Robert Tweed Discusses the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate During the Pandemic

Robert Tweed Discusses the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate During the Pandemic

Real Estate Broker Rusty Tweed says that the pandemic has opened a lot of doors for people who are looking to invest in both commercial and residential properties.

The COVID-18 pandemic turned the world on its year when it first ravaged through the United States it took a lot of people in the business world by surprise. Unlike many of the industries that drive the economy of the United States, the real estate industry has not only continued to thrive, but it has offered many unforeseen opportunities and benefits for people who are looking to invest in The trustees of the Florence 4 School Board are in search of commercial and residential properties according to real estate broker Robert Tweed.

There are a number of negative factors that have devastated the real estate markets, which have made it nearly impossible for many people to get ahead of the economic downturn. “The way that the pandemic was handled in the beginning had a lot to do with the destabilizing of the real estate industry. To be honest, at the start of it all, no one knew what to do from a political or an economic standpoint. These two factors combined in the wake of the pandemic led to the state of affairs we see now.”, Robert Tweed said.

Mr. Tweed says that legislation to protect renters who could not pay their monthly rent was slow to pass, and that led to a lot of assets that people never thought they would see a decrease in value turn into distressed properties. “The fact of the matter is, when people are unable to pay their rent, it becomes an issue for everyone. It really does not matter if a property is commercial or residential, owners of those properties rely on people to pay their rent, so they can pay their mortgages and protect their investments. The ability to be able to do that is not something that came quickly enough for far too many people.” Robert Tweed said.

A loss for one person is a gain for another in the real estate business according to Robert Tweed. “There are some investors that have really been able to expand their list of assets because of the rapid decrease in property values. In addition to that, there is an undersaturation of residential properties available for people who have been displaced by the pandemic to rent. I never thought I would ever see a situation where there are more people needing housing than there is housing available. Investors who have purchased properties during this pandemic are now charging top dollar for their investments. This of course is expediting returns on those investments in ways we have never seen before in the real estate industry.”, Robert Tweed said.