Keragenis – Is It Real? Where To Buy Keragenis, Side Effects, Customer Reviews, And More!

KeraGenis is a hair and nail support supplement formulated to make your hair stronger and shinier while giving your nails the additional strength and healthy look they always had when you were young.

KeraGenis is a supplement that is made out of 17 all-natural ingredients. These substances are formulated to be kept in precise quantities so that your hair and nails can get the nutrients you usually supplement through traditional dietary means. Yes, there are other ways of keeping your hair and nails look pristine and young. For example, there are regular hygiene routines, alternative home remedies, and other things that common sense can provide, such as keeping yourself from walking barefoot as much as possible. However, KeraGenis provides a surefire way of delivering the nutrients inside your body rather than outside. That way, your body can repair itself from the inside, alleviating the root cause of your problems – fungal infection. We would like to point out that the KeraGenis supplement is a rebrand of a popular nail fungus supplement called Keravita Pro. Therefore, we are brought upon some simple questions – does KeraGenis really work? Why the rebrand? Is the supplement really legit? We’re poised to answer all those questions in this simple yet precise KeraGenis review!

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List Of Contents:

  • What is KeraGenis?
  • What are the ingredients in KeraGenis?
  • What does KeraGenis do?
  • How does KeraGenis work?
  • What is the recommended dosage for KeraGenis?
  • How long does it take for KeraGenis to work?
  • KeraGenis Benefits
  • KeraGenis Side Effects
  • Where is KeraGenis manufactured?
  • Related Scientific Studies to KeraGenis
  • How much does KeraGenis cost?
  • Where can you buy KeraGenis?
  • KeraGenis Reviews
  • KeraGenis Verdict and Summary

What Is Keragenis?

KeraGenis is marketed as a hair and nail support supplement. However, it mainly deals with the internal fungal infection that is continuously harassing the keratin-rich parts of our body. While fungal infections are most prominent in the nails, they can also manifest themselves in the hair and skin. Therefore,

KeraGenis can also be called a fungal-removing supplement because of the properties at hand. KeraGenis is tailored in this way to be made safe from the internal rather than the external. Applied ointments for foot fungus and other known antifungal and antimicrobial solutions can only hit the

problem from the outside. It only works “skin-deep.” Most people don’t know that fungal infections are from inside our body, manifesting in what’s outside due to the lack of nutrients found in our bodies to support such immune responses. It is important to note that fungal infections are the least of our concerns if you have a strong immune system and a healthy, balanced diet.

KeraGenis also addresses the problem of self-issues. Fungal infections anywhere in our body can decrease our social skills, bring down our confidence, and eventually put us in the slumped-up mood of not doing anything. KeraGenis brings a solution for this fungal problem to the table and gives you renewed physical glow. However, since the KeraGenis supplement is not specifically an anti-fungal supplement, it is loaded with antioxidants that can remove toxins from your bloodstream, potentially eliminating threats that can damage your hair follicles and nail bed. The result is that you have stronger hair and nails, all while making it easy for the body to recover from these harmful toxins and making it live longer than usual, thanks to the properties of these said antioxidants.

KeraGenis is a reliable supplement at best, and as such, should be supplemented with a healthy, balanced diet. That means less protein and fewer fats in our diet. All dietary supplements work this way. Without the help of a balanced diet, dietary supplements are almost ineffective since they’re made to work together with real food. Therefore, a proper and healthy lifestyle is needed to successfully go through the KeraGenis program. Since we know most of the things we need to know about KeraGenis, we’ll check out the ingredients to see if they fit into the whole picture.


Product Name KeraGenis
Category Dietary Supplement
Main Benefits Nails and Hair Support
Ingredients Of KeraGenis Beta-Glucan, Graviola (See Full List)
Administration Route Oral
Dosage Instructions Two Capsules Per Day
Results 30-90 days
Alcohol Warning No Restrictions
Quantity 60 Capsules
Side Effects No Significant Side Effects Reported
Price $49/Bottle (Check For Discount)
Availability Only Through The Official Website
Official Website Click Here


What Are The Ingredients In Keragenis?

KeraGenis ingredients are:

  • Beta-Glucan
  • Mushroom Complex
  • Graviola
  • Red Raspberry
  • Green Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Pine Bark
  • Essiac Tea Complex
  • Grape Seed
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Pomegranate
  • Olive Leaf
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Garlic
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Lycopene


Allegedly the main superstar of the show, Beta-Glucan is known to reduce the incidence of heart disease by toning down the level of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. It can also stimulate metabolism in the process. In addition, Beta-Glucan is also known to boost the performance of your immune system and decrease inflammation in certain areas of your body. By doing so, your body can mount an effective defense against fungal infection just by doing the two last things that we mentioned just now.

Furthermore, it can help our body kill threats such as fungus in our bloodstream since it stimulates a certain type of cell called a macrophage.

Mushroom Complex

Made up of Japanese mushrooms (and not the wrong type of mushrooms at that!), this mushroom complex can give your body the antioxidants it needs to resist foreign invaders in your bloodstream. They can also reliably stimulate your immune system, sharpen your brain, and provide anti- inflammatory benefits as well.


Graviola isn’t exactly used as an anti-fungal component, but it is used against bacterial and parasitic infections. It is also an antioxidant, but what’s interesting is that it can also reduce your blood glucose levels to normal and acceptable amounts. This, therefore, brings a lot of benefits to the table, as this ingredient can make it easy for nutrients to get to where they’re supposed to be.

Red Raspberry

This ingredient is quite a mind-boggling addition to KeraGenis. Red raspberry is commonly used for women undergoing pregnancy or those having neonatal troubles such as milk production. Therefore, most of the benefits that red raspberries bring are related to women’s reproductive health. However, it can also relieve gastrointestinal problems and treat mouth sores, so there’s that. It’s probably in this supplement because of the latter, since fungal infections are the primary cause of mouth sores.

Green Tea

Commonly found almost everywhere, green tea is the perfect calming agent when things get awry or frustrating. For one, it contains caffeine that can invigorate your metabolism and energy processes. Then, there’s the bonus that it can reduce your blood glucose. What makes green tea part of the KeraGenis gang is that it is an effective antioxidant. Therefore, it can fight off toxins in the blood, including fungal spores as well.

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Turmeric is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can significantly reduce the problems your body encounters when healing itself. This can prove useful with fungal infections as fungus tends to hit hard and damage most of our body’s external parts, such as the skin, hair, and nails. With turmeric, you are assured that you’re protected from these threats, all while enhancing your metabolism and zest for life.

Pine Bark

Another antioxidant on the list, pine bark, is a useful ingredient for blood flow, high blood glucose levels, inflammation, brain function, and skin problems. So it is a useful, all-around ingredient that can target your fungal problem while repairing things around your body. What makes this ingredient special, though, is its capability to tone down people with ADHD. That means it stimulates relaxation among individuals, which is great!

Essiac Tea Complex

Another all-around ingredient on the list, essiac tea, is a mixture of different things into a single tea extract. Besides, there is no single formula for essiac tea; it’s made up of different antioxidants that can help your body have better immunity, blood parameters, and detoxification capability. It can also decrease your risk of getting cancer.

Grape Seed

The grape seed extract is probably one of the most overused ingredients in the dietary supplement industry, but this is to good measure! Grapeseed is used a lot in supplements because of its ability to enhance your immune system and decrease your risk of certain illnesses such as high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, and other cardiovascular-related symptoms.

Quercetin Dihydrate

Similar in function to Lycopene, Quercetin can lower your risk of heart disease. It can also increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Quercetin is also used for urinary tract infections in some cases, but more studies are needed to solidify this case. There’s also the protection benefit it brings when a

person’s respiratory health is stronger, thanks to certain properties found in Quercetin.


Pomegranates are fruits that are highly rich in antioxidants. However, they bring to the table their

increased capacity to help people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Being a potent

antioxidant, it can also fight off toxins in your blood, just like the rest in this list.

Olive Leaf

Similar to pomegranates, olive leaves do not focus on brain issues but rather problems of the blood. As a result, olive leaves can lower blood pressure and make blood flow easily around your body. This makes nutrient delivery easier, all while giving your body the toxin-fighting edge it needs.


This ingredient is commonly used against infections, most notably mild ones. However, its main role is to act as a prebiotic for probiotic bacteria to nest in. Even though that’s the case, its primary job is to prevent any further incursion by viral or bacterial threats from the outside, thereby making it easy for the immune system to fend off threats from the air we breathe since it can focus on that matter.

Cat’s Claw

Commonly used against viruses, cat claw it can also boost your immunity against fungal threats. Cat’s

claw can also lower the risk of inflammation while calming your digestive tract altogether.


This anti-inflammatory agent that often serves as an additive to our food is a welcome addition to this supplement. Not only that, but its anti-bacterial properties can make quick short work of any infection coming from that area.

Panax Ginseng

The primary ingredient that increases an individual’s libido, Panax ginseng is also an effective anti- inflammatory agent that can help the body fight off infections faster.


This nutrient is especially good for the heart. Found in tomatoes, lycopene can reliably reduce your risk of heart disease by toning down the bad cholesterol levels found in your bloodstream. It also has strong antioxidative properties.

What Does Keragenis Do?

KeraGenis centers itself on the removal of the internal fungal infection that has been accumulating inside of our body for years or decades now. This fungal infection is practically in everyone. It can range from minuscule to severe in terms of severity, depending on how healthy and strong the immune response of that particular person is. You may ask, where do these fungal spores come from? They come from the air we breathe, the appliances that we use, and the soil that’s all around us. Since this is their reproduction method, we can safely say that fungus is practically everywhere where the wind blows.

Therefore, this is shocking news for anyone trying to stay clean and healthy after all these years. Going back to what we said, though, fungal infections only climb to severe when that person’s immunity is severely compromised. It may manifest in a simple toenail fungus or even a simple itch.

In most cases, diabetics are even actually more exposed to the threat of fungus. Typical symptoms of a fungal infection include itchy skin or nails, the typical discoloration of your nails, and an overwhelming presence of dandruff on your scalp. If any of these symptoms bother you, then you might be in for a fungal infection, upon which you should take this supplement to prevent it from progressing.

What KeraGenis does, in a nutshell, is that it fights off your body’s fungal infection with several antifungal and antioxidative ingredients that are already known to science. The KeraGenis supplement is based on a traditional Vietnamese diet taken by the said people for a long time. Researchers got their inspiration because their rice farmers are continuously soaked in heavy mud and water almost all day.

With that said, you can imagine how susceptible they are to fungal infections. However, they aren’t. This is the reason why this supplement got its basis from them. As it turns out, though, the ingredients found in KeraGenis does not only fight off fungal infections but also have strong antioxidative properties that can reliably extend your life by 15 years on average! Therefore, we can add that to the long list of things that KeraGenis can do, among all things!

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How Does Keragenis Work?

The KeraGenis supplement works in seven simple steps:

  1. Nutrient Absorption
  2. Fungal Infection Extermination
  3. Purify the Blood
  4. Reconstruct the Nerves
  5. Rejuvenate your Hands, Feet, and Nails
  6. Protect your Body from Fungus
  7. Boost the Immune System

Step 1: Nutrient Absorption

Being the first step among dietary supplements worldwide, all the nutrients inside each capsule of KeraGenis would have to be absorbed through the gut first. Since the KeraGenis supplement is made up of all-natural products, it is safe to assume that the body absorbs them at a quick rate. KeraGenis also makes sure that the components of their product are bioavailable, and thus this means that it should be easier to digest and absorb inside our small intestine.

Step 2: Fungal Infection Extermination

Once the components of KeraGenis are inside, the fungal spores that are freely riding your bloodstream will now have a hard time establishing themselves in your body. Better yet, the nutrients found in KeraGenis will start working on eliminating the threat at hand so that the ongoing fungal infections around your body won’t escalate to severe proportions.

Step 3: Purify the Blood

With a host of antioxidants and antifungal properties, KeraGenis ingredients will now start detoxifying your blood. Since detoxification takes time, this step might take longer than expected. Unfortunately, our diets aren’t helpful either. Yes, you can stay on your traditional American or Western diet for the

time being, but it would be much faster if you were eating something like a Mediterranean diet or something.

Step 4: Reconstruct the Nerves

Besides purifying and detoxifying the blood, antioxidants also have one more purpose – repairing damaged nerve connections. That’s right. Nerves are being reconstructed day and night as the presence of these antioxidants accumulates in your system. With that said, antioxidants can also repair neurons in the brain, which can jumpstart your memory and even strengthen it in the process. So you can have sharper thinking skills as well even though you’re older than before!

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Step 5: Rejuvenate your Hands, Hair, Feet, and Nails

With the fungal infection finally eradicated, KeraGenis will now pump the necessary ingredients needed to make your hands, hair, feet, and nails extra strong and regular-looking. Your toenails won’t be brittle anymore, and your hair will be more vibrant than ever. Soon after, the image of youth follows as KeraGenis gives you the overall external repair from the inside.

Step 6: Protect your Body from Fungus

Once your body’s back to its regular programming, the ingredients in KeraGenis will now begin the role of safeguarding your body against the threat of fungus. As it was mentioned before, airborne fungal spores are everywhere. Therefore, you must shield yourself from this fungal threat, upon which KeraGenis ingredients have the right composition to that role flawlessly.

Step 7: Boost the Immune System

Lastly, KeraGenis has some immune-boosting compounds that can protect you from microbial and viral threats. Why? It’s because people with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to fungal infections! By protecting yourself from other threats besides fungus, your body can reliably focus on other areas, thereby making sure that no infection comes in from the tiniest of fungus around.

What Is The Recommended Dosage For Keragenis?

The recommended dosage for KeraGenis is two capsules a day. To get the greatest absorption potential, you should also take KeraGenis capsules with a full glass of water at least 30 minutes before your meal. You mustn’t go over two capsules, though, as KeraGenis’ varied number of ingredients can effectively give you various side effects when taken over the recommended amount. This applies to every supplement out there. So remain vigilant at how many you’re taking per day!

How Long Does It Take For Keragenis To Work?

KeraGenis takes around six months for it to fully work. However, you can already see visible changes when you take the supplement for three months. During the first week of taking KeraGenis, it is

understandable that you don’t feel anything just yet. Without solid proof, you might be wondering if the supplement works or not. However, once you get to the 2nd to 4th-week mark, you begin to notice that your hair and nails are slowly going back to their natural color and strength. Soon enough, brittle nails will be a thing of the past, and your blood will be purified and shielded from the threat of future fungal and/or toxin incursions.

KeraGenis Benefits

KeraGenis benefits include:

  • Better looking nails and hair
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Lesser prominence of Varicose Veins
  • Better stamina and energy
  • More libido

Better looking nails and hair

Since this is the primary reason people take KeraGenis, this benefit goes first on our list. This supplement does not only apply to the nails and hair, though. It also applies to our skin, especially in the areas around our hands and feet, which are most susceptible to dry skin due to fungal infections.

Therefore, if you use KeraGenis, you can expect healing in these areas of your body.

Younger-looking skin

Your skin is your pride. We have already mentioned how KeraGenis heals your skin, but did you know it also makes your skin younger-looking? This is because of the presence of antioxidants found in the formula. Antioxidants can make your skin younger by protecting its cells from further damage while

helping them recover from it! Incorporate your diet with additional antioxidants as well, and you’ll find

yourself living up to 80 years of age!

Lesser prominence of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins happen because of increased blood pressure. The KeraGenis supplement has ingredients that can stabilize blood parameters, making the supplement a candidate in lessening the presence of varicose veins along your upper leg. This is great since some identify varicose veins as an indicator of old age, which is actually kind of discriminatory and body-shaming if you think about it.

Better stamina and energy

The fun part is, you can have better stamina and energy when taking this supplement! Why? It contains metabolism-stimulating properties that can kickstart unexpected weight loss through the burning of excess fats and sugars. This means that this supplement is also a reliable tool against pre-diabetic conditions. With more energy, you can have more reasons to do the things that you love. With more stamina, you can enjoy the things that you love for a longer period! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

More libido

One more thing that KeraGenis can give you is better sexual performance. That’s right. With the presence of some sexually stimulating ingredients, you can be made sure that your partner can enjoy the intimate moments that you have together all the time.

KeraGenis Side Effects

KeraGenis doesn’t have any side effects. There are, however, KeraGenis ingredient side effects when taken on an excessive amount and manner. What do we mean by this? It simply means that you shouldn’t take KeraGenis for more than the recommended dosage of two capsules a day. You expose yourself to risks such as minor headaches, moderate gastrointestinal upsets, and severe blood pressure fluctuations if you do that. So take heed of the label and take the supplement according to its supposed quantity only!

Where Is Keragenis Manufactured?

KeraGenis is manufactured in a strict and quality-controlled facility in the United States of America. More specifically, the manufacturing facility upon which KeraGenis was made has a Good Manufacturing Practice certification and is approved by the state’s appropriate administration as well. KeraGenis’ office is located in Colorado, so we can assume that the manufacturing facility is only around the said area.

Related Scientific Studies to KeraGenis

Besides the traditional Vietnamese diet, KeraGenis also bases its supplement upon studies found at the University of Yale. It says in their study that fungal spores are actually present in both indoor and outdoor environments and thus can potentially threaten the life of somebody if exposure to large amounts of fungi happens. Furthermore, it is told in the study that these fungal spores accumulate inside our bodies, but more research is needed for this study to cement it in the scientific community.

How Much Does Keragenis Cost?

People can buy KeraGenis for:

From what we can see above, the Best Value Package (consisting of 6 bottles per order) has the best bang for your buck among all the packages available for KeraGenis. What’s even better is that the makers of KeraGenis are offering free shipping fees if you live within the United States. This supplement is not only available in the said country, though – it is also available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom! However, when shipping to the said countries, you can expect shipping fees and more according to what their country is imposing regarding international shipments.

Where Can You Buy Keragenis?

You can only buy KeraGenis from the KeraGenis official website – nowhere else. If you buy from outside sources, you might save money, but you expose yourself to illegitimate copies of the product. You’ll also have no chance of availing of their money-back guarantee if you buy from other sources. KeraGenis has put up a credible manufacturing facility for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality. To keep safe, only buy KeraGenis from the KeraGenis website!

Keragenis Reviews

KeraGenis reviews are positive for the most part. They all tell a story of how their past relationships were rekindled. This is a supplement that can be compared to a work of art. However, we remain with a disclaimer that this supplement wouldn’t work with all people since 1% of the population is highly resistant to supplements for an unknown reason. Here is one of those KeraGenis reviews:

  • “My foot fungus has always been there. On top of that, I have lots of dandruff and dead, frizzy hair on my head. People were evading me as if I’m some sort of virus. I felt discriminated against. I looked online for a solution and tried out this supplement. The first week I tried this

product, I didn’t feel anything, but soon after, I noticed that my nail and foot fungus were slowly going back to normal. I was having pinkish nails now on top of my moisturized hair. It’s not dry anymore! I’ve been trying this supplement for at least five months now, and I haven’t stopped yet. People are not shying away from me anymore!” – Brock Burton, 31, Milton, MA, USA

Keragenis Verdict And Summary

KeraGenis is not just your typical hair and nail supplement. It’s also an antifungal and an antioxidative one. It can reliably remove toxins from your blood and clean it from any impurity, including the pesky fungal spores that are accumulating inside your body right now. With this revolutionary supplement based upon an old Vietnamese diet, you can also have great-looking nails and hair for a fraction of the cost. According to how we looked upon it in science, we can conclude that this supplement works wonders for anyone looking forward to using it. Therefore, it is a great supplement that anyone can use over the years, whether it’s for prevention and cure!

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