How do I choose a good projector?

Projector is a modern gadget which functions as an inverted camera. Usually camera lenses capture lights and produce images. Therefore a projector lens emits light and produces an image on a larger scale than a television and monitor. The main reason behind its popularity is the larger screen and the image quality.

In modern days the projector industry has developed much more than before. Now they are able to produce True HD images with great details. You might own a featureful projector in a mid-range budget. And today I will discuss my 5 years’ experience in this industry. If you are a mid-range projector lover. Then this article is going to be a great helpful direction for buying projectors under 500 dollar. Therefore I am discussing most affordable projector under $500 in my view of buying a projector.

Top 500 dollar projector list

Firstly I am mentioning a list of the best projectors under 300 dollar which are available into the market. I have researched these products’ features and models and came to the conclusion that they are offering more features and built quality into such a budget. They are given below:

  • Vankyo V630 1080p full HD projector.
  • Viewsonic m1 portable projector.
  • Vivimage Explore 3.
  • Yaber native 1080p Full HD projector.
  • Viewsonic PA530S projector.

How do I choose a good projector?

As projectors are replacing large screen television and monitors so the popularity of projectors is increasing day by day. As a result, the projector industry has become more competitive than previous days. So many manufacturers are offering various types of projectors with attractive features. So the election of a suitable projector has become tough. Choosing a good projector depends on some specific features and quality. Now I will discuss the main criteria’s you have to recheck before making any purchase.

Lamp life

Projector produces images by emitting light from its lamp or lens. Though the lamp is not permanent and it has an average lifetime. You will find the lamp life mentioned into the projector packet. The mentioned volume means the half-life of the lamp. The brightness and the contrast will gradually decrease after passing the half-life. As a result the picture quality will also decrease. Before making any purchase you have to ensure a long lamp life with the feature of replacing the lamp. You will find so many cheap brands with so many features but stay away from them if you prioritize the lifespan of your projector. Because their parts aren’t available in the market and in future you won’t be able to find a suitable lamp for these brands. The most commonly provided lamp life is between 2000- 4000 hours. Which is enough for regular use.

Image Producing Mechanism

Nowadays various types of models are available in the market. All of them aren’t of the same technology and same features. But at the budget range the models seemed to be a little bit similar. Some of the projectors are manufactured with DLP mechanism, some are of LCD mechanism and some of them Laser mechanism.

The most accurate and realistic image producing mechanism is Laser projector. They produce images by emitting light through laser technology. They have a long life and detailed image.

Rather than the laser projector, the DLP and LCD projectors are also sold in the market. They have a little life span with lesser detailed image producing capability. But they are enough to produce HD images. For long time use, Laser projectors will be a great choice because they don’t show any hitting issues after a long time continuous use. Therefore The DLP and LCD projectors face some hitting issues after continuous long time use.


The medium of connection is a major fact nowadays. Because the projector can’t function alone. It requires an image source for producing larger projection. The source can be TV, laptop or mobile phone etc.

The older models are manufactured with HDMI connection which may not support your latest device. Nowadays some of the manufacturers are offering wireless connection systems. That is easy to connect and plays the role of plug and play mode.

Additionally, the latest models are also supplied with USB type C input connection. That will allow you a fast data share from your laptop or television and this is the most updated wired technology. If you have already taken any HDMI connection or USB type A or USB type B connection projector. There isn’t anything to worry because you would find a converter into the market at a cheap rate. That will solve your connection problem.


Resolution shows the density of pixels per unit. As the pixels per unit higher the detailed the image will become. Thus a higher resolution would provide a detailed and realistic image. You will find 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K projectors in the market. The 480p resolution is not enough for producing HD images and they are the oldest type of models. Modern projectors are supplied with 1080p Full HD resolution and 4k realistic image projection. Both of them are better for use. And the 720p provides HD images. But the 4k projectors are the best of producing realistic images.


After all, the quality of the image depends on the surrounding environment of the projection. A dark room can produce a more accurate image with more details. Not a renowned brand can provide you the best product. You have to make a self judgement before making any purchase. Hope the above mentioned criteria’s would help you to find out the good projectors into the market as they are the fundamental functions of a projector. And they ensure the image quality and the projectors mechanism. Don’t compromise these functions altering with any attractive features because they ensure the built quality and the accuracy of the projection. Wish you a happy purchase.

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