The Facts To Know About Curly Headband Wig

What Is A Headband Wig?

The Headband Wig is a new fashion for women of all ages with an ice silk headband that is very soft as well as light attached to a headband wig instead of any hard thread. Synthetic headband hair wigs suitable for any occasion and women of all ages, these are easy to wear and secure, using no glue and no gel. You can also be dressed in other colors and multiple patterns to put out of sight the black headband according to your flavor. It also allows you to make a high ponytail, or helps to make different hairstyles depending on your preferences by showing our natural hair and sides.

The headband wigs provided by Luvme Hair have stretchy and elastic straps on the back and four combs which are sewn on the inside of wig, so you can put on it without using any type of glue, or like other adhesives. The straps are strong, not easily damaged.

What Do You Need To Do Before Using Headband Wigs?

Before wearing the product, please use a sample of your finger style gently, and shake it slightly to release the hair structure from its original style. Or you can try spraying the hair to keep the hair beautiful and durable, you can also add some hair oil to maintain the quality of the hair and prevent the hair from drying out. The Synthetic Headband Wig needs careful maintenance, especially for deep water hair Curly Headband Wigs. Never use any comb to combine this curly hair wig. This straight hair wig can be cleaned with a wide comb of teeth before washing to remove any irritation or discomfort.

Human Hair Curly Headband Wig:

Key Features Of Curly Headband Wig:

Advantages: Curly Headband Wig is new loose head wig, designed to show off your natural hair line, magical tape design makes it easy to wear and you can also make a spine or belt. It is suitable to put on at any occasion.

Hair Styling: Curly Headband Wig is 100% hair untreated, no breakage and untreated, hair can be repaired, curled and restored.

Cap Size: Luvme Hair provides Curly Headband Wig Cap size 22-22.5 inches, fits all heads with cakes and belt you can change. We also accept cap size custom orders if you need, you can contact us directly before placing an order.

Hair Color: All our hair is a natural color. With reflection, light, natural causes can be a little deviant.

Package: Includes 1x human hair wig with headband, 2x headbands (Random Color).

The Thing Keep In Mind:

Due to the different cap design between the headband wig and the lace wig, Luvme Hair suggests that you do not cover your hairline when wearing your headband wig, and do not wear a head band forward from your natural hair; otherwise it may cause the wig cap to be inconsistent and your head size problem, thank you.

Can You Replace The Headband?

The headband is already sewn on the headband wig, if you don’t like the dark color like black color, you can easily try to introduce another headband as well. Single colored headbands are included in the package.

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