How To Reheat Sticky Rice [4 Easy Methods]

Sticky rice is glutinous. When it becomes cold, it becomes hard and moist. The taste of it changes if it is kept at room temperature for a long. You should not keep the cooked sticky rice at room temperature for more than 2 hours. If you store the cooked rice properly, you will enjoy having it. But you have to know how to reheat sticky rice.

Sticky rice is not perfect for reheating. But if you know the correct way and do it with caution, you will avoid the chance of contamination and get fantastic sticky rice. There is more than one method to reheat sticky rice. You can choose the technique in whatever recipe you like. Know the steps and get it done.

How To Reheat Sticky Rice

There are four methods of reheating sticky rice. All the methods create a fresh and fantastic taste of the sticky rice. Let’s know the processes.

Method-1: In the Rice Cooker

A Rice cooker is such a helpful appliances that does not need any flame. It works so well and cooks any dish, including rice, so well. It uses steam and provides heat to every piece of rice. Using the cooker is easy and simple. You can cook or reheat your sticky rice perfectly.

To reheat the sticky rice, place them into the rice cooker and set the button in the warm option, not in the cook option. The friendly option will slowly reheat the rice and make it sticky and fresh. You have to keep it in this warm setting for ten to fifteen minutes. It retains the stickiness again. If you have more rice, you should keep it for more time in warm settings. Every piece will be cooked well as the heat is provided evenly.

If you have few sticky kinds of rice, you can use the other trick. In this process, you will cook fresh rice, and when they are almost cooked, put the pre-cooked or stored rice into it and keep cooking. After finishing cooking, keep it in the arm settings for 4 to 5 minutes. You will get fresh cooked sticky rice. You do not notice that there is a mixture of previous leftovers.

Have this sticky rice or serve them to your guests with vegetables or fish soup.

Method-2: Fried Sticky Rice

Instead of cooking or reheating the sticky rice, you can directly fry them. If you like the fried rice, you will enjoy this recipe. After stir-frying your leftover sticky rice, this is not possible to notice that the rice was store in the freezer. To stir fry ell, you have to collect a large-sized wok or pan. Place the pan into the stove and add a little oil into it. Place the pre-cooked stored sticky rice into the oil and stir continuously at high heat. If you mix them well and keep the heat at high, the rice will not stick together. Continue stirring for three to five minutes.

You can add spices, seasonings, salts, oil, or butter. To make it a heavy meal, you can add chicken breasts or vegetables. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you will have a perfect texture and yummy taste.

Method-3: In the Microwave

If you have a lot of hurry and make your sticky rice faster, you can use this microwave used method. It takes 5 to 7 minutes. Follow the rules below and have yummy and refreshed rice again.

Step-1: Take a microwave-proof bowl and place the sticky rice in it. Add some warm water to it. If you have one cup of sticky rice, you have to add one tablespoon of water.  Maintaining this balance, you have to add water. For more rice, add more water. Now wrap the bowl using a plastic cover or foil cover paper.

This will lock the steam inside, and the rice will get moisture like newly cooked rice. The sticky effect will be back and make it delicious like before.

Step-2: Place the bowl into the microwave and set the temperature at a low heat setting. Heat the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Stop the microwave and check if it has been cooked well, and it turns to a new form. If it is still dry and sticky, heat it for another 2 to 3 minutes. If you see that the water has been evaporated, you can add a little water again. After heating for 2 to 3 times, the rice will be cooked afresh.

Serve the rice with chicken or vegetables.

Method-4: In the Stove

If you do not have a microwave or rice cooker, you can directly cook it on the stove and make fresh sticky rice again from the leftovers. After following the steps, you will not find that the rice is reheated. It will seem new.

Step-1: Take a medium-size saucepan and some butter. Pace the pan on the stove and put some butter into it after heating the pan a little.

Step-2: Put the sticky rice onto the butter and stir it continuously to reheat it. Mix well and after a while, add some water. The rice and water ration will be one tablespoon of water for one cup of rice. Depending on the quantity of the rice, you can increase the amount of the water. To add some extra taste, you can add chicken broth in the place of water. Now cook it until it gets the same juicy and sticky as it was before.

Step-3: While cooking, stir the pan occasionally so that there is no burning of the rice. Cover the pan to have the steam inside that cooks the rice evenly. Keep the heat low. After it is cooked fresh, serve it nicely.

Tricks to Reheat the Sticky Rice

If you follow some rules, there will be no mistakes, and you will be able to make frozen or stored cooked rice fresh again.

  • You should not store the cooked sticky rice for more than two days. After this time range, it may get into contact with bacteria.
  • You can store reheated sticky rice in the fridge for once. It is a wise practice to have the reheated rice instant.
  • Do not reheat the sticky rice without any liquid or water. After storing it in the fridge, it has already lost its stickiness. If you cook it without water, it will get harder and drier.


Sticky rice is glutinous textured rice. They are fantastic to have as a main meal. If you can store the cooked rice within two hours, you can reheat them and have a tasty new meal. You may see that the rice has been turned into hard and dry rice. Reheating turns them fresh as before.

So, you do not have to dump your sticky rice at all. If you preserved it correctly in time, you can reheat it and have it fresh. You can turn the taste by adding some spices into it and have it with vegetables or fishes or chicken. You can fry them up to make some fried rice. For faster processing, you can use the microwave and get ready the yummy dish.  All you have to know how to reheat sticky rice in detail.