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Federal science site, PUB MED, lists virologist, Charles Gerber’s, evidence. Coronavirus was significantly reduced in 1 hour with a mineral zeolite copper silver complex. The electropositive charge of unfriendly microbes and any toxin in any human cell is magnetized to the natural high negative charge 0-40 micro sized molecules that enter water molecules and all cells. The biochemist, Neil Roth at says, zero microns is smaller than the actual mineral’s molecular structure. The molecules are .47 to 2 microns entering all cells.

In 1981, the Bulgarian government dropped one half million tons of this mineral powder, normalizing Chernobyl’s reactor, air, water soil and crops, reversing the chronic ailment pandemics stopping the reactor fire. 5000 tons airdropped in the reactor stopped radioactive contamination for all of Europe. In the world’s largest farms, the right zeolite increased crop production 30%, decreasing water and equipment costs 20%. A Princeton, B.C, cannabis grower bought 20 tons of zeolite from agriburton ventures.

In 2011, Fukushima used an 80-meter wall of these minerals to stop ocean radiation. The minerals reduced Cesium 1000 times in the atmosphere. A similar formula remediated the 1986 Exon Valdez,11-million-gallon oil spill.

American studies on Iraqis, removed highest heavy metal radiation in 7 hours, and 88% of 800 toxins in 7 days, with zeolite, green foods combination. Zeolite was used after decades of tests in the marshal islands.

CDC, 2014, found Americans have 212 environmental pollutant traces in all cells, concluding that it’s a primary cause in all ailments, infectious and noninfectious. The zeo hero, says 3 steps to global health normalcy are safe toxin removal, amplifying immunity microbiota, mitochondria and a 7.4 PH for each of your 1.6 quadrillion cell to cell, open source, unimpeded communication.

Texas Observer March issue found Houston’s Covid spike arose with fall of air, water, soil, food quality. Oslo University saw cases increased 47 percent with air pollutants increase. The earth has hundreds of billions of tons of this mineral deposit made by nature, on all continents,300 million years ago there are 100 varieties.

The Romans lined aqueducts with it for safe water for millions as did the Mayans for the largest lakes.

There are 800 years of pandemic remediation evidence. It was used on the 3-mile island, 1981 meltdown. In all cases global economic, political, medical, military conventions, eventually dismissed it.

See 6-minute detox youtube video. In 2000, it was first brought to the global private sector. FDA, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing standards were met in 2015. Since then a maze of opportunists has diluted and refuted the grandfather provider of the formula to end history’s greatest toxin pandemics.

Atmospheric mercury, the 3rd most dangerous element in science, has increased exponentially in the global atmosphere from coal used for power generation. Glyphosate, Roundup’s most active ingredient is the most ubiquitous immunity suppressor in history, costs Bayer $10 billion in cancer cases in 2021 alone. Yet, its use in 750 products globally, goes viral.

Community immunity invitations may gift any community a thirty-day supply for fifty people in exchange for weekly, private, brief online surveys of the users. One drop has hundreds of thousands of ideal therapeutic particles. The patent holder has literally written the world regeneration manual on zeolite.

Operation God Speed is a non-adversarial way by private global planners to remove glyphosate, fluoride, chlorine lead, aluminum. Metabe and all elements nonnative to human cells, to outpace the viral flood of synthetic materials at the cost of life quality, by 2030. Forbes, June issue, 4of 5 most vaccinated nations double covid rates. All presidents agree to inoculate 70% of 8 billion people by 2024. 22% have been inoculated in just 2 years.

W.H.O. says the tsunami in pharmaceutical and pesticides increase makes a possible greater pandemic in microbes and plants that learn to resist these synthetic molecules. Geo chemists say these mineral molecules are nature’s antibiotics and antioxidants. There are myriad agricultural water treatment industrial uses.

Synthetic zeolite, Abermarle, Corp. plans leading global Post pandemics economy; who will be the natural zeo hero for humanity’s first viral victory for human transformation? Autism mothers in Flint, Michigan say global health meltdown pandemics are rooted in toxic overload convergences as most environmental contaminants rise virally.

July 10,8-9:30 pm, EST, recorded zoominar, hosts the original provider of global therapeutic ancient minerals highest standards.

Regulatory pandemics mandate potential zoominar attendees, be selected based on discretionary co-operation and demeanor. A decentralized, media, world first, online live show will reveal next quantum steps in normal, human evolution in July, complimentary to Zach Bush project biome for those meeting criteria.

Reseller applicants valuing human evolution above profit may be chosen. The mineral mix may unlock humanity’s greatest cellular toxic block, when a tipping point of awakened users, use the key. Roots of rebel cells:1-mercury-mining coal and emissions, 2-4, cadmium, lead, arsenic, 5-uranium. Mercury makes lead 14 times more toxic.

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