DreamCloud Mattress Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

Having a long uninterrupted sleep can do a lot for your social and professional life as it helps us boost your performance by keeping our mind focused and your body fresh and active. But in the 21st century, many issues can keep us up at night, preventing a good night’s sleep. In this Dreamcloud mattress review, we are set to reveal such a mattress that offers the most luxurious sleep of your life.

Economic and job crises can cause a mental breakdown. As time goes on, our working conditions get more challenging. On top of that, many have to do overtime so they can tackle the global financial meltdown. These things will take a toll on you, keeping you dead awake at night. Physical conditions like back pain, severe headaches, neck pain, joint pain will keep you from sleeping.

There are many mattresses in the market claiming they can help the user fall fast asleep. But the downside is these mattresses are costly so that most people can afford them. They claim that they can help the user relax and sleep, but that is not true, according to many user reviews. These mattresses are created using chemical components to cause allergic reactions, and their awful smell will cause you discomfort. Learn More About DreamCloud Mattress From The Official Website >>

Today, we are introducing DreamCloud mattresses that are designed for any user, light or heavy. It is made from organic components that will help you get rid of chronic pain. Dreamcloud extra firm mattress will allow you to relax and support your whole body, so you keep enjoying a sound sleep.

In this DreamCloud mattress review, we will learn all the details about it, like who manufactures Dreamcloud mattresses? Where are Dreamcloud mattresses made? Who sells Dreamcloud mattresses? Is DreamCloud a bed in a box? What is DreamCloud mattress made of? We will point out every little quirk and feature of this mattress and also share Dreamcloud mattress reviews as we progress.

What Is DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress is the highest-ranking mattress in the market. That’s why you will find tons of Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress reviews online. It provides the best comfort with full-body support. You won’t find a mattress like DreamCloud that can provide ultimate relaxation and high-end luxury at such a low price range. DreamCloud mattress can put extra focus or pressure on the aching parts of the body. DreamCloud contains a lot of high-quality components that will increase your comfort and support your body. As per the Dreamcloud premier review, it has memory foam with cooling gel, cashmere blend cover, and innerspring coils. DreamCloud innerspring mattress complete edge support. If you have a high body temperature, memory foam will help you cool off, allowing you to sleep comfortably. DreamCloud works exceptionally well on hot summer days. These foams are very curvy, so it is incredible for your back and hip.

You might be wondering who makes DreamCloud mattresses? Are Dreamcloud and Nectar same company? Resident Home LLC manufactures both DreamCloud and Nectar Mattresses, which is a well-renowned American company. This company specializes in bedding supplies, providing the best comfort and luxury at a reasonable price. DreamCloud sheets and DreamCloud pillows are made from high-quality materials that complement the mattress. The Dream cloud pillow is a wonderful addition to the Dreamcloud mattress topper.

But can DreamCloud support a heavyweight person? Is there a DreamCloud weight limit? It might come as a surprise to many, but DreamCloud doesn’t have a weight limit. Most mattresses struggle to hold people who weigh more than 200lbs. They tend to sink in when they lay down on it. But that is not the case for DreamCloud. DreamCloud has multiple foam layers that can support the heaviest person. These pocketed coils support the center of the mattress so the bed doesn’t sink in too much, and it also helps to align the spine eliminating back and hip pain.

DreamClouds extreme pressure relief capabilities help people with intense physical pain to sleep peacefully. It reduces the pain by elevating the tension at sensitive parts of the body like the shoulder, neck, head, back, and chest. DreamCloud’s firmness will help you remove your anxiety and stress so you can fall asleep quickly.

You can visit the DreamCloud website to check out what they have to offer. You get to see how the Dream Cloud luxury hybrid mattress 6 premium layers look like. Also, you get to see the Dreamcloud full mattress. The most popular and most purchased items are DreamCloud weighted blanket, DreamCloud tight top mattress, DreamCloud RV mattress. DreamCloud ratings are very high; in fact, other mattress companies are having difficulties competing with them. DreamCloud sleep reviews are very positive. DreamCloud mattresses are the only affordable alternatives for high-end luxury mattresses. It even outperforms it in the comforting and relaxation department.

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DreamCloud Unboxing And How To Adjust

DreamCloud expansion time is around 72 hours. But you can sleep on it immediately after unboxing it. The mattress has many foam layers and pocket coils compressed by putting 15,000 pounds of vacuum-sealed pressure. That’s why it takes 72 hours to expand fully. The expansion time can be shortened depending on the airflow, air pressure, and room temperature. But you can enjoy it right away after unpacking instead of waiting for three days.

Anyone would do after buying a brand new mattress to put nice clean bed sheets over it. But it might reduce airflow to the mattress, which will increase the expansion time. So you should wait a little longer before putting sheets on the mattress. You can reduce the expansion time by walking all over the mattress. This will help loosen up the compressed memory foams. You can also turn the room temperature up to 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, which will help expand and soften compressed memory foam inside the mattress. You can check DreamCloud instructions on the website if you want to be more explicit about it.

Components Of DreamCloud Mattress

In this section of the DreamCloud review, we will find out what DreamCloud mattress is made of.

  • Cover – It is made from a soft and comfortable cashmere blend. It is very breathable and cozy. A little bit of foam is also added to make the mattress fluffy, like a pillow. Cashmere polyester gives the pillow a clean and luxurious look.
  • The Comfort Layer – DreamCloud gel mattress topper is known for its cooling abilities. The first layer of the cover is foam. Underneath that layer, you will find a comfy memory foam layer infused with cooling gen. This layer will help to relieve the pressure from the body, allowing the user to sleep peacefully. Traditional mattresses can trap a lot of heat in the foam layers that causes discomfort to the users. The cooling gel used in DreamCloud mattresses keeps the mattress cool by not allowing the heat to get absorbed inside the layers. That is why DreamCloud cooling mattresses are well suited for people with high body temperatures or anyone living in hot tropical regions.DreamCloud for hot sleepers is also a good option. DreamCloud memory foam can keep the user warm in harsh cold weather. There is another transition layer made of foam which is the firmest layer of the bunch. This layer prevents the mattress from sinking in when a heavy person is using it. DreamCloud’s full-size mattress is perfect for people who fall into the heavyweight category.
  • The Transition Layer – This layer works as a transition from soft memory foam to firm coils. This layer helps to make that process easier. This layer is made from polyfoam, which makes it respond to pressure much faster than previous layers.
  • The Support Layer – This part of the layer contains tall sections of wrapped coils. This works as the primary support system for the mattress. These coils make the mattress more bouncy, firm and add extra support. These springs stop the mattress from sinking in, and the space between the coils helps the airflow much more freely, which complaints the cooling gen and keeps the mattress cool and comfortable.
  • The Base Layer – The last layer of the mattress is made from thin polyfoam. This layer helps the coils to bounce. It works as a bouncing platform.

These high-quality non-toxic components used in these layers make DreamCloud Eurotop mattresses. Most customers ask the question: are DreamCloud mattresses toxic? After reading this part of the review, I believe you’ve got your answer. DreamCloud only uses organic materials, making them safe and comfortable to use. DreamCloud has thousands of customers globally. If you want to be sure about our purchase, you can look at some DreamCloud hybrid mattress reviews.

DreamCloud Mattress Performance

DreamCloud can support people with different body weights and sleeping styles.

DreamCloud for side sleepers who are lightweight works perfectly fine. They enjoy the mattress comfortably, and it will provide them with excellent hip support while sleeping.

If you are a light back sleeper, you will get a lot of support for your back and shoulders. It will keep your spine aligned straight.

For light stomach sleepers, DreamCloud is a perfect choice. This mattress’s firm and balanced nature will keep the hips lifted in the same line of the shoulders, which will readjust the body and remove any joint-related pain. If you considered DreamCloud too firm for your needs, then I assure you this mattress is perfectly balanced and engineered by industry professionals. There haven’t been any problems with the DreamCloud mattress.

