CoolEdge Air Cooler [REVIEWS] | Does 3-in-1 CoolEdge AC Work (Legit Product)?

CoolEdge Air Cooler Review – Summer 2021 is in full swing. As our planet warms, the demand for air coolers will rise. With increasing income and standards of living, more people are starting to increase investments in air conditioning to keep themselves comfortable. All this heat comes with serious consequences to human life and health which makes the smart use of air conditioning very important. CoolEdge AC is a long-awaited alternative to outdated air conditioners.

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What is the CoolEdge Air Cooler??

The CoolEdge Air Cooler comes with a modern and compact design. It makes for a visually stunning appearance. With evaporation technology, it transforms cold water into cool, clean air every day. It uses a special filter that keeps you cool on hot sticky nights. You can now enjoy cool and clean air … everywhere!

CoolEdge AC can be used for three different purposes. Firstly it can cool the air around you, secondly, it humidifies the air and thirdly it can be used in fan mode.

CoolEdge AC Reviews 2021 - Air Cooler and Humidifier

Standout Features of CoolEdge Air Cooler?

  • Award-Winning Technology for Efficient Cooling
  • Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning
  • Fully Portable 
  • Comes With Large Capacity Built-in Battery
  • Super Silent – Suitable for Zero Disturbance
  • Easy to Use
  • Standard USB Power Supply for Convenience

CoolEdge Air Cooler Review 2021 – Best Air Cooling Gadget?

The body of the human being is similar to that of engines. The engine consumes fuel to make the vehicle work. Likewise, human beings consume food to perform work. A lot of heat is generated inside the engine due to the burning of fuel and is released back by the exhaust.

Similarly, a lot of heat is generated inside the human body which is released back into the atmosphere. As the number of human beings inside the room increases, the total heat generated also increases.

We all love living in comfort, don’t we? 

CoolEdge Air Cooler Advantages

CoolEdge Air Cooler is easy to set up and can be installed by anyone.

It is portable and hence can be carried anywhere and anytime.

The AC gadget runs on the battery power and hence will cut down on the power consumption. 

It doesn’t have to be plugged in all the time.

CoolEdge Air Cooler provides us with safety and better quality of life. 

The Air Cooler not only reduces the humidity but can also filter the air around you.

It lowers the amount of pollen, mildew, mold, and other airborne outdoor allergens.

It can lower your exposure to indoor allergens, like dust mites.

We human beings sleep better in colder conditions. CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioning offers perfect assistance.

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 How does the CoolEdge Air Cooler Work?

CoolEdge Air Cooler consists of a clear tray at the rear. It is the ice tray and a water shield is blue in color. 

The ice in the ice tray cools the air. But the ice melts too rapidly. That means you need to fill it repeatedly.

The water shield is like a sponge. You need to fill it with water until it is full. Then insert it into the designated area. You can use the water shield alone to cool the air. If you need much cooler air then an ice tray can help.

CoolEdge Air Cooler is a swamp pooler. A swamp pooler, meaning evaporative technology, is a cooling device that cools the air by moving through something wet. The air is passed first through the ice tray and then the water-soaked sponge.

What are the Benefits of CoolEdge Air Cooler? 

Battery-powered – CoolEdge Air Cooler makes use of batteries. These batteries are rechargeable. It has a big 200mAh battery, it won’t consume a ton of electricity.

Affordable – The unit is quite affordable and has a long-term value.

Portable – It’s great for dens, reading nooks, work, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, workspaces, benches, basements, garages, and more! It’s lightweight & even convenient for travel! Great for the outdoors too! 

Cost-effective – It’s not just safe to use but energy efficient! It actually cools the air around you, where you need it most while using the size and power consumption of a small fan!

Compact – The traditional AC takes up so much space. Some of them even have to vent out a window, making it very inconvenient. CoolEdge Air Cooler’s sleek compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table – wherever you need it! You can even keep it in your car.

Quite – The fans used in the Portable AC do not emit much noise. You can enjoy your sleep without any disturbance.

It is simple to set up yourself.

The unit cleans, humidifies as well as cools the air.

It is environmentally friendly.

It lets you have your own personal comfort zone.

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Why is CoolEdge Air Cooler Gaining Popularity Worldwide?

It comes with a USB plug that you can plug into a USB port. That means you can use it anytime and anywhere.

CoolEdge Air Cooler consists of two trays. One is an ice tray and the other is the water shield, which is a good thing.

It is small in size, which makes it easy to carry.

CoolEdge Air Cooler also comes with a small tray at the bottom. This tray catches the melted water of the AC.  

The top part lights up, setting a lovely mood for the night’s rest.

A C-type charging cable is provided to charge the CoolEdge Portable unit.

It comes with batteries that are rechargeable, meaning they can also be used without the plug or unplugged.

How to use the CoolEdge Air Cooler? 

It is quite simple. 

All you have to do is first fill up the ice tray with water. 

Plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port.

You can use the Portable AC even when it is unplugged. But for this, the batteries must be fully charged. Type-C charging cable is provided with the kit.

Now enjoy the cool air. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep!

Where to Buy CoolEdge Air Cooler? What is the Best Price?

CoolEdge Air Cooler is only available on the Official Website. Only the official merchant gives you the guarantee of the best deal. You just need to visit the website, place your order by filling up the shipping information and make the payment. The company gives other deals and discounts that might also be availed. 

The prices of the CoolEdge Air Cooler with respective to units are as follows:

1 unit of CoolEdge Air Cooler: $79

2 units: $119

3 units : $137

4 units: $179

5 units of CoolEdge Air Cooler: $197

The best part is that CoolEdge Portable AC comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. That means you can use the device for a month and then decide whether to keep it or return back.

This innovative air cooling gadget delivers to all over the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, India, Japan, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia. So, claim your risk-free supply now!

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