hosts global immunity now 7/7/21

The unexpected, unprecedented viral rise to global immunity is based on an age reversal study. 200 women reversed age up to 30 years in 120 days with remarkable immunity improvements. The Harvard graduate inventor whose formula is in twenty countries will tell the history of this new cellular science.

The first large scale immunity trial takes place in Louisville, KY directed by Peter Hayes urban outreach LLC founder, lifetime global philanthropist, entrepreneur and Louisville resident. His community immunity invitations are designed to duplicate the results of that study in any community.

In the 50’s, PHD soil scientist, John Willard, found a 50-million-year-old soil deposit that created the most immune, long lived forms, before human appeared, 300,000 years ago. In India, it supported a 220,000-ton dinosaur. Lignite is used for fuel; yet earth’s greatest global health wealth was unlocked by Dr Willard then and Dr. Bush now, with his own liquid version.

Dr. Willard said his ultimate version, is the best of the three to Charlie Sundae, nutrition coalition inc., founder. Search catalyst altered water, Beth Ley, PHD. 1000O studies, on the ancient, health effects of the water, for people, soil, plants and animals, cataloged in 30 countries.

C.I.I.’s other provider candidates are,,,,,, Dr. Bush foresaw pandemics and solutions, unlike any other we know. mounting evidence shows, glyphosate, fluoride, aluminum, chlorine is the basis of pandemics susceptibility, including non-infectious pandemics of autism cancer, obesity, early aging.

These are the basics of industrial agriculture, medicine and all industries. Climate normalcy depends on the new global health all cells science since people are only as aligned with nature as each cell is in communication in the community of everybody.

The water has nano sized molecules called micelles and was granted 21 U.S. patents, 17 Canadian and was featured at a 1980 congressional hearing with overwhelming evidence as to its overall health regeneration superiority. Willard showed it improved vitamin B, by 80%.

Zach Bush MD.s Lignite derived formula, originally called terahydrate, remediated glyphosate in human cell, the most ubiquitous synthetic chemical ever, and recognized as likely carcinogenic, by the cancer research department of the World Health Organization. Willard’s water and terahydrate may be nature’s wisest waters.’s, ion gut health restores the 90% human gut beneficial microbes that mirrors our 40% of species loss in our outer terrain in 50 years. For every 1 gene in your body; there are 360 microbial genes essential to your fully immunized potential. Zach’s all soils revival formula launches July with project biome, a Godspeed global health gone viral, we will amplify virally.

His formulas are based on the earth’s richest ,50-million-year-old soil deposit in Arizona, similar to Dr. Willard’s ultimate water, the subject of a sensational,1980’s congressional hearing. see or organic,,

Beyond virus variants vaccines, integrated cell regeneration, mobilizes an army of ions cleaning and nourishing all cells at a viral exponential speed. For weekly zoominars, text only 936-718-2747,5 lines maximum, for likely response.

The new foundation of cellular reservation frees all cells of decades of contaminants safely. The CDC confirms there are thousands of deadly contaminants in air, water, and soil, and consequently human cells. With hyper effective nano detox and nano nutrition, never before immunity longevity seems practical.

The new global health norm is confirmed by the discoveries of see the,, farmers footprints, and the July launch of project biome. CCI offers no risk opportunities for any individual or community to experience for themselves life quality upgrades in their daily life experience.

A minimum of 50 to 5,000 participants, with a startup time in as little as two weeks is possible. Providers may offer community participants low or no cost formulas in exchange for completing online brief private weekly surveys. 30–120-day studies are preferred.

Community Immunity Invitations will be launched in Louisville & showcased by Better Days with Peter Hayes who will be guest hosting “Talk at Night Radio Show” with Bishop Dennis V. Lyons during the week of June 28th to July 2nd on WLLV 1240 am based in Louisville, KY

The show runs from 10-11 pm EST, Peter will be sharing some insider knowledge of holistic health (Spirit, Mind and Body) The actual companