Have a sip of the awful taste of bitterness and lies mixed by AUSA Jenifer Waier

AUSA Jenifer Waier gives an awful taste of lies as she splutters bitterness through unsolicited phone calls, causing a nuisance to innocent stakeholders of Vuuzle TV.

AUSA Jenifer Waier has been hustling to craft a misleading fraud case to hurt Vuuzle’s Founder, Ronald Flynn, and retired Dentist, Dr. Richard Marchitto. To date, Ronald Flynn has been unjustly portrayed over the internet and in news publications, caused by the fraudulent case by Weir. AUSA Jenifer Weir is attacking both Ronald Flynn and Richard Marchitto while working under her privileged impunity while using the government as her power to suit her narrative.

Who is Jennifer Waier?

Jenifer Waier (Cal. Bar No. 209813), is the Assistant United States Attorney, who also fraudulently claimed Ronald Flynn and Richard Marchitto, a retired 73-year-old dentist, were both guilty of fraud.

What is interesting about Jennifer is, she’s a government employee, a person clothed in public image, yet no pictures of her are found online, even on LinkedIn! Everyone, specifically people who have social standing have their profiles on LinkedIn, so how come? Is she hiding something? Why does publicity scare her? What is she afraid of?

How did all of these happen?

Five years ago, Vuuzle TV hired a lawyer named Gilbert Bradshaw, to put together and file the proper documents needed to build a media company and to raise money.

After 3 years in business, Vuuzle had to file two civil lawsuits: one against Tiki Live in Florida, and the second is against IDAP of Ukraine. Tiki Live procured a settlement fee to Vuuzle TV amounting to TV $250,000, while the case involving IDAP was dropped. Vuuzle decided to drop the case with the belief of not being able to collect from the Ukraine company.

During this time, AUSA Jennifer Waier and FBI agent Michelle Beluzzi made one phone call to Richard Marchitto, asking a lot of questions about Vuuzle TV and what the company did. During that conversation, they suggested to Dr. Marchitto that the PPM created by Gilbert Bradshaw had been done incorrectly and that they would call him back if they had further questions.

Two years of investigation, yet Jennifer Waier’s monthly planner seems to be dosed with nothing but unsolicited calls causing a nuisance to Vuuzle stakeholders. Does she bother to check the real deal?

Since then, AUSA Jenifer Waier has done little to no investigation. Over the years, what she has done however is calling Vuuzle stakeholders, and verbally spreading her venom, lies, and negativity, with hopes for them to support her agenda.

Vuuzle shareholders have informed the company that AUSA Jenifer Waier has endeavored to put words in their mouths, asking them to support her in the DOJ indictment and to help close the company down.

The entire investigation by AUSA Jenifer Waier is a smokescreen and coverup for something else.

The only real investigation she did was to order a subpoena aimed at Google to provide her all 68,000 thousand emails from Ronald Flynn’s Gmail account. Of course, as expected, she came this far only to find nothing but legitimate emails from a man doing genuine work.

AUSA Jennifer Waier has continually badgered and threatened Dr. Marchitto to close the company bank account or she would put him in jail. Her threats started when Marchitto refused to sign a plea agreement that was filled with lies and things that had never happened. Her scare tactics did not work as Marchitto is an innocent man and was not going to sign anything that was not 100 percent the truth.

Jennifer’s threats to jail against Dr. Marchitto should be a crime against humanity, as she has thrown justice out the window.

HERE’S THE TRUTH: AUSA Jenifer Waier caused jeopardy and should be fired for being out of control and reckless.

The people of the United States should focus on stopping this kind of corruption. AUSA Waier needs to stop this fraudulent investigation. This is a fictitious case made up by AUSA Waier. She is working hard to save her crooked career in an attempt to put a feather in her cap under the guise of a government official, working for the city of orange county, the state of California.

Now that the internet is picking up the story about AUSA Jenifer Waier, she has decided to begin a real investigation after two years of conducting a fraudulent one.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done. She caused irreparable damage to the Vuuzle Media Corp as an American corporation, forcing the closure of this great company. Now that the company has been officially closed, Flynn reopened a new streaming company completely different from the American corporation and the company is being run very smoothly.

How could she miss the fact that Vuuzle Media Corp and its founder have won awards for its streaming service?

Waier’s desperation is quite entertaining. She subpoenaed the Vuuzle for tax returns, finding nothing wrong. Today, Jay Surgent was told that Waier had subpoenaed the last five years of Dr. Marchitto personal bank accounts and wanted to subpoena emails from the C.T.O. and C.E.O. of Vuuzle and Verizon. Imagine a two-year investigation full of lies and made-up stories, yet they only started to do a real investigation now.

Today Dr. Marchitto has been put on world check and can’t open any bank accounts. The DOJ spearheaded by Waier is sending out new subpoenas to Verizon and our suppliers in an all-out effort to hurt the company and the stakeholders.

For humanitarian reasons and for the purpose of justice, one has to think that this abuse of power should not be allowed. Clearly, Jennifer committed grave abuse of discretion in administering her so-called “investigation”.

No government official should be able to work while having impunity to hurt innocent people, in an effort to destroy a legitimate company.

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