8 Instagram myths for entrepreneurs

 Instagram Myths for Entrepreneurs are confusing. But a proper guide like this can make your concepts & reduce stresses. Here are some myths that confused me a lot.



Amongst all social media networking platforms, Instagram is without any doubt the most powerful marketing tool ever. Its use for marketing has increased drastically over the years all over the globe because of its effectiveness. But, unfortunately, a few myths of Instagram has limited its effectiveness for business persons or entrepreneurs.

There are millions of active Instagram users & this fact is enough to make use of it for marketing & promotional purposes. So, the question isn’t that whether one should use this platform for effective business marketing or not instead the question is how to make use of it effectively to your advantage.

To take your very first step in this scenario, it is important for you to clear all the misconceptions that can make you confused on the way. Here we will discuss the top Instagram myths for entrepreneurs. Knowing this is important because, in this way, you can avoid making beginner-level marketing mistakes. So, let us get to it.

Myth#1: Instagram marketing doesn’t require an effective strategy

Just imagine yourself that can you start any project or task without a clear or effective plan in your mind? Obviously, you can’t! I wonder how people can think that you can effectively run your Instagram marketing campaigns without having a clear strategy in your mind. If you do, definitely your outcomes will not be as satisfying as you imagined.

Instagram marketing can lead you to success within a short time if you start with a proper & clear plan in your mind.

Myth# 2: Buy Instagram followers strategy doesn’t work

The people these days think that the buy Instagram follower’s strategy doesn’t work & it’s a waste of time & money. But, the fact is just the opposite. Just look around you & you will see that every brand, public figure, celebrity, or even large enterprise is using the purchase Instagram Followers strategy to grow their Instagram account. So what’s the problem? The problem that stands out the most is finding the Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers in Australia. And there are some top sites that you can use for buying followers, Just Click here and get real sites to grow faster and easier on Instagram.

It is a fact that this strategy does work with other tactics like high-quality content creation, using hashtags, or engaging with followers, etc. Alone it can’t do wonders. But, the fact is that showing an impressive number of follower count on your Instagram account is itself a big thing. It makes you a renowned & credible person in front of others & offers a variety of other perks that one can’t even imagine.

 Myth# 3: Growing on Instagram take too much time

Every good thing takes time to come for sure & this is the truth. So, Instagram marketing can’t get you the desired results in one or two days. But definitely, you need patience after all to grow your account & to spread your word all across. How much patience? It really depends on your mission but it can possibly take months for sure, even if you are doing your best.

Myth# 4: Instagram marketing only works for product-based brands

The product-based companies can definitely do their best via Instagram to get the best results. What is the potential reason behind this? The reason is that they are selling physical stuff so it’s easy for them to showcase their products to their prospects in an alluring manner via Instagram.

But, the service-focused companies can also do their best via this platform as it works equally for them as well. The best recommendation for such companies is to post analytics, freebies, clients reviews, client-related pictures & behind the scene photos to grab the attention of people.

Myth# 5: It can’t get you leads

A few people still believe that with an effective marketing strategy, one can get Instagram followers but it can’t get you leads. They think that this platform doesn’t allow you to insert URLs so it’s impossible to get leads. As per my knowledge, you can still get leads & do miracles by using your official website’s link. So, it can work great for you to generate leads via this platform. You can share URLs but you need to be much clever & persistent in this regard to get the desired results.

Myth# 6: Only professional pictures work

It is not necessary to hire professional photographs to post alluring pictures regarding your products or services. As Instagram is all about visual content so color contrasts of your pictures & their brightness really matter. But, you can make your content look alluring with a few photography & editing skills. Learn a few skills & learn to work with editing software (which are available free online) to make your content compelling & impressive.

Myth# 7: Posting once a week is enough

You might have listened to experts saying that too many postings aren’t good for your reputation so posting once a week is enough. But, it is the biggest mistake you are going to make if you post once or even twice a week.

There are millions of users on Instagram who are active & post content on a regular basis. Do you really think that your one post a week will get noticed by your prospects?

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Myth# 8: Post content & you are done

Posting pictures & videos isn’t enough for you to achieve targets. When it comes to user engagement, your real efforts start when you are done with posting. As you need to monitor the feedback of your followers on your content & respond accordingly.

It is not only necessary for the personal Instagram account. The business accounts are also liable to respond to show their human side & to obtain Instagram followers & desired results for your business growth & profitability.

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