As per the Dreamcloud bed reviews, average-weight back sleepers will have a full back, neck, and head support. They will find much comfort as the pressure is relieved from the focused joints. The coils underneath the layers will provide a plushy surface for the hip to rest. If you are an averaged weight side sleeper, then the weight of your body will allow the transition layers to support your hip and shoulders. On other mattresses, you might find discomfort sleeping on the sides, but DreamCloud mattresses have poly foam at the bottom that will add extreme comfort and protection from muscle spasms when you are sleeping on your side. For stomach sleepers who are average weight, the firmness of the mattress helps to align their shoulders with their hips—giving them the ultimate satisfaction and pain relief.

Is DreamCloud mattress good for a heavy person? Is DreamCloud for plus-size users? It certainly is. Unlike all the other mattress companies, the Resident Home brand does not leave out the heavier users. This mattress is well designed to support and give comfort to people who weigh over 250lbs. Regardless of the position they sleep in, they will get to experience all the benefits of this mattress.

If you were having doubts, like is DreamCloud a good mattress? Will it support my weight? Then I believe all of your doubts regarding this issue has been cleared up by now. DreamCloud is the best-performing mattress in the world right now. You will find a lot of DreamCloud unbiased reviews which will back up these claims.

DreamCloud Mattress Benefits

In this portion of the review, we will tell you why is DreamCloud the best mattress in the world.

DreamCloud is the ultimate sleeping solution. It has tons of benefits. All of them can’t be added in a single review, so let’s take a lot at some of the major ones.

  • DreamCloud for back pain: The memory foam can reduce the stiffness surrounding the lower back area. The soft multilayered mattress can relieve the pressure from the back, supporting it and perfectly aligning it. This process will eliminate your back pain.
  • DreamCloud and sagging: When it comes to sagging, DreamCloud mattresses don’t have any issues like this. DreamCloud mattresses can have up to 8 layers. At the bottom of the layer, multiple innerspring coils prevent the mattress from sinking. It doesn’t matter how heavy you are; these mattresses will not sag.
  • DreamCloud for shoulder pain: DreamCloud alleviates tension to the sensitive spots on the shoulders. It takes care of any damages caused to your shoulder, relaxes the muscles, and removes stiffness. You will wake up free of pain in the morning.
  • DreamCloud For hip pain: The firm and soft mattress layers perfectly balances the whole body and supports it when lying down. The support layer of the mattress keeps the hip in the same line as the shoulders by realigning the spine. This readjustment can shut down a lot of pain sources.
  • Dreamcloud edge support: You will get the same help lying on the edge as you did at the center of the mattress. If you are sleeping with your partner, you might occasionally roll the edge of the mattress. The polyfoam on the edge of the mattress will support you. This foam will keep your body weight so you won’t roll off the bed while sleeping on the edge.
  • Motion transfer: If you share the bed with someone, you will feel some movement when the other person is moving around. But DreamCloud mattresses have multiple well-padded layers. DreamCloud thickness prevents motion transfer, so you won’t be disturbed if your partner moves around too much.
  • DreamCloud for sex: DreamCloud mattresses are perfect for having sex. According to the Dreamcloud premier mattress reviews, the coils and the soft foams make it bouncy and support the body. It allows you to switch to different positions frequently. It won’t make any annoying squeaky noises.
  • Temperature regulation: This is a perfect mattress for hot sleepers. The memory foam inside the layers is infused with cooling gel to keep your body cool and help you relax. You will be fast asleep in no time. The spring coils have a lot of room between them which allows air to flow freely. This is good for getting rid of trapped hot air in between the layers.
  • Stress remover: The Eurotop cover and soft, comfy memory foam will give the best sleeping experience. When you lie down on the bed, the cashmere cover and plushy foam layers will remove all of your pain, giving your brain some much-needed rest. You will wake up in the morning completely stress-free, energized, and relaxed.

You will find this much comfort complimented with ultra-luxury anywhere else for such an affordable price tag. That’s a DreamCloud guarantee. No wonder why DreamCloud user reviews are so positive.

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DreamCloud Mattress Pros And Cons

Resident Home companies don’t like to hide information about their products. They highlight every little detail about their products, so the client knows precisely what they are getting.


