Vuuzle Media Corp Limited launches Cryptocaptrades in Google Play!


Cryptocaptrades is now live!

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited sets into motion a whole blockchain ecology that can be explored in one application, the Cryptocaptrades. By using Cryptocaptrades, most kinds of cryptocurrency available in the market are now one tap away.

Through this innovative app, you are now able to store, send, buy or sell existing cryptocurrencies. Cryptocaptrades is also a carrier for diverse third-party DAPPs.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited incorporated the following features into Cryptocaptrades that doesn’t compromise on security or accessibility:


Your assets are stored in a highly secured and safe wallet where only YOU can control your money. The exclusivity of the app assures you that no one can touch your digital assets without the private key.


Support leading crypto protocols and cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, CMT, ERC20 and CRC20.


Interact with a wide range of diverse DAPPs directly from the app, such as Gift Card, etc..

Bounty Programs

We will hold activities that highly benefit the Cryptocaptrades users on a regular basis. This would be a good opportunity to generate extra money in this market.

High transaction speed

We have nodes all around the globe such as Tokyo, Singapore, London, Sydney, San Paulo, Seoul, Frankfurt, California, Virginia and so on. You can choose a specific node based on your location to speed the transaction up.

User Friendly

While providing an unprecedented array of features, we are taking great care to keep the interface clean and user experience friendly.

Multi-languages support

Multiple supported languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

Cryptocaptrades is always welcome to third-party developers to co-build with our blockchain ecology. We believe that partnerships will lead to more DAPPs that will land and bring blockchain to our daily lives in the near future.

Cryptocaptrades is also an innovative, well-designed, and developed all-in-one wallet. We keep on continuously expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a wallet.

We are confident that Cryptocaptrades will become a worldwide used crypto-wallet.


This innovative, whole blockchain ecology is now available in Google Play Services. You can download the app by clicking the photo below.

For Apple users, hang in there for a little more time as we are still working on this amazing application.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Cryptocaptrades is the newest venture of Vuuzle Corp Limited which serves as a fast, secured, and accessible trading platform.

Written by Jade Hernandez | Content Writer and Public Relations Specialist

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