How To Properly Clean Indoor Air Ducts

Duct cleaning is a process that is designed to make your ducts clean and ensure optimum air flow. Ducts are mechanical conduits or passageways used to bring and extract air from a room, house or building. The ducts carry the needed hot and cold air to the rooms and deliver the desired air flows to the appropriate vents. Duct cleaning only needs to be done periodically to keep your home or building ventilated and working properly.

When duct cleaning in Virginia is needed, it is usually because the ducts have become blocked. This blockage occurs when dirt, mold, mildew, dust, debris or rodent droppings collect in the ducts. These materials may reduce the flow of air through the ducts and reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling system components. In some cases, a lack of cleaning may even cause your heating and cooling system components to overheat.

Indoor Air Quality

Improper duct cleaning can also affect your indoor air quality. Cleaning is not the same as cleaning outdoor systems. Outdoor systems are cleaned once in a while to keep them maintained and in good operating condition. Indoor air duct cleaning is usually performed when indoor air quality is an issue. Cleaning indoors on a regular basis is important in preventing illnesses and diseases that spread through the air we breathe.

Your heating and cooling system components may need to be cleaned more often than you think. The system can become clogged with various types of particles. Clogs can prevent the flow of air through the ducts and reduce their efficiency. Once a duct has become clogged, it will take longer for the air to reach the necessary vents. Also, cleaning a duct regularly will help you save money in energy costs.

Methods of Cleaning

To begin the duct cleaning process, there are several methods available. The most popular method is to use compressed air to remove small pieces of debris. You should only try this if you have access to a compressed air machine. In order to remove large pieces of dirt, it would be best to use a vacuum cleaner.

Another option is to hire a professional cleaning service to do the duct cleaning for you. Hiring professionals is the best way to get all of your ducts cleaned at one time. Hiring pros will help you schedule regular maintenance visits that will reduce your expenses. If your ducts are cleaned periodically, they will look great for many years. Remember, good air duct cleaning is an important part of indoor air quality.

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