  • It provides terrific support for the back, neck, shoulders, and hip.
  • It can support people of any weight class.
  • It has excellent edge support.
  • It has lovely soft multilayered foams. That will provide you extra comfort and will prevent you from sinking too much.
  • It has awesome cooling features.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-day free trial.
  • DreamCloud is a box feature that makes it easier to carry if you are relocating.
  • You can use a DreamCloud discount code to get exclusive mattresses for a lower price.
  • There aren’t any DreamCloud negative reviews.
  • These mattresses are hypoallergenic.
  • They don’t have any weird chemicals like smell.
  • You get free Dreamcloud shipping from the official website.


  • Delivery might take a little longer than expected due to covid-19 related complications.
  • If you weigh more than 400lbs, then you might experience some sinkage.
  • If you search for the Dreamcloud mattress near me, you may come across several marketplaces online. However, it is only available on the official website.

DreamCloud Price, Features, And Sizes

There are three different DreamCloud mattresses to choose from.

  1. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  2. DreamCloud Premiere
  3. DreamCloud Premiere Rest

Each mattress has six different sizes. The Dreamcloud mattress sale price depends on the size of the mattress.

(Below mentioned all prices for the USA customer only. Outside of the USA can be charged extra for shipping purposes).

The DreamCloud Prices:

  • DreamCloud Hybrid Queen Mattress Price = $999
  • DreamCloud Twin Mattress Price = $699
  • DreamCloud Twin XL Price = $799
  • DreamCloud Full Mattress Price = $899
  • DreamCloud King Mattress Price = $1199
  • DreamCloud Cal King Mattress Price = $1199

The most purchased ones of the bunch are the king and queen-size mattresses. DreamCloud king mattress reviews and DreamCloud queen mattress reviews seem to suggest that everyone is having a pleasant experience with them. These mattresses received a lot of positive feedback.

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DreamCloud Dimensions:

  • DreamCloud Twin mattress dimensions = 38”W x 75”L x 14”H
  • DreamCloud Twin XL mattress dimensions = 38”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • DreamCloud Full mattress dimensions = 54”W x 75”L x 14”H
  • DreamCloud Queen mattress dimensions = 60”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • DreamCloud King mattress dimensions = 76”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • DreamCloud Cal King mattress dimensions = 72”W x 84”L x 14”H

Dreamcloud Queen mattress weight is around 85lbs.

DreamCloud Premiere Prices:

  • DreamCloud Premiere Twin Mattress Price = $899
  • DreamCloud Premiere Twin XL Price = $1099
  • DreamCloud Premiere Full Mattress Price = $1299
  • DreamCloud Premiere Queen Mattress Price = $1399
  • DreamCloud Premiere King Mattress Price = $1699
  • DreamCloud Premiere Cal King Mattress Price = $1699

DreamCloud Premiere Rest Prices:

  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest Twin Mattress Price = $1099
  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest Twin XL Price = $1299
  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest Full Mattress Price = $1499
  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest Queen Mattress Price = $1599
  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest King Mattress Price = $1899
  • DreamCloud Premiere Rest Cal King Mattress Price = $1899

Despite being the most expensive out of the three DreamCloud Premiere, the rest reviews have been all but positive, thanks to its fantastic performance.

DreamCloud mattresses can be equipped with multiple bases like platform beds, adjustable frames, metal frames, and frame + headboard.

Platform Ded Prices:

  • DreamCloud Twin platform bed = $250
  • DreamCloud Twin XL platform bed = $250
  • DreamCloud Full platform bed = $250
  • DreamCloud Queen platform bed = $300
  • DreamCloud King platform bed = $325
  • DreamCloud Cal King platform bed = $325

Dreamcloud with Adjustable Base Prices:

  • DreamCloud adjustable base Twin XL = $649
  • DreamCloud adjustable base Full = $649
  • DreamCloud adjustable Queen = $699
  • DreamCloud adjustable King = $1498
  • DreamCloud adjustable Cal King = $1298

DreamCloud adjustable base remote allows you to control the bed frame and readjust it to your liking. If you are having difficulty operating it, then you should read the DreamCloud adjustable bed frame instructions. Most users praised this feature, DreamCloud adjustable base reviews.

