CoolEdge AC Review – Find Out Why This Product Is Selling So Fast!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy long lazy evenings of the summers after the pain of bearing harshest winters? Winters can be difficult for kids and old-aged persons who need to be protected from getting cold and fever. Thus, summers bring in a wind of change for kids and elders and allow them complete time to enjoy and explore nature and surroundings.

Many people prefer to go for family outings, picnics, and wildlife exploration trips in the summers. Due to global warming and sudden climatic change, summers are also slowly becoming harsh nowadays.

The temperatures in the summers are rising like never before. With the melting of glaciers, there is the uncommon distribution of rainfall on the earth that has created the issue of high temperature in certain parts of the world. These tropical temperatures may be useful for certain species but are definitely not welcoming for humans.

Thus, summers bring in a long list of essential technologies that are needed to keep yourselves comfortable during summers. Air conditioning units, refrigerators, air coolers, air humidifiers, etc., are some of the musts to have electronics list if you live in an area that witnesses harsh summers.

Air conditioning is one of the crucial tools that keep the air temperature comfortable inside your place. However, the rigorous working of the air conditioning units comes with long and expensive maintenance charges that include installation charges, regular service charges, monthly electricity bills, etc. Clearly, all these charges are hard to pay for bachelors and persons who’re not permanently living in one place.

Thus, the world switched to portable air conditioning units. The portable air conditioning units are easy to use, require no detailed installation, can be maintained easily at home, and never causes a steep rise in the electricity bills. Let us bring to you one of the best and unbiased reviews of one such portable AC unit called CoolEdge AC.


What is CoolEdge AC?

CoolEdge AC is a compact and portable air conditioning unit that comes with the triple action of air conditioning, air filter, and air humidifiers. It is an affordable solution to the summers especially for young college-going kids, people who love to explore nature, and bachelor.

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CoolEdge AC is equipped with powerful features and works on straightforward and effective technology to bring in the best to all users. It works on a simple USB supply and can be used as a desktop air conditioning unit. The award-winning efficient air cooling technology makes CoolEdge AC as the first choice for summers.


Technical specifications of CoolEdge AC:

You must go through the technical specifications of any electronic/ electrical device before purchasing it. The main technical specifications of CoolEdge AC include:

  • Large-capacity built-in battery with 10 hours of continuous working
  • Works on evaporation technology
  • A large water tank that can be filled with ice
  • Made up of durable materials
  • Easy to charge with USB cable
  • Square shape


Features of CoolEdge AC:

After having a look at the best technical specifications of CoolEdge AC, let us have a look at its top features:

  • Can purify, humidify, and condition the air in summer
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Available in green and white color
  • Easy to carry from one place to another using handle
  • Enough air output to cool one room
  • Ideal for desk air conditioning
  • Works on super silent technology


How to Use CoolEdge AC?

It is easy to use CoolEdge AC in three steps:

  • Fill the water tank of CoolEdge AC with ice and water.
  • Close the water tank and connect the USB supply.
  • Start enjoying cool and purified air in hot summers.


How Does CoolEdge AC Work?

CoolEdge AC works on electrical power that is stored in its large capacity battery during charging. This battery grants remote working benefits to the CoolEdge AC as it can be used in places that have a limited electricity supply.

This electrical power is converted into evaporation technology that effectively cools the incoming hot air and covert it into cool air. The high-output fan of CoolEdge AC disburses this cool air effectively to your surroundings.

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The air filters of CoolEdge AC trap different types of microorganisms and germs. Thus, the air in the room is purified at no additional cost of buying dedicated air filters. It is easy to replace these air filters after a specific amount of time.

The air humidifier features of CoolEdge AC work well in adding the perfect humidity to the dry air of the summers. It nullifies the hot effects of the dry air and gives you a comfortable place to enjoy.


Advantages of CoolEdge AC:

After having a look at the best features of CoolEdge AC, let us have a look at the top advantages of using it:

  • It works on simple and effective technology i.e., evaporation. The incoming air is converted to conditioned air with the help of water.
  • It is 100% safe to be used on kids and elders as it doesn’t involve any harmful toxins or chemicals.
  • The materials used in the construction of CoolEdge AC are lightweight and durable and hence it doesn’t add to the total weight of the device.
  • It is easy to charge CoolEdge AC at any place using the universal USB cable charging without adding your monthly electricity bills.
  • CoolEdge AC effectively works as an air humidifier in summers by adding the perfect amount of water to the dry and hot air.
  • It is equipped with replaceable air filters that filter out 99.9% germs from the incoming air and delivers cool and purified air to the room.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain CoolEdge AC when not in use at your place only.
  • It is available at multiple discounts and comes with multiple offers like free delivery to any location in the world.


Disadvantages of CoolEdge AC:

There are no disadvantages of using CoolEdge AC except for the fact that this product becomes in huge demand when the summers are approaching. Hence, you may have to wait for a couple of days after placing your order. Thus, it is recommended to place your online order of CoolEdge AC ahead of time to get your delivery on time.


Why CoolEdge AC?

The several reasons to go for CoolEdge AC include:

  • Portable and compact unit.
  • Ideal for room and desktop air conditioning.
  • Three-in-one action of air filtering, conditioning, and air humidifier.
  • Available at 50% off discount with free delivery.


What Customers Say about CoolEdge AC?

Our technical team has used CoolEdge AC and gives it a 5 out of 5-star rating. The customers of CoolEdge AC further confirm the same in their reviews.

  • “CoolEdge AC is my travel partner to camping.”
  • “CoolEdge AC is the best unit for my kids. It is a safe and powerful air conditioning unit.”
  • “I’m in love with the super silent and effective functioning of “CoolEdge AC.”


Price of CoolEdge AC:

The price of one unit of CoolEdge AC is $158.03. However, the company offers a flat 50% discount on a single unit of CoolEdge AC and you can buy it for$79.02 only. There are no additional delivery charges as the company offers free delivery on any number of units of CoolEdge AC.

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The list of discounts is not limited to the single unit as company offers multiple discounts on several units of CoolEdge AC in the following manner:

  • 2 units of CoolEdge AC for $119.03 only.
  • 3 units of CoolEdge AC for $137.03 only under the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” scheme.
  • 4 units of CoolEdge AC for $179.03 only.
  • 5 units of CoolEdge AC for $197.04 only under the “Buy 3, Get 2 Free” scheme.


Where to Buy CoolEdge AC?

It is strongly recommended to buy CoolEdge AC from the official website of the manufacturer only as it is a famous electronics device that is prone to cheap and similar-looking counterfeit products.

The official website of CoolEdge AC takes no extra charges in delivering CoolEdge AC to your doorstep. It is further equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption, secured by McAfee, verified by Norton, and TRUSTe. All these parameters ensure that your personal and banking details are secured and can’t go in the hands of unauthorized access. You can further increase the warranty of your CoolEdge AC for up to three years by paying a nominal amount on the official website of CoolEdge AC.


Wrapping Up:

CoolEdge AC is a modern device that works hard to provide you comfort even in the harshest winters. It comes with powerful technical specifications, exemplary features, and grants multiple advantages to the users. Not to miss are the ease to use, easy to maintain, and multiple discounts on different units of CoolEdge AC. So, when are you planning to buy CoolEdge AC from its official website? Grab your smart device and place your order today to get the best out of the summer.

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