Post-COVID 2021 Provides Women Their Best Chance Forward Says Arlene Guzman

COVID-19 changed how life and work happen after 2020, and many of the existing paradigms about leadership and roles have been upended. That said, there’s an expected snapback for folks to go back to the office and life the way that it used to be before the pandemic. However, because there’s been so much change, a tremendous amount of new opportunities exist in every industry, and Arlene Guzman believes that they can contribute to the increased representation of women in corporate leadership positions.

Lots of Empty Seats

Arlene Guzman notes that COVID-19 had a significant impact on society and the American workforce. These shake ups have created gaps with companies that are now in need of qualified skills and talent. Arlene Guzman would know; she’s been a leader in the communications field in the venture capital, start-up, and non-profit industries for years. In Arlene Guzman’s opinion, leadership opportunities today are within reach for women.

Opportunities Aren’t Planned

Arlene Guzman notes, however, that women today need to be proactive about taking action on opportunities as they appear. The business world can move fast, and options that offer work-life balance, flexibility, strong compensation, and a defined path for career progression are quickly filled.

Don’t Accept Returns

Just like after World War II, Arlene Guzman notes that people returning to the office will want things to go back the way they were. It’s a mistake, Arlene Guzman notes, and companies must adopt policies that further promote gender parity in the post-COVID workforce by designing corporate cultures that address employee work-life balance and other stressors.

Run With the Ball

Women who keep charging forward have the ability to redefine their careers. Arlene Guzman encourages everyone to come back from COVID with new optimism and strength. If there was ever an opportunity for change, especially for women’s roles, 2021 is the year to make that happen, per Arlene Guzman.


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