DreamCloud Bed Frame with Headboard Prices:

  • Full = $400
  • Queen = $450
  • King = $475

Based on the DreamCloud bed frame with headboard reviews, many users seemed to favor this feature.

You can use a DreamCloud promo code to get huge discounts on mattresses. You can also take advantage of the Dreamcloud 4th of July sale. They give out massive discount offers during special events. DreamCloud lifetime warranty will allow you to replace your broken mattress with a new one without any charges. If you are wondering what sheet fits DreamCloud mattress? Well, that depends on the size of the mattress. Sheets of all sizes are available on DreamCloud’s official website. These sheets are priced at $150, and they are pure long-staple cotton.

Dreamcloud Mattress Financing

Best of all, the Dreamcloud company offers financing options to the customers. But this option is only available on the Dreamcloud website. This is one of the most talked-about topics on Dreamcloud Premier Reddit online. You may search for tons of reviews for Dreamcloud mattress. But here’s the gist regarding the Dreamcloud mattress financing. You can finance any purchase of Dreamcloud products via Duologi. The information is available right on their official website.

DreamCloud Mattress Where To Buy?

This section of the review will provide helpful information on where to buy DreamCloud mattress, how is DreamCloud mattress is delivered, and how to return DreamCloud mattress if yours is broken.

The company behind DreamCloud mattress Resident Home LLC only made this mattress available for purchase on its official website at dreamcloudsleep.com. They made this decision to curb counterfeit DreamCloud mattresses from spreading all over the marketplace.

Any product that has overwhelmingly positive reviews falls on the radar of scammers. They make fake low-quality versions of these products and distribute them in local stores and supermarkets.

To control this situation, Resident Home decided not to shelve their mattresses in local stores. If you see DreamCloud in stores near you, avoid buying it from there because there is no guarantee if it’s fake or real. The same goes for DreamCloud mattress Amazon products. You will find many DreamCloud retailers online, but to be safe, you should buy it from the DreamCloud sleep official website. You will get special offers if you purchase the mattress from DreamCloud’s official website. You can use the DreamCloud coupon code to get up to $200 off from your purchase.

The covid-19 outbreak worldwide is the reason behind DreamCloud shipping delays 2021. Nothing serious about these DreamCloud delivery issues. It will just take an extra few days for it to reach your doorstep. You can use the DreamCloud track order tool to see the most recent whereabouts of your product. DreamCloud UK, DreamCloud Germany, and DreamCloud Ireland users will get their mattress 7-14 days after ordering it. DreamCloud USA users will get it within 3-5 days since it is directly shipped from Washington D.C.

DreamCloud mattress return policy will provide you a 365-day free trial. You can return the Dreamcloud premier king mattress if you are not happy with your purchase. So it’s a completely risk-free investment. Any DreamCloud complaints will be handled by the Dreamcloud customer service team.

DreamCloud customer service number – +1(833)237-3269

DreamCloud Email – shop@dreamcloudsleep.com

You can also reach out to them on DreamCloud Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How does DreamCloud Compare to other Mattresses?

There are a lot of different mattresses available in the market today. It cannot be obvious which one to pick over the other. Don’t worry because in this part of the review, we will compare all the mattresses, so it will be easier for you to make a choice. We also went through several reviews on Dreamcloud mattresses, and here’s the comparison.

DreamCloud vs. Brooklyn Bedding

  • DreamCloud has a softer layer than Brooklyn Bedding.
  • DreamCloud is more bouncy.
  • The foam layers of DreamCloud are 2 inches thicker than Brooklyn bedding.

So the obvious choice here will be DreamCloud mattresses.

DreamCloud vs. Nectar

So what is better, DreamCloud or Nectar? We can quickly get the answer if we compare the key features of these mattresses. Here is a fun fact regarding the Nectar Dreamcloud comparison: both DreamCloud and Nectar are manufactured by the same company.

  • Nectar doesn’t have any innerspring coils at the base of the layer like DreamCloud has.
  • DreamCloud provides better edge support for side sleepers than Nectar.
  • DreamCloud is more responsive to sleepers than Nectar.

So when it comes to choosing between DreamCloud or Nectar, DreamCloud is the definite choice.

DreamCloud vs. Saatva

  • DreamCloud has a 365-day free trial. Where Saatva only offers a 180 days trial.
  • DreamCloud provides a lifetime warranty. Where Saatva provides a 15-year warranty.
  • DreamCloud is way cheaper than Saatva.
  • DreamCloud offers better back support for back sleepers.

DreamCloud and Saatva comparison shows us that DreamCloud has an advantage over Saatva. So if you’re stuck between DreamCloud Or Saatva when shopping, then you should go for the DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud vs Winkbed

  • DreamCloud is a better choice for back sleepers.
  • Winkbed costs more than DreamCloud.
  • DreamCloud uses more luxurious covers than Winkbed.

DreamCloud vs. Purple

  • DreamClouds offers a 365-day free trial. Purple provides a 100-day free trial.
  • Purple doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty, but DreamCloud does.
  • DreamCloud is way cheaper than Purple.
  • Purple mattresses don’t have coil support like DreamCloud.
  • DreamCloud has more firm layers.

If you are choosing between DreamCloud or Purple mattress, then picking DreamCloud would be an intelligent decision.

DreamCloud vs. Puffy

  • DreamCloud’s price range is $1199-$1399. Puffy’s price range is around $1150-$2695.
  • DreamCloud has more firmness options than Puffy.
  • DreamCloud has a 1-year long free trial, where Puffy has a 100-day free trial offer.
  • DreamCloud has a better temperature regulation system than Puffy.

So when it comes down to DreamCloud or Puffy, then you should go for DreamCloud.

DreamCloud vs. Casper

  • Casper mattresses are made from regular foams, where DreamCloud is a hybrid and advanced mattress that contains poly and memory foam and spring coils.
  • DreamCloud has cooling gel infused in the foam layers, but Casper doesn’t have this feature.
  • DreamCloud offers a 365-day free trial, but Casper only provides a 100-day free trial.
  • You can get a DreamCloud queen-size mattress for $999, but you need to pay $2095 for a Casper queen mattress.

Between DreamCloud or Casper, DreamCloud should be the obvious choice because it has more features and it’s cheaper compared to Casper.

DreamCloud vs. DreamCloud Premiere

  • DreamCloud premiere is a more luxurious mattress than the basic DreamCloud mattress.
  • DreamCloud is a cheaper option than DreamCloud Premiere.
  • DreamCloud Premiere is thicker and softer than DreamCloud.

So should you buy DreamCloud or DreamCloud Premiere? Well, that depends on the buyer’s needs and budget.

You can check out DreamCloud reviews on youtube. DreamCloud slumber yard channel makes mattress comparison videos that might come in handy for you. Apart from that, if you search for Dreamcloud mattress Reddit, you will come across tons of Dreamcloud mattress reviews Reddit. However, we have gone through all the “Dreamcloud reviews Reddit” online and shared the most important ones in the next section.

DreamCloud Mattress Customer Reviews

DreamCloud mattresses have thousands of regular users all over the world. Are there any Dreamcloud mattress complaints? What about the Dreamcloud mattress reviews 2021? We searched trusted opinions, and apparently, there are no Dreamcloud bad reviews online. A lot of satisfied users have reviewed this mattress. So let’s take a look at some of these DreamCloud independent reviews.

  • “I have been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks. I think I must have pulled something when hitting the gym. This kind of stuff happens to me on a regular basis. But these aching joints and muscles were causing serious issues while sleeping. I kept waking up with intense pain all over my body. One day I was searching for a new mattress online since my old one is in pretty bad shape. I stumbled upon a mattress called DreamCloud. They claimed that it could fully support my whole body And alleviate the tension on the pressure points to fix all sorts of back, neck, and shoulder pain. So I was eager to try it out. Which I did, and I have to tell you I have never experienced this much comfort in my entire life. After using it for a few days, all my joint and muscle pain was gone.” Chirs, San Jose, California.
  • “I am a 60-year-old man. I have tried so many mattresses, but none of them could support my back. It felt like I was being sucked into the mattress. One of my old friends was having similar issues, but he told me he found a perfect mattress that could support his back. It was called DreamCloud. I looked into some DreamCloud google reviews just to be sure, and all of the reviews were pretty positive, so I got one for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. It perfectly balanced my hip and shoulders. My back was perfectly aligned.” George, Port Aransas, Texas.

Many popular outlets have put out reviews for DreamCloud – DreamCloud John Lewis, DreamCloud Jessup MD, DreamCloud mattress sleep like the dead, to just name a few.

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You can also find a lot of DreamCloud mattress reviews on Reddit as well.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews – Final Words

DreamCloud mattresses are the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury. You cannot find another mattress like this that can provide both of these qualities at such a reasonable price.

DreamCloud mattresses are made from organic components. So they don’t have a bad smell. DreamCloud mattresses, sheets, and pillows are very hypoallergenic. These multilayered mattresses are made from soft and comfy memory foam that will help relax and give you the best sleeping experience in the world.

If you have back or neck issues, don’t worry because these mattresses have multiple support and comfort layers to remove the pressure and heal your joint and muscle pain by realigning your hips and spine. The only thing we need to be aware of you in this Dreamcloud mattress review is that if you get to try Dreamcloud in-store, do it from the official website.

Nowhere else other than that. You can get so many benefits and features from DreamCloud mattresses. I don’t think other mattresses can provide all of these in one package. Plus, DreamCloud will give a 1-year free trial and DreamCloud Everlong warranty, so your investment is entirely safe. But all these are only available from the manufacturer’s website.

FAQs About DreamCloud Mattress

  • Are DreamCloud Mattresses Good?

The “Dreamcloud mattress in a box” is considered to be the best in the world by many users.

  • Are DreamCloud Mattresses Sold in Stores?

Well, there are several stores that sell Dreamcloud mattresses—for instance, Costco Dreamcloud mattresses. But, try to get it from the official website of DreamCloud. In that way, you will get the best price on Dreamcloud mattress and a 365-days free trial. As per the Dreamcloud consumer report, it is best to shop it from the website. You may get Dreamcloud mattress in-store online.

  • Are DreamCloud mattresses made in the USA?

No, these mattresses are made in China but shipped from Washington D.C.

  • Are DreamCloud mattresses organic?

Yes, these mattresses are made using only organic, non-toxic materials.

  • How long does DreamCloud take to expand?

It takes about 72 hours for it to fully expand.

  • How does DreamCloud mattress ship?

DreamCloud will be shipped to your house in a compressed box.

  • How thick is DreamCloud Mattress?

It is 14 inches thick.

  • How to clean DreamCloud Mattress?

You can use cold water and mild dish detergent to clean it. The Dreamcloud mattress protector is washable at air dry and 60 degrees.

  • What hotels use DreamCloud Mattresses?

Only 5-star hotels use DreamCloud mattresses.

  • What company makes DreamCloud Mattresses?

Resident Home LLC makes DreamCloud mattresses.

  • Where can I purchase a DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud mattresses are sold on its official website at dreamcloudsleep.com.

  • Is DreamCloud owned by Nectar?

No, both DreamCloud and Nectar are owned by the Resident Home brand.

  • Is DreamCloud Legit?

Yes, it is. It has been ranked the No.1 mattress by many reviewers and users.

  • Where can I find DreamCloud Dog Bed?

DreamCloud makes high-quality beds for pets. You can purchase them on the DreamCloud sleep official website.

  • Do you need to purchase Dreamcloud box spring?

No. You don’t need to purchase a box spring for Dream cloud mattress. You don’t even require one with the Dreamcloud adjustable bed frame or the Dreamcloud Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress.

  • Is there a DreamCloud Contact Number and Email Address?

The Dreamcloud phone number is +1(833) 237-3269 or +1 (855) 964-0968 and the email address is shop@dreamcloudsleep.com.

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