ClientFinda Review (2021) Is It Worth It?

What Is ClientFinda?

Any serious agency business online understands the importance of qualified, targeted clients. Over the years, many have struggled to find a perfect solution that’s a one-size fits all, since software to achieve purposes of outreach and software used to communicate and close a deal are often distinct.

That is, until one has a look at ClientFinda – an all-in-one innovative software having functionalities the counterpart could only dream of.

The software allows an individual or agency to sell their services to business owners that are lacking in a specific area, using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to find these prospects, as well as being given the option to import these prospect’s contact information into an email list.

This favors email marketers since there’s strong evidence that email marketing is among the most effective marketing channels, and that every dollar spent on email alone yields high returns. Here is the official website for ClientFinda.

Contacting Businesses Through ClientFinda

Although ClientFinda gives the option to export prospects in the form of an email list, with many of the famous autoresponders, the beauty of the software is that it’s not exclusively for email selling, as it gives the option to contact them through other means, such as by calling them.

Cold email and cold calling are often pointed as the most efficient selling techniques of modern businesses. As for cold calling, it’s been around longer and turned many into millionaires. The same can be said about email, but needless to say, there’s a difference between having a service to sell and not having a service to sell.  It’s the difference between making money and not making money.

And while the outreach is often reserved for those with a pre-existing service or well-crafted offer ready to sell to a business, ClientFinda, takes the best of both worlds, in the sense that it helps in finding businesses and coming up with ideas on what to sell the business by specifying what that business is lacking.

A client may be running ads to their landing pages, but because the landing page isn’t optimized to convert, a web copywriter or web designer has the chance to reach out to that business and create a win-win situation. To this day, finding clients has never been easier than using an automated tool with sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Many businesses complicate the process for the lack of knowledge of alternatives to automate or lack of knowledge in potent software to do it for them. Software and processes are often the go-to strategy for agencies to scale, ClientFinda has both, as well as a filtering process to target business owners by specific needs.

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Who Is ClientFinda For?

After hearing about the advanced features ClientFInda has to offer, the first impression for many would  think ClientFinda is only reserved for business veterans.

But that’s not the case, as ClientFinda is perfect for newbies looking to start their agency, or service based business, to high paying clients that are eager to buy. There’s no easier sell than selling to someone who’s in need of a service.

Getting clients is often considered the hardest part of running a business, but as the name suggests, ClientFinda fortunately makes it a thing of the past. Both the dilemma of finding clients and knowing what services to offer.

But to be more concrete, here are those that are most likely to benefit the most from the software. This isn’t exclusively to this group of people, since being able to find targeted clients opens up the doors for a diverse set of services.

  • SEOs
  • Web designers
  • Copywriters
  • Paid Traffic Experts
  • Email Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • Those who want to start selling B2B (Business to Business)
  • Businesses that are struggling to get clients

Let’s take for instance a web designer. Many of the prospects found through ClientFinda could be in need of having their site mobile optimized, since not having a site mobile optimized would mean leaving money on the table.

Or if a business doesn’t have a high converting landing page, that’s where a copywriter could come in and turn a business site into a lead generation machine. Another big one that was mentioned was paid traffic experts.

Learning the ropes of paid traffic is often risky for newbies, but provided that they have some experience, they could use that and run ads for a listed prospect who isn’t running ads, and thus, missing out on potential leads. Another business may have an unclaimed GMB listing which would also open up the opportunity to sell a service.

ClientFinda opens up avenues for easy sales by exploring areas businesses aren’t exploiting to grow their businesses.

Why ClientFinda Is Becoming So Popular

ClientFinda has the potential to revolutionize an industry, and favor many of the businesses that are struggling to attain clients. But the way it does it is like no other tool before, since it doesn’t force its users to buy separate tools for only one purpose, which is to pitch and sell.

The alternative would often look as follows, which is a more tedious and complex process, especially for newcomers: scraping potential leads on a software with a high monthly cost, only to use a different software to contact these prospects, where such a tool on its own also has an attached monthly cost.

No one has ever said they’re a fan of paying monthly fees, but the good news is that ClientFinda, as of right now, is a one time fee of $37. And it takes the best of the scraping tool and makes outreach so much easier, because the outreach is relevant and not as cold as the counterpart would.

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Who Is Behind ClientFinda?

Upon having a look at the founder of the software, Ifiok Nkem, a former doctor who transitioned to entrepreneur, he has a history of starting successful businesses and creating good quality software that would perfectly complement ClientFinda.

