How to Spy on your Cheating Partner Remotely

There are different reasons why you suspect your partner is cheating on you. The annoying part is that you can’t prove it even though you have a powerful intuition. Cheaters would keep their secrets when they’re with you, and no matter how suspicious they are, you can’t catch them physically. However, you’ll have a chance if you know how to catch a cheating spouse remotely to see whether or not they’re cheating on you. Learn how to spy on your cheating partner below

Spy Apps

Spy apps are the ultimate apps to catch a cheater that enable you to spy on your partner’s phones. In general, these apps are capable of providing you necessary information about their activities, including where they go, who they contact, and what they do when you’re not around. But, of course, spy apps may offer different features and specifications.

Some monitor functions that may help you with your spy mission include

Browsing Call logs

GPS location tracking

Monitoring Instant messaging

Viewing SMS

Taking over camera

Recording through microphone

Monitoring browsing history


More advanced spy apps may have more robust features that allow you to spy on your cheating partner remotely. These apps work in the stealth mode on the phone’s background process so the targeted wouldn’t realize that you are spying on them.


What to know further about your partner doing with their phone when you’re not around? First, you may consider using keylogger spy software to primarily capture each stroke inputted in their phone.  While spy apps provide you access to functions and features of the phone, keyloggers can go deeper by logging the phone’s keyboard strokes. At this point, not only can you access what they’ve typed in the messages, but you can also obtain credentials, including username and passwords of secret websites or platforms they might have accessed. These include dating sites, private banking accounts, or sites that they keep from you.

This way, you can try to log in to these unknown accounts and see what your partner has done with them. For example, check whether they’ve been intensely communicating with another person on other platforms or transfer money regularly to a person.

Installing a Hidden Camera

Are you suspicious that your partner is cheating when you’re not around? If the CCTV is too obvious, why don’t you try to set a hidden camera in your bedroom or their office? There are many discreet camera products available in the market that offer wireless connectivity via the GSM network. This camera provides you with recorded or real-time visualization of suspicious places. You can access the visualizations through a mobile app and even download the footage whenever possible. The main idea is to find the most miniature camera but with the highest definition possible. The video footage is undeniable proof to catch the cheating partner remotely.

Micro Voice Recorder

If capturing visualization isn’t possible, the voice recorder could be a solution. Some spy apps can take over the microphone and record the conversation remotely without then knowing. Whenever possible, keep the voice records and wait for the best moment to catch your cheating partner. If they’re not proven to cheat on you, you can dismiss the records without destroying your relationship. You should only proceed with the voice recording at your own risk.

Installing Spyware

Dealing with a tech-savvy partner isn’t easy as they may quickly uncover your strategy and strike you back. When application-based methods don’t work for your case, you may consider hiring a hacker to remotely install spyware on your partner’s phone. You can hire a hacker by sending a mail to or visit They use more advanced spyware to record calls, spy on instant messaging, track the actual location, access the media files, and so forth, depending on your requirements.

What’s The Best Bet to Spy on Partner Remotely?

By far, using a cell phone spy app is considered to be the most effective way to spy on someone’s phone remotely. You only need to download and install the spy app compatible with your partner’s phone and monitor the activities from yours. Today, there are various free and paid cell phone apps available for Android and iOS devices.

They’re phone monitoring apps with the ability to track activities and GPS location. Some of them are designed as parental control or employee monitoring applications.

The main challenge of this method is to add the spy app to your partner’s phone. Of course, it will be easier if you and your partner have no problem with exchanging each other’s phones. However, the installation is generally relatively straightforward, and the application run in a stealth mode.

You only need to set up the spy app once, and you can access the functions further on your phone. But, of course, the spy app would consume the phone’s resources, including battery, RAM, and data plan. A keylogger could generally be a less resource-consuming solution.


Spy apps offer some advantages to help you catch your cheating partner remotely.  The stealth mode allows you to spy on them silently remotely. You can access pretty much any form of communication on the targeted phone. Other features help you gather further evidence to prove whether or not your partner is cheating on you. For example, it can reveal what your partner is typically doing when they’re not beside you.

However, it doesn’t mean that the method has no flaws. Installing a spy app on your partner’s phone means putting your relationship at stake. It doesn’t work if your partner uses another device you don’t know to commit their cheating. If you require phone hacking, tracking, spyware installation, or other hacking services, send a mail to or visit

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