White ice VS clear ice- which is best for drinks?

Drinks are either hot or cold. Some drinks are served just hot whereas some are liked only when they are served just chilled. To serve chilled drinks on the desk, either white or clear ice is used. But there are a lot more types of ice available in the market.

But, in this article, we shall stick to these two only. However, you can visit a popular ice making blog called icemakinghub.com which writes detailed articles on various types of ice and ice makers review.

In order to understand which ice is better for the drinks to be served perfectly, we need to first know what exactly white ice and clear ice is.

Clear ice and White ice

Clear ice is basically made of pure water. Clear ice is also known as gourmet ice. This ice is perfectly clear with no hints of cloudiness in it. The ice has been named clear because when we freeze regular ice, we tend to set the freezing temperature at 0 degree Celsius. Apart from being clear, the ice looks equally beautiful and tasty as well.

On the contrary, white ice or cloudy ice is the ice that comes out from your kitchen in an ice cube tray which is usually white in the middle. The ice comes cloudy because of the fact that when the water filled ice cube tray is set in the freezer, it gets frozen from outside in. This is why white ice forms.

White Ice VS Clear Ice

Let us now have a look at some of the differences which makes white ice and clear ice different from each other:-

Clear ice melts slowly

Clear ice melts more slowly as compared to white ice. White ice is generally seen to melt faster because of the trapped air inside it. Slower melting of ice lets you have fun and enjoy your chilled drinks to the fullest for a long period of time.

Clear ice is tastier than white ice

Clear ice tastes just awesome. Whether you freeze your ice using tap water or distilled water, clear ice is equally delicious. Whereas, white ice is not so tasty because it can take any flavor from your freezer because of the extra air present in it.

Clear ice is best for drinks

When it comes to talking about the ice which is best for drinks, clear ice can serve this purpose in the best way. When you are a party person or a serious drinker, clear ice is certainly the best option for all your ice needs. Whereas, white/ cloudy ice is not best for party drinks due to its property of getting melted fast and not so good taste.

No bad odors in clear ice

Because of the presence of impurities in water, white ice may also contain some unwanted bad smell which seems considerably irritating. Though, this is not the same in case of clear ice. It is free from odor as the ice is made up of pure water.

Much solid, clear ice is

There is a point to be noted that clear ice is much more solid than the white ice which ultimately makes it difficult to just chew it.

Clear ice is healthy to consume

Due to the fact that clear ice comes from pure water and has no impurities as compared to the white ice, it is always considered healthier to consume clear ice.

To conclude

So now, on the basis of all these factors and differences between clear ice and white ice, it can be clearly assumed that it is only the clear ice which can be named as the best for drinks. Whether you are organizing the party in the comfort of your sweet home or in your office, clear ice is recommended to be consumed.

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