, he put his toothbrush in it for cleaning. He used the Bril Sterilizer after every tooth cleaning and after just a few weeks he felt the dental problems becoming less and less frequent. So it must have been all the bacteria on the toothbrush, he concluded. He now wants to continue using Bril and is very grateful for this little invention.

A user of this toothbrush cleaning tells how she also suffered from constant gum inflammation and pain and in the long run lived almost exclusively on painkillers. Because of the severe pain, she could only eat tooth-friendly food, i.e. she avoided sugar, coffee and everything else that could stick to her teeth or that contained acid. But her problems did not get any better. Soon she could no longer bite properly, could hardly eat anything, her teeth only hurt. She couldn’t explain it, because now she was living as tooth-friendly as she could! What else could she have done? She kept changing her toothbrushes because she wanted to keep using fresh ones because of the bacteria. But soon she had the idea that it could be easier and that she should use a cleaner for her toothbrushes.

Using new toothbrushes all the time also hurt her teeth, no matter how soft and gentle the bristles were. She first used a spray, but after two weeks without any improvement in her condition, she came across the Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer and now used this. After a further two weeks, she felt her discomfort easing more and more and she could hardly believe she had finally found help. Apparently, her toothbrush had quickly become a tumbledown place of viruses and germs and bacteria, no matter how often she changed it, it was always invaded by bacteria again immediately after using the new toothbrush once. Now, with Bril Toothbrush Cleaning, she could brush her teeth without worry and clean the toothbrush immediately afterwards for the next day’s cleaning. After one month of use, her dental problems had completely disappeared and nothing hurt her any more. She can only recommend this Bril toothbrush cleaning. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Bril?

The Bril toothbrush Sterilizer can only be purchased online on the official website. Here you can choose between several ordering options: either you order just one Bril, or you order two Bril toothbrush Sterilizers directly, where you also receive a 50% discount and one Bril for free. Or you can buy 5 Bril directly and get two for free, or 8 Bril directly and get four for free. You can pay either by PayPal or credit card.

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Who is the provider of the product?

The following information can be found on the official website of the manufacturer/supplier:

Distribution partner:

The GiddyUp Group


20 N. Oak St.

Ventura, CA 93001




General information on the subject of UV light toothbrush Sterilizers

So far, there is hardly anything like toothbrush Sterilizers. These are usually special sprays that have a disinfecting effect and are sprayed onto the toothbrush head. In this way, the active ingredient of the spray is absorbed into the brush head and destroys all germs and bacteria in the bristles. Until now, this was the most common way to clean the toothbrush.

Now, more and more use is being made of ultraviolet radiation, which is said to be much more effective than mere sprays, as UV can destroy invisible germs and bacteria and even viruses much more deeply than sprays can. UV penetrates the bristles deeply and thoroughly and does not miss a single germ. Depending on how a disinfectant spray is applied to the brush head, it is easy for areas to get too little spray, already reducing its effectiveness. This is prevented by UV light in a smaller can, so that the light reaches all parts of the toothbrush, guaranteeing all-round cleaning. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: Is UV light (ultraviolet radiation) safe?
  • A: Ultraviolet radiation is generally considered and used in medicine and science as an effective protection against bacteria and germs. And the ultraviolet radiation is only switched on when the container is closed and you normally do not come into contact with it. Only afterwards, when the cleaning is complete and the ultraviolet radiation is switched off, do you use the cleaned toothbrush.
  • Q: Does Bril toothbrush cleaning help with all dental diseases?
  • A: Basically, yes, because many diseases that form on the teeth and gums are caused by poor oral hygiene or bacteria on the toothbrush. Once you clean your toothbrush thoroughly and regularly, you can prevent or eliminate all diseases in your mouth.
  • Q: Is Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer compatible with any toothbrush?
  • A: Yes, basically it is. However, there are large UV light toothbrushes that unfortunately don’t fit in well here. But otherwise, any ordinary and also electric toothbrush fits in, for children and for adults.
  • Q: How can I clean Bril?
  • A: It’s very easy, either with a damp cloth or cotton buds. Bril cleans itself by ultraviolet radiation, which not only cleans the toothbrush, but also Bril itself.
  • Q: How to charge?
  • A: You can charge Bril using the USB cable provided. One charge lasts about a month. A small LED light shows you when the next charge is due.
  • Q: Can Bril toothbrush cleaning support my overall health?
  • A: It is always said that if the teeth are healthy, then the whole body is healthy, because many diseases come from the teeth, even heart disease! In this sense, Bril Toothbrush Cleaning does indeed support your overall body health!

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