How to Shave With The Help of an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers have been the most recent development in men’s shaving. Shaving the face has been an everyday routine for lots of guys and this routine has been around for ages. In a fast world, having an electric razor saves you lots of time so you are able to do extra with the additional time you’ve got.

Electric razors come in two types: foil and rotary shavers. The foil razor consists of 1 or 2 shaving heads having oscillating blades beneath a perforated mesh. This sort often performs better on short and lighter hair.

The rotary shaver is made of 3 and 4 shaving heads which have moving blades underneath a screen. The rotary shaver cuts hairs which are coarse and dense. Getting the top rated electric razor for the face is crucial for getting the proper shave.

Remington is still going strong with its line of high quality products that have stood the test of time. The Remington R3040 Cordless Razor features an ergonomic design which makes shaving easier and less painful. It also comes equipped with 3 different length settings as well as 5 speed modes. With all these options you can be sure your razor will fit every need.

The Remington R-Series corded razors feature a unique blade system that allows them to cut hair at angles up to 90 degrees from the skin surface. They’re designed to give you smooth close cuts without tugging hairs out of place. These blades are made by Panasonic and they come pre-sharpened.

If you’ve got sensitive skin then you’ll love the new Remington Sensitive Skin Technology. This technology helps keep your skin moisturized while giving you a closer shave. It does this by using special lubricating agents that help reduce friction between the blade and your skin.

Let’s discuss few tips on how you can use an electric shaver to shave your beard

  • Bathing in warm water before you shave with an electric shaver. Warm water makes your skin’s pores open. Keep in mind that the skin must befully dried offbefore shaving. You may also use talcum powder to dry up faster.

Although you’ll not want shaving gel or shaving foam for shaving with an electric shaver, you’ll want a pre-shaving lube.

That is not necessary, however, should you really need great performance, then you should have it. The pre-shave reduces extra oil on your face which helps to easily shave your facial hair.

  • As in comparison with shaving with a traditional razor, utilizing an electric razor offers you the possibility to shave against the grain of the hair. Simply ensure that to avoid going over the same area again to keep away from razor burn. With the help of one hand, you may stretch the skin whereas use other hand to shave.
  • After you finished shaving, use cold water to wash your face which closes the open pores. You may additionally need to use aftershave. In case you have dry skin, you could apply moisturizer as an alternative.

The skin requires around a couple of weeks to adapt using an electric shaver. Since these devices remove hair in a different way unlike a traditional razor, give it some before you expect a good result.

  • Maintenance of yourelectric shaver in good condition will increase the shaver’s life and you will get improved performance as well. Most electric razors have a detachable shaving head which means that you canclean the inside part easily.

You also get a cleaning brush with some shavers to clean the trimmed hair.  Be sure to check out the guide before using the water to clean it. Usually changing the blades may also assist you to improve the performance and it may also guarantee an excellent shave after each use.

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