Powerful PDF Editor for Window and macOS

There is a strong demand for the ability to transform other document formats into a PDF to allow them to be easily shared and sent to others without worry of there being incompatibilities or limitations. There are a few main options for working with PDF documents, Adobe is a widely popular choice, and Qoppa has formed their version as well. 

Check Compatibility

It is important that the program you choose is able to run on your computer. This includes your operating system as well as the memory that is available to store the program. By selecting a program that runs directly from Java Word to PDF API it will be able to run on any computer or device that is able to run Java. This includes computers that are running Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating system.

Determine Capabilities Meet Your Requirements

The program that you choose should allow you to change any Microsoft Word Files directly into a PDF, change Microsoft Excel files into a PDF, and print either of these file formats directly. It must also allow you to alter other document types into a PDF to avoid the need for multiple programs.

It should also allow for the ability to add documents of each of these files together and merge them into one combined PDF allowing for easier export or sharing and ensuring that all necessary information is available in one document, regardless of how many file types are included. 

Create passwords for all of your documents or for select documents that require this extra security step. In addition select the accounts or people who are allowed access to each file for easy sharing without the worry of others having access as well. 

Each file that is either in a MS Word or an MS Excel document can be converted into an image in either JPEG, TIFF, or PNG.

As business and personal interactions online grow the need is also growing to convert files form several different formats and from different programs into one document type that can be opened on all devices and computers. The PDF is the response to this need, working both with those who use Google Docs and those who use Microsoft Office, bridging the gap in communication between the companies and individuals who are comfortable with either one. Converting files into a PDF ensures that it can be opened with any PDF viewer, and there are free versions available for everyone, and that allows for information to be shared in a free and fluid way. Limiting communication barriers in this way is a valuable task and brings improvements to all online communications.

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