Family Law Software Company Intake123 Readopts Tradename DivorceHelp123

Family Law Software Company Intake123 Readopts Tradename DivorceHelp123

Family Law Software Company Intake123 affirms its core mission to provide powerful Family Law solutions and easy client experiences for Family Law Attorneys and their clients by reintroducing the company’s trade name DivorceHelp123.

Intake123 back to DivorceHelp123 as part of client-centered focus

ProVault LLC is going back to its roots by re-adopting the company’s original trade name: DivorceHelp123. The company had been operating under the trade name Intake123 after expanding into serving several other practice areas with its Intake123 application.

In March, ProVault discontinued Intake123 as a separate product line while continuing to support existing Intake123 customers and Intake123’s integration with web app FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123.

The trade name DivorceHelp123 reaffirms the company’s commitment to its core product line, FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123, and its mission to provide easy-to-use and powerful practice-area-specific Family Law Software for Family Lawyers and their clients.

DivorceHelp123 Migrates all Brand and Digital Assets

As part of this branding refocus, DivorceHelp123 moved:

DivorceHelp123 re-affirms mission as a Family Law Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company

Readopting the DivorceHelp123 branding as its trade name affirms the company’s mission and core Family Law Software-as-a-Service solution. FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123 is a web application used by Family Law professionals and their clients to easily collaborate online to collect client financial information; to generate state-specific Family Law documents and calculate child support as well as spousal support; and to provide visibility of options around parenting time and the distribution of assets, and their possible outcomes, for informed decision making.

DivorceHelp123 Founder and CEO, Debra Mignola, states, “We need to be laser-focused on our mission. The brand “DivorceHelp123” expresses our mission clearly: our Family Law Software Platform enables family attorneys to help their family law clients have an easy process so they can focus on the traumatic life event, key decisions, and transitions, and complete the legal requirements of a dissolution of marriage. This readoption of our trade name DivorceHelp123 is intended to remove confusion and align all messaging around our mission.”

Easy experiences drive client loyalty and success for Family Attorneys

In recent years, thought leaders in the legal tech space have emphasized the core aspect of DivorceHelp123’s mission regarding an easy client experience after the 2013 eye-opening study by CEB, now Gartner, to understand the key drivers of customer loyalty, The Effortless Experience Explained. The study debunked the popular belief that more and better service interactions that delight customers would cause them to continue using the company’s service and refer others. Rather, this study found that fewer service interactions, none where possible, that solved the customer’s problem with little effort is what strongly correlates to customer loyalty. Jack Newton, Co-Founder, and CEO of Clio, recently authored a book called The Client-Centered Law Firm in which he explains why law firms who adopt a client-centered approach will succeed in this experience-driven world.

Family Law Software DivorceHelp123’s roots in helping law firms provide easy experiences

Ms. Mignola comments, “I started DivorceHelp123 after going through dissolution and personally experiencing the extremely inefficient, complex, costly, error-prone, and frustrating process of gathering and submitting all my financial information to my law firm… on top of the traumatic life transitions that I was going through. My mission from the beginning was to help family lawyers provide an easier experience for their clients and, in turn, help the family law firm staff not only spend their time focusing on what they intended in their career choice, but to grow their practices. My hypothesis for building a successful law firm ran contrary to the traditional focus on squeezing the maximum billable hours out of each client. I postulated that making the process easier and less expensive would increase the overall success of the law firm by converting more website visitors to initial consultations, converting more initial consults into paying clients, and increasing client retainment, return business, and referrals. I’m thrilled that research is supporting my hypothesis and is getting the visibility it needs to help law firms grow by giving their clients an easier experience.”

About ProVault LLC DBA DivorceHelp123

DivorceHelp123 is a software as a service company headquartered in Colorado. Founded in 2009, DivorceHelp123 has served thousands of family attorneys and their clients with collaborative Family Law Software that easily collects clients’ financial data and generates state-specific Family Law documents, spousal support and child support calculations, and reports needed to complete a dissolution of marriage and other family legal matters.

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Debra Mignola

Monument, CO

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