Everblade Knife Reviews – Best Kitchen Knife

What is Everblade Knife?

A sharp kitchen knife is needed for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes. The Everblade knife should be a good choice for any chef. According to the manufacturer, it is not only particularly sharp, but should also have a good quality. The Everblade knife is said to be optimal for cutting soft and hard foods. Unlike a classic kitchen knife, this knife is supposed to succeed in slicing even white bread and tomatoes without crushing the food. A special feature of the knife is its long-lasting sharpness. You do not have to constantly sharpen the knife, but can cut a variety of foods into pieces or slices day after day. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

Why do I need this kitchen knife?

A sharp kitchen knife should not be missing in any household. The Everblade kitchen knife is so sharp and high quality that it can be used for a variety of foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruit or bread. Due to the versatility of the knife, you can dispose of some old knives. Thus, you create a lot of space in your cutlery drawer. According to the manufacturer, the knife is made of a high-quality material. The manufacturer states on its website that the manufacturing process is exceptional craftsmanship. The knife is said to offer much longer sharpness and durability compared to other kitchen knives. The Everblade knife was made so that you can use it right out of the box. So, there is no need for complicated assembly or sharpening. You can cut hard cucumbers and soft tomatoes with it just as well, according to the manufacturer.

Many foods, like white bread, can’t be cut with just any knife. If the knife is too dull, the bread will be compressed. It is almost impossible to cut slices cleanly. If a slicing knife has fine serrations, the bread or other food may tear. According to the manufacturer, the Everblade knife makes messy cuts or crushed food a thing of the past. The knife is said to offer a high-quality handle, with you can safely cut food without much effort. Your fingers can not slip off due to the special shape of the handle, so that no injuries can occur. Due to the special hardness and quality of the knife, it can also not happen that the blade breaks off or wobbles. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Everblade knife rating and recommendation

The manufacturer promises that the noble Everblade kitchen knife is a true craftsmanship. The knife is made from a fine German steel. It offers unparalleled sharpness and is said to be perfect for universal cutting: you can even remove the skin from a pineapple with the knife and then cut it into fine pieces. If the manufacturer is to be believed, you will only need a sharp Everblade knife in the kitchen in the future. With such a noble and high-quality knife, you will be as well equipped as a professional chef. Due to the current high discount of 50% you can save quite a bit of money compared to the single price.

  • Made of fine German steel
  • Perfect for a precise and universal cut
  • Comes with a high quality self-sharpening knife block
  • A practical kitchen helper
  • Suitable for slicing, chopping and dicing foods
  • Particularly durable and sharp chef’s knife

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Everblade knife technical facts

  • Integrated sharpener for long-term sharpness
  • Easily cuts a wide variety of foods
  • Outstanding cutting speed
  • Robust and high quality workmanship
  • Can be used for sharp cuts

What are the Everblade knife quality features?

For years, Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest have made it their business to test a wide variety of products. Kitchen knives have also been put under the microscope several times in the past. The Everblade knife has not yet been included in these tests. But you can find many customer opinions and various tests on the web. Negative comments about the knives are not to be found so far. There is no seal of approval or similar information on the manufacturer’s website. Among other things, this may be due to the fact that the knife has not been available on the market for long. In general, the Everblade knife comes across as highly recommended, as it can be used individually and offers a long service life.

The Everblade chef’s knife is not made in Germany. The manufacturer is based in New York. This says nothing about the sharpness or quality of the product. It is only mentioned on the manufacturer’s website that it is made of fine steel from Germany. In addition, it is said to be made exclusively by a traditional craftsmanship. The handle is also said to be sturdy and of high quality. Thus, you can use your Everblade knife every day in the kitchen for the preparation of various dishes.

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Everblade knife reviews

Fine steel has been used to make knives for many years. Steel is not only strong, but also very durable and long lasting. As a rule, the Everblade knife made of steel does not accumulate rust. How long the knife can be used depends, among other things, on the care of the kitchen assistant. The cutting edge is made of such high quality that it can be used for hard and soft foods. A sign that it is a sharp and high-quality blade is the cut in a tomato. With a dull knife, a precise cut is not possible at all. Everblade knives are said to be just as good for slicing tomatoes, meat, bread or hard fruits like pineapple. With the Everblade knife, it should be possible to work without accidents. Since the knife can cut a wide variety of foods without pressure, you won’t slip off the handle. Your fingers will always have enough distance from the kitchen knife due to the long handle.

There are some customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website. They read very positive throughout. Many buyers are happy to recommend the knife to other customers. One buyer reports that the knife is incredibly sharp. It is also said to be very durable. The sharpener is also found to be particularly advantageous. Not only does it look stylish and provide a convenient place to store the knife, but it also sharpens the blade at the same time. One buyer reports that she brought the knife to her friend. She is a cook and immediately loved the sharp kitchen knife from Everblade. The other staff members in the kitchen were also immediately interested in the special chef’s knife. It’s always a good sign when a chef or cook gives a kitchen helper a positive review. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Everblade knife?

