Men’s hat care 101 – Keep your hat brand new for years

If you own a mens brim hat, you will need to take care of it from time to time. It is needless to say that the accessory is something a hat lover cannot do without. It is the go-to for the casual outfit, the beach, or the evening party. However, with regular usage comes damage and dust. Not only do you need to keep it clean, but you also need to maintain it to keep it brand new. So, how do you take care of hats?

There are several tips that can help you take better care of your hat. You need to know them to keep the hats in good condition. In the following sections, we will learn just how to take care of hats.

Storing hats – the wide brim problem

If you want to place your hat on a flat surface, you should always place it upside down on the crown and never on the brim. If you put it on the brim, any mishap can flatten the hat and permanently damage the shape. So, the best way to store hats is to hang them on the hat rack. All you need to ensure with a hat rack is that it should have a wide hook not to cause any damage to the material. However, if you have to store your hat for a long time, buy a box to keep it away from the heat and moisture.

Hat cleaning tips

Let’s admit it; hats accumulate dirt and dust – a lot of it. The more the dust, the lesser is the appeal. When a hat loses its appeal, there is no point in wearing it on your head. If you are looking for tips to clean your hat, the first thing you need is a horsehair brush. Stay away from nylon brushes, especially if you have some boutique hats. Always opt for the softest bristles to gently brush the dirt away without hurting the surface.  Ensure daily brushing, so that deep cleaning isn’t necessary.

For grime

It is not just the dust factor. There is the grime and dirt that sticks to the surface of the hat material. In case of stubborn grime, you need to wipe the hat with a damp cloth after removing the loose dirt. If the hat has fuzz or pet hairs, instead of using a cloth, invest in a pet hair remover to sweep your beloved hat. Remember that several sponges are available in the market these days to remove stains and grime from hats.

You can choose a rubber sponge or a dry-cleaning sponge, depending on the material of your hat. If your issue is some persistent and sticky bit of grime, then you can use a hat cleaner as well. A hat cleaner works like a charm; all you need to do is spray the stained portion and wait till the cleaner dries up. Once it dries off, you can brush the dried powder clean with a soft brush which will bring your hat back to its past glory.

Improve the lifespan of your hat

Since the question is all about making your hat last long, there are a few good practices and handling habits that you need to get the hang of right at the start. When handling your hat, make sure you are holding it by the brim instead of the crown. The more you pinch on the crown, the more you hurt the shape and weaken the rigidity of the top piece. Keep in mind that any sort of crease on the brim is irreversible and will permanently spoil the hat’s look. Also, the more you handle your hat, the higher are the chances of accidental oily smudges and stains. So, always ensure clean hands before holding your hat.

If you get your hat wet, keep in mind the trick is to let it dry naturally. Yes, you might get caught in a downpour but do remember that hats were designed to cope with the natural weather phenomenon and stresses. So, allow it to dry naturally without any artificial heat from a hairdryer or similar devices. Remember that heating can shrink or distort the shape of the hat altogether.

Here are some other vital facts to remember

  1. Straw hats are not meant to get wet. So, stay away from moisture and rain if you are wearing a straw hat.
  2. Please do not leave your hat inside a hot car as it can shrink the hat or dry it out and damage the piece.
  3. Sweatbands on hats get wet. So, take it off from time to time to wash and dry it separately.

Keep in mind these simple hat maintenance tips to improve the longevity of your favorite accessory. All the best!

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