Luxor Technology Corporation joins the Texas Blockchain Council

Austin, TX – Luxor Technology Corporation, a full-stack proof-of-work mining company and hashrate liquidation platform has joined the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) as a corporate member. Alex Brammer, Vice President of Business Development at Luxor, will lead Luxor’s engagement with the TBC.

“Luxor is excited to join the Texas Blockchain Council at this pivotal time for blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation. The TBC is already making a measurable impact on the crypto-regulatory framework in Texas, and in doing so is setting the example for other forward-looking states to follow. Mining is the security-layer of proof-of-work blockchains, and our strategic goal is to help bring stability and predictability to the mining industry through innovative hashrate products and services. We believe working with the Texas Blockchain Council on its efforts in the regulatory space is going to be a critical line of effort in this strategy, and we’re excited to roll our sleeves up and get started.”

The Texas Blockchain Council recently realized several major public policy victories with the passage of two pieces of blockchain related legislation in Texas. Texas is also poised to take advantage of China’s move to limit cryptocurrency mining within its borders. According to TBC President Lee Bratcher, “Texas is increasingly becoming the jurisdiction of choice for blockchain innovation, and specifically, for companies building industrial scale Bitcoin mining data centers and companies like Luxor that provide the technology for this ecosystem to function most effectively. We are thrilled at Luxor’s success in developing a world-class, American-based mining pool and we are equally excited that they have decided to bring their thought leadership and talent to join us in the work we are doing at the TBC.”

The Texas Blockchain Council will partner with member companies like Luxor and their more than 50 other member companies to host the Texas Blockchain Summit in Austin on October 8th. To find out more about Luxor, the Texas Blockchain Summit, or the Texas Blockchain Council reach out to the contacts below.

For press inquiries, contact Lee Bratcher of the Texas Blockchain Council: and for Luxor contact:

Alex Brammer:

Alex is the Vice President of Business Development at Luxor Technology Corporation, a full-stack proof-of-work mining company and hashrate liquidation platform. Alex holds a B.Sc. in Economics from West Point, an MA in Security Studies from King’s College London, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Queen’s University Belfast. He served in the Army as a special operator and airborne infantry officer for 15 years, holding leadership and command roles up to the company level and staff roles to the brigade level. He is now laser focused on securing and growing the Bitcoin network and other proof-of-work protocols with Luxor and its analytics and research arm, Hashrate Index. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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