You can order an Everblade kitchen knife directly from the manufacturer. Unlike ordering from other stores, you can be 100% sure that you will receive the original chef’s knife. On the manufacturer’s website you will find a lot of important information about the product. If you are not satisfied with the knife, you can return it within 60 working days. You will get your money back. This offers you the advantage that you can test the Everblade kitchen knife in peace. Thus, you do not take any risk when buying the knife. Ordering via the manufacturer’s website is done within a few minutes. You can place your order using a variety of payment methods.

The manufacturer of the Everblade kitchen knife currently offers you a 50% discount. The discount varies depending on the order quantity. The more knives you order, the higher the discount. If you order 4 Everblade kitchen knives, you will get a discount of over 55%. Therefore, it makes sense that you ask your family members or friends if they are also interested in a sharp Everblade kitchen knife. By ordering a large quantity, the unit price will be lowered. Visit the supplier website here to find a discounted price!

Who is the provider of the product?

You can reach the Everblade provider directly using a wide variety of contact details. The following data was found on the manufacturer’s page:


Ontel Products Corporation

21 Law Drive

Fairfield, NJ 07004

Homepage: https://www.everbladeshop.com/

Email: EverBladeShop@rephelpdesk.com

Phone: United States: 888 976-2283

General information on the subject of kitchen knives

Without a sharp chef’s knife, preparing food in the kitchen is not even possible. In the kitchen, food is cut, boiled, fried or cooked every day. For the dishes to succeed, good preparation is important. Whether it’s kohlrabi, potatoes, carrots or meat – a sharp kitchen knife is needed to cut and chop these foods.

An all-purpose kitchen knife offers the advantage of eliminating the need to store a variety of knives in the kitchen drawer and sharpen them regularly. With a sharp all-purpose kitchen knife, every chef is well equipped. A good knife should be able to be used for chopping, slicing and weighing a wide variety of meats, vegetables and fish. Many all-purpose knives are also called chef’s knives. These knives have a curved and smooth blade, which have a length of about 20 centimeters. This kitchen gadget can be used to perform almost all tasks on a work board.

A kitchen knife differs from other knives mainly according to its purpose. A bread knife usually has a wavy edge. So-called boning knives, on the other hand, are slender and pointed. A paring knife is often strongly curved. Meat knives always have a straight and smooth shape on the blade. Kitchen knives like the Everblade knife, are also very smooth. This knife is made of a fine steel and can be used individually for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes.

A good chef’s knife should require little maintenance. It should maintain its sharpness for a long time so that vegetables such as tomatoes or cauliflower can be chopped cleanly in addition to bread. High quality knives can be used for a lifetime. A lot of money can be saved by using a high-quality knife that can be used to chop a wide variety of foods. It will prevent the need to constantly buy a new knife.

When buying a kitchen knife, you should also always make sure that the handle is of good quality. It should be designed so that you can not accidentally slip on the blade when cutting with your fingers. It should fit well in the hand. Even with wet fingers, the knife should not slip out of your hands. If you have to work a lot and for a long time with a chef’s knife, you should also pay attention to an ergonomically shaped handle.

A knife block is ideal for safely storing a chef’s knife. Stylish knife blocks like the Everblade model, look very classy and appealing in the kitchen. In addition, this knife block has the advantage of sharpening the blade when it is inserted and pulled out. There is no faster and more precise way to sharpen a knife. If you always put your knife directly into the knife block after cleaning, it’s always right at hand. You don’t have to search for it in the drawer for a long time. In addition, the block prevents your fingers from getting too close to the cutting surface. Only the sturdy handle of the knife protrudes from the knife block.

Compared to a high-quality kitchen knife, Asian knives are not suitable for beginners. Many models are very sharp and have a much higher risk of injury due to their lack of safety features. Many cooks choose a kitchen or chef’s knife with a blade of up to 20 cm for their work.

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Known FAQs about this product

Q: How long can the Everblade knife be used?

A: You can use your Everblade kitchen knife for many years. According to the manufacturer, it is a very high quality knife. It offers not only a special sharpness, but also a high robustness. Even with hard foods, your sharp kitchen knife will not break.

Q: What is special about this knife?

A: The special thing about this knife is that it is made of a fine steel. Due to a special knife block, the knife is automatically sharpened when you pull it out. Therefore, you don’t have to take it to the knife cutter or use a separate sharpening stone. Your Everblade kitchen knife always stays nice and sharp.

Q: Where can you buy the Everblade knife?

A: You can order the knife from various online stores. If you want to be sure that you won’t be sent the wrong product, you should always order directly from the manufacturer. Only they can offer you a 60-day money back guarantee and a 50% discount.

Q: How should the knife be cared for?

A: After each use, you should rinse the knife under running water. To prevent it from losing rust and stability, do not put it in the dishwasher. Once you have carefully cleaned it with a soft sponge, you should dry it well before placing it in the special self-sharpening holder.

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