Vuuzle Media Corp Limited Holds Its Second Zoom Meeting With Shareholders

July 28, 2021 marks Vuuzle Media Corp Limited’s SECOND ZOOM MEETING with employees and shareholders. Over a hundred participants, plus all employees from the branches all over the world graced the meeting. The whole workforce in the Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia, USA, and Dubai was all present.

Founder Ronnie Flynn, better than ever, hosted the meeting. He gladly answered questions from shareholders, and also proudly introduced employees as a way of appreciation for acting as part of the backbones of the company.

The Meeting

The main agenda of the meeting is to introduce the company’s newest venture: The Cryptocaptrades.

Cryptocatrades in an application and website created by the company after years of close study. This venture would serve as a one-stop trading platform that provides digital solutions to the trading business. Cryptocaptrades also offers a whole ecology blockchain that promises a secured and fast trading experience.

Ronnie Flynn answered all queries patiently, explained how the platform works, the potential, and a lot. Shareholders tend to love the idea and proposal of this venture as they were so active and curious during the Q&A Forum. Of course, who wouldn’t trust Ronnie Flynn? His ideas flow naturally and he is born with a mind of a great businessman. Work gets done efficiently and perfectly when he handles the situation.

More to talk about

Aside from the introduction of the company’s new platform, speakers Ted Joseph and Prophecy Onasis also shared the company’s new beginnings and platform respectively.

Prophecy Onasis, the company’s CTO, has explained in detailed the wisdom behind our platforms- Vuuzle.TV, VUMU Music, Clout9, and the newest, the Cryptocaptrades. According to the CTO, each platform was built from thorough research, sleepless nights, and brainstorming. Prophecy also acknowledged Ronnie Flynn for his continuous support and trust in him regarding his ideas and proposals.

Furthermore, Ted Joseph, the CEO of the company, passionately talked about the company’s new beginnings. As some chapters covered some bright days of the company, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, as always, will rise against it. The Ceo made sure that the company is ready to change new beginnings and is up for greater challenges ahead.

During the meeting, Ronnie Flynn also got a chance to show the shareholders our very great Vuuzle Studios located in Dubai, live! An employee in Dubai gave everyone a very detailed virtual tour of the Studios. The greatest assets of the studios, such as the equipment roomsproduction studiosGreen Chroma Room, and of course, the life-sized figures, all complimented each other into a one-world class business space.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited believes that regular virtual meetings with shareholders tend to boost business and professional relationships between the company and its partners. In this way, even though the business world collapses during the pandemic, trust and faith from each other can guarantee a success story on top of it.

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