How we can create opportunities with AI assistant

Truth to be told, the unstoppable thrive of modern technology will blow your mind. Newly launched products are overhyped because of their rising popularity all over the world. One of the premier discoveries we have today is the AI program. It is very intriguing since it can think, learn, and perform tasks that generally only humans can do. Now, let us imagine how AI can help us create opportunities in different situations.

1) AI robots as Hotel Assistants

Have you heard about AI robots assistants working for a hotel? Yes, it sounds extraordinary, but it exists in a particular hotel in Japan in 2015. It also made headlines when it was the first robot hotel that the Guinness Book of World Records officially recognized. They have created a total of 243 robots that can assist guests from checking in to checking out without face-to-face human interaction.

The company’s proprietors aim to give the most efficient assistance using advanced service technology in the world. Due to its uniqueness and fame, many are curious and immediately booked for accommodations to experience it. The labor force for human staff still exists; however, there is an evident relief in their workload. Nevertheless, this move also opened the minds of those coming from the tourism industry to follow their steps in integrating AI into the services they offer.

2) Installed Voice Assistants 

You probably heard of these AI personal assistants that can be installed easily on our smartphones, computers, cars, and even at home. You have undoubtedly known about the most popular AI voice assistants now, such as the Google Assistant Devices, Apple Siri Devices, Microsoft Cortana Devices, and Amazon’s Alexa Devices. The number of users continues to grow and will eventually stay on-trend. People from different industries find it easy to access information or research, make and play music for singers and songwriters, set alarms for users’ essential appointments, and even make funny jokes for people dead tired from work.

This technology helps them stay on track with things they often missed out on and makes them more productive since it is easy to do multitasking. That is why people in business and freelancers love to avail this type of device because productivity results in profitability.

3) Improve Business and its Revenue

Two of the best things AI assistants can do for business owners are to automate tasks in real-time and optimize their workflows. Companies will be more productive and will improve in Sales, Marketing, HR and Customer Service. AI technology can look into simple tasks and help them focus on the bigger ones. By this concept, it will boost the revenue and assist workers in being more productive daily. And there are many reported companies right now adopting AI assistants as interviewers. The AI robots can analyze facial expressions, tone of voice, and emotional status of the applicants. Imagine how this concept can lessen the burden of the HR team when screening tons of applications for each job postings.

4) AI Assistant for COVID19 Response

The most controversial health crisis that the world is facing up until is the COVID19 virus. Many scientists attempted to look for a possible solution to putting an end to this infectious disease. And finally, a vaccine was discovered for us to develop immunity against it. According to some reports, it was being revealed that AI assistants played a vital role in the whole process. This technology helped shorten the time it will take to develop vaccines from about 5 to 6 years. Time is ticking for this pandemic situation; thus, any immediate response must be welcomed by all means. This is also one of the best ways for big pharmaceutical companies to cut the expenses for the workforce since AI assistants can be delegated with different tasks accurately.

It is expected that AI technology will continue to develop more mechanical skills to create advanced business opportunities. There are reports that it is expected to contribute trillions of shares in the global market by 2030 and will be nineteen times greater than Apple’s capitalization. If you are planning to start a business or are in the process of growing your company, you might consider utilizing AI software to improve your revenue.

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