Energy patches help powerlifter break USA bench press record


Lafayette, Colo. – A competitive powerlifter who recently broke an American record for bench press (master class) has employed a new tool in her quest to stave off performance anxiety. Gretchen Patsios wore Beyond Matters energy patches at the USA Powerlifting National Championships, and she credits them with helping her secure the record on June 18.  

“The patches allow my best self to step onto the platform by reducing stress, increasing focus and improving energy,” Patsios says. “It’s like having additional armor so the stressful variables can bounce, and I can stay in the zone.” 

Beyond Matters makes timed quantum energy patches that assist with harmonizing the biofield of the human body when placed on the skin. Company founder and CEO Griseldis Ellis says the combination of raising one’s bioenergy to its healthy maximum while simultaneously reducing unhealthy or distracting stress also has a centering and focusing effect. 

“It shows what a difference an optimal energy supply can make in your overall performance and wellbeing,” Ellis says. “My heartfelt congratulations to Gretchen for this great success and new record! I am thrilled that she so clearly felt the effect of our patches and gave such open feedback.” 

Patsios reports that she experienced increased focus and an alignment in energy when performing her record-setting lifts while wearing Beyond Matters patches. Before discovering them, she tried various methods to improve her performance including meditation, visualization techniques, and tapping to calm her nervous system. With Beyond Matters, she was able to forgo these practices and flow right into the competition feeling enthused and focused on breaking the American record in her class. 


Patsios says it was important to her that any solution used to improve her performance be healthy and natural. “I think it is pretty amazing that in the world exists an energetic answer to address an energetic problem,” she says. “We usually turn to chemistry. I am thankful I have something that works that can help me through those days, and I am not relying on a chemical to do it.”  

Beyond Matters is a proud sponsor of Gretchen Patsios as she continues to pursue her powerlifting career. On the day of the event she wore patch combination of the 5-hour Power Booster, Balance and Soft Booster (which last 7 days) 

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