Adam V. Slatniske Announces Launch of Inspiring The Way

Philanthropist Adam Slatniske announces the launch of the inspirational nonprofit organization recently established by himself and his partner.

Inspiring The Way is a Maryland-based nonprofit organization focused on promoting community, helping those in need with financial assistance, and, at the same time, supporting the funding of other crucial good causes. The work of Carroll County native Adam Slatniske, the project is a joint venture between himself and his partner, further backed by a growing team of volunteers.

“My partner and I recently decided to establish a nonprofit to help build a powerful foundation that supports local organizations and families with financial assistance for medical needs, housing, and beyond,” explains Inspiring The Way co-founder Adam V. Slatniske, who’s currently based in New Windsor, Maryland.

Born and raised in nearby Sykesville, Slatniske hopes his new venture will serve local communities across Carroll County and throughout wider Maryland. Inspiring The Way’s mission, its co-founder states, is to help support families in Maryland by organizing, promoting, and backing a variety of local charity events.

The initiative, led by Maryland native Slatniske, believes that all families can embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world. “At our core, we’re a nonprofit Christian organization working with those who love to serve their communities by volunteering for charity events where all proceeds are given to local good causes,” Slatniske further explains.

Philanthropist Adam Slatniske and his team are currently looking for volunteers. “Our volunteer team is growing, and we’d love for anyone interested in joining us to do so,” he points out. “Connect with Inspiring The Way today and be part of our social events, raising money for local charities across the state of Maryland,” says Slatniske. “We can’t wait to be inspired by your passion and strengths,” he adds.

Interested parties can subscribe to Inspiring The Way to receive the organization’s monthly newsletters and learn more about Slatniske and the team’s upcoming events. “These include planned bull and oyster roasts, crab feasts, and professional photography events,” adds the New Windsor-based philanthropist, “plus much, much more.”

Adam Slatniske finds inspiration to give back through God’s strength

Adam Slatniske and his partner have been inspired to establish Inspiring The Way by their faith. “As a Christian team, we’ve all been extremely blessed by God’s strength to guide us through our trials and tribulations,” he reveals. “Now stronger as a result, we’ve collectively been inspired to give back to the community through His light,” adds the philanthropist.

In addition to his work with Inspiring The Way, Slatniske is closely involved with his local church. He’s also proud to have been involved with various other incredible good causes, including Neighbor Ride, Chestertown Hospital, and Copper Ridge retirement facility for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

In his free time, Adam Slatniske is a talented woodworker. He also enjoys hiking, sailing, and fishing, plus spending as much time as possible with his close friends and family in New Windsor, Sykesville, and elsewhere across Maryland.