Ex-Jupiter Inlet Colony Commissioner Dr Saeed Khan: Why the community where I live is special


Why the community where I live is special and what serving the community has meant to me.

Jupiter Inlet Colony is a small town, with about 400+ people.  It is a place that once you cross Cato’s Bridge you can relax and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean firsthand.  In Jupiter Inlet Colony, not all of the houses are not on the Ocean.  But the developers of the community provided the plan for the town to have 2 wonderful pathways to wooden decks that are right on the beach with direct views of the Ocean.  The pathways have trees along the side that create a tunnel effect and shade as you approach the Ocean.  You can walk easily to the Ocean no matter which house you live in.  Jupiter Inlet Colony is a place with friendly neighbors and people supporting and helping each other.  The town commission has helped to keep the town as one of the most desirable places in Palm Beach County to live.  The commissioners and mayor have completed major capital projects like the undergrounding of utilities, water and sewer projects, and installing new roads.


As a former commissioner, a few of the projects I directly participated in are:

  • Instituted project management tools for all future expenditures to include direct and indirect expenses associated with any proposal.


  • Reviewed our employee benefits packages. By associating with larger entities to get better pricing we were able to save money while providing the same or better benefits.


  • Introduced and the Commission passed a proposal to limit construction hours by an hour a day to improve residents’ quality of life. Have proposed limiting parking to one side of the road for commercial vehicles to relieve congestion and allow emergency vehicles the ability to pass. These are a few steps towards improving the quality of life of our community by limiting noise and congestion.


  • Working to institute upgrades to our camera systems from analog to digital and integration into the MDS so that real-time information is available to our officers no matter where they were.

I am proud to have served as a commissioner of Jupiter Inlet Colony.


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