While ClientFinda specializes in the generation of clients, other software created by Ifiok would be ideal to fulfill these high in demand services. Ifiok built a multi-million dollar business from one hundred dollars and a borrowed computer, a shocking return on investment proving to the world how his hard work paid off.

The company he launched has to this day launched several successful softwares that on their own would be game-changing for many businesses. He’s been awarded the title of high performance leader by JVZoo numerous times, further proving his competence.


While ClientFinda alone is a potent tool, there are of course ways to take it to the next level by purchasing upgrades for $67, which gives an unlimited use to ClientFinda, meaning in theory that users could search for prospects without any attached limits.

The next upgrade is a very potent one, and is known as Outreachr, a $67 upgrade that makes the cold email outreach easier, in the sense that it helps in writing personalized lines to prospects who’s contact information had already been extracted from ClientFinda.

As for the personalized lines, they’re done using sophisticated algorithms through artificial intelligence. Personalized lines is often a tedious manual task that on its own could cost hundreds of dollars to buy separately, Outreachr being one of the biggest upgrades of ClientFinda automates this process, so in that sense, It’s a major headache relief and keeps things in one place.

ClientFinda has great delegation capacities by automating high converting personalized first lines. It’s not hard to see why personalized lines or catchy subjects get read the most and convert best. Personalized lines are the best way to stand out from the competition and ultimately win a client over.

The software also takes care of creating high converting subject lines that get read, thus often improving the deliverability rate that alone, are often the difference between a successful cold email and one that’s not. Serious email marketers often emphasize the importance of writing personalized emails.

Those who want to take it even further than that, can purchase a $97 one-time “Done For You Digital Marketing Services”, this includes something extremely potent that many are willing to work for free in order to get their first client. That is the right to use their testimonials and case studies to impress those laser targeted high paying clients.

Many spend months in this process, and the benefit of this upgrade is that it can shortcut the process significantly. It also includes proposals and “done-for-you websites” designed to skyrocket business results. This purchase includes more than what was just mentioned, but this is just to highlight the most important benefit of each upgrade.

The last upgrade gives users the right to resell the software and keep one hundred percent of the profits.

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Does ClientFinda Include Any Bonuses?

As of right now, those who purchase ClientFinda get the bonus of zero to profit agency accelerator, which is meant to take a complete novice who’s never run an agency before and guide them step by step from scratch.

A potent complement to ClientFinda. The hand holding is meant to get even the freshest beginner profitable results. In addition, for a limited time a commercial license is included, meaning a user of ClientFinda can use the software as a lead generation tool for their business, or to create an agency that specializes in selling targeted leads to other businesses who are hunting for prospects.

How To Use ClientFinda

The software gives filtering options to help find prospects that are lacking a specific service. But it works as follows, the users specified the target audience, niche, social media presence.

Upon specifying the information, a listing appears that would predict which prospects are more likely to buy said services.

The last step is contacting these prospects, and pitch the services they are already ready to buy in the first place. These are laser targeted prospects.

The business is now ready to sell their services to the prospect with a high chance of having a high profit margin. Digital marketing services are known to have a high profit margin because of the low initial investment in proportion to the returns.

After thoroughly reviewing this software, and comparing it to the existing alternative today, this software could be the difference between a highly profitable business and one that’s not.

There is no guarantee that the bonuses and perks offered today by the software will always remain, and neither is it a guarantee that the price will stay the same.

Therefore, a business that operates with clients and is serious about having a serious flow of continuous clients may consider purchasing ClientFinda. As of right now, it is one of the only, if not the only program that has several features of other premium software in one, without attached monthly fees.

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Pros and Cons of ClientFinda

By now, many have realized the major benefits of ClientFinda, but here are some detailed bullet points about the pros and cons of ClientFinda.


  • Makes it easy to find clients
  • Clean user interface
  • Works on virtually any niche
  • Short learning curve
  • All-in-one complete tool
  • No monthly fees
  • Can be used for lead generation


With such a revolutionizing software, it’s been challenging to find any cons, but to be fair, there are very few cons to the software, one of them is less likely to be a con in the future as the program gains recognition.

  • The software is not as known as it should be
  • Not ideal for those who don’t want clients or leads

Final Words

Finding clients was more of a challenge in the past. With sophisticated artificial intelligence software like ClientFinda, businesses no longer need to struggle when it comes to finding the right type of buyer.

One thing is finding an arbitrary buyer that may or may not buy, and another is finding a targeted buyer that’s in desperate need of specific marketing service. The latter is what this software focuses on. By the looks of things, ClientFinda works in virtually any niche. This opens up more lucrative opportunities for pretty much every online business owner.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes. The links contained in this article may result in a small commission to the author if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you.

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