TressAnew Reviews: Is This Hair Growth Supplement for Women Worth The Money

TressAnew is a dietary hair growth supplement for women made up of natural extracts and herbs. It helps in rejuvenation, growth, and other hair-related problems. It aims to shut off an enzyme called DHT which is the most common cause of hair fall and baldness in not only males but also in females.

TressAnew contains the most powerful 5AR-inhibitors found in nature. Its formula is 100% organic and does not contain any harmful chemical that makes it safer for everyone who wants to use it. This dietary supplement is enriched with all the essential nutrients required for the support and growth of your hair.


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How does TressAnew work?

The active and all-natural ingredients of TressAnew make it highly effective to tackle all the hair-related issues especially DHT and helps the users rejuvenate their hair. It does not have any side effects that’s why it can be used every day without any fear.

TressAnew has grasped the appropriate dosage of each ingredient. These ingredients are not only known locally by scientific researchers but also prove to inhibit the growth of the DHT enzymes.

Following are the active ingredients of TressAnew:

  • Fo-Ti.
  • Saw Palmetto.
  • Horsetail
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin


Fo-Ti is a herb that is basically originated from China. Its extract is not only used in various creams and ointments to treat skin-related issues but is also found in shampoos and other hair care products to tackle hair loss and discoloration. Its regular use can increase the volume of hair and improves its texture. It also inhibits the 5-AR.

Saw Palmetto:

Saw Palmetto is extracted from the barriers of palm trees. Its regular usage helps to combat hair loss and balance the levels of the hormones. Studies show that Saw Palmetto prevents the activity of 5-alpha reductase (5α-R), a type of enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT.


Horsetail boosts hair growth due to the high level of silicon and collagen-boosting antioxidants content. It improves and strengthens the hair fiber. The selenium found in the horsetail helps in the regulation of the hair growth cycle. It also improves inflammation and makes an optimum environment on the surface of the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Horsetail also is used to reduce the risk of edema, kidney and bladder stones.


Magnesium is known for strengthening the scalp and hair. It contributes to normal protein synthesis in the body. It is also responsible for cell growth, cell division, immunological reactions. Magnesium plays a crucial role in the stimulation of follicles growth. Its deficiency can directly or indirectly cause hair fall. Moreover, it decreases the strength, size, and activity of DHT as well.


Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It increases the rate of follicle growth of hair and also stimulates keratin production. Researchers suggest that intake of Biotin improves the quality of hair, by making it shiner and thicker. Along with other potent ingredients in TressAnew, biotin is actively absorbed by the hair follicles.

Pros of TressAnew:

  • TressAnew is GMO-free.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It helps to stop hair fall, thinning of hair, and discoloration of hair by blocking the DHT.
  • It is in the form of capsules.
  • It provides a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • It is made up of all-natural extracts.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It not only strengthens your hair but also improves the scalp.
  • TressAnew is FDA approved and GMP certified in the US.
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Dosage and how to use TressAnew for better results?

Each bottle of TressAnew contains 60 capsules. On the official website of TressAnew, it is recommended that one should consume 2 capsules every day with a glass of water for up to 3 months to get a better and long-lasting result.

It is also mentioned that people above 18 years of age can only take these supplements.

In order to get the required result, you should follow their instructions religiously.

Where to buy TressAnew?

TressAnew has been getting positive reviews from its customers across the USA since the product is launched in the market. TressAnew can be only purchased from their official website. It comes in different packages and deals.

Following are the available packages alongside their prices:

  • Starter Pack: 1 Bottle TressAnew, $49.95 + Small Shipping fee.
  • Most Popular: 3 Bottles TressAnew, $39.95 per bottle + Small Shipping fee.
  • Best Value: 6 Bottles TressAnew, $33 per bottle + Small Shipping Fee.

According to the manufacturer, they have limited stock so if you are a reasonable package they recommend you to go for the 6 bottles deals. Furthermore, the good news is that every purchase you made from the official website comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee. The package takes around five to seven days to reach you after the purchase.

Final verdict: Is it worth the money or not?

TressAnew is made up of naturally potent ingredients that visibly improve the quality and texture of the hair. It’s 100% organic and safe from any type of harmful chemicals.

TressAnew is manufactured in a FDA approved facility and GMP certified in the US. After reading the customer reviews on their official website I have understood that the majority of women got positive results after using TreAnew supplements for at least 3 months.

TressAnew comes with a 90 days money back guarantee. If a customer does not get the required result she can return it easily.

If you are looking for supplements for healthy hair and my review has convinced you to buy TressAnew supplements, I would encourage you to definitely give it a try. I have found positive results out of it and I’m sure you would have got all the right reasons to give it a shot now.


  • Is TressAnew safe?

Yes, it is 100 % safe as it is made up of all-natural ingredients. It does not contain any type of harmful chemical.

  • Is TressAnew for everyone?

No, it is not for everyone. Women suffering from allergies and alopecia must consult a physician first before trying TressAnew.

  • Is there an age limit to use TressAnew?

One must be over 18 years of age to consume TressAnew supplements. There is no maximum age limit for consumption though.

 4- From where I can buy TressAnew supplements?

TressAnew supplements can only be purchased through their official website.


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