Know When to Defrag your Macbook 

All computers require maintenance to continue running well. You may need to run updates or restart your computer to solve minor problems. If your computer continues to run slowly after you take these steps, however, consider going through a defrag process. You may notice more than a slow computer if you need to defrag it. Gamers may have trouble opening various environments and files may load slowly. If you begin to have trouble with normal tasks on your Macbook or notice odd noises, think about implementing a defrag. 

Computer Slows Down

Over time, many things can make your computer slow down. Sometimes you just need a quick restart or update. Occasionally, you need to organize your computer with a defrag. You can learn more about this process at If you must wait for your computer to catch up when you give it commands, a defrag may help restore the original speed. 

Delays During Games

Gamers often purchase special computers to keep up with the extreme graphics in game environments. If you game on your Macbook, you may notice differences in your gaming quality if you need to run a defrag. During games with extensive graphics, new scenery must load constantly to keep the storyline moving. If your Macbook suddenly has trouble loading new environments, or shows other delays, a defrag may solve the problem. 

Slow File Downloads

Whether you work from home or go to school, you may open and close files throughout the day. Many people also leave their computer on for several days in a row. If your files download slowly, even after a restart, take the time to defrag your computer. Think of it as organizing your desk or bookshelf. After working at your desk for months at a time, you may have trouble finding what you need under piles of books and papers. When you defrag your Macbook, everything becomes easier to use. 

Noisy Computer

Your Macbook should remain quiet when you use it. If you notice odd sounds, you may need to have it serviced. You can try a few solutions before assuming you have a major problem, however. Restart the computer and move it to a cool space. Sometimes laptops get too hot and attempt to cool down by running fans. 

You may notice the noisy fans when you work on the couch, for example. Placing your Macbook on your lap or a pillow can make it warmer than necessary. If you move the computer to a hard surface and still notice problems, the noise may not originate from the fans. Your hard drive may work harder to start if you need to defrag the computer. 

Most Macbook users enjoy an easy and fast work experience. If your Macbook begins to show performance problems, however, you may need to initiate some maintenance. Many times you need to try a few different solutions to get your Macbook running smoothly. A daily restart can help keep your computer running well. If you restart and update the computer and problems persist, however, try a defrag to start enjoying your computer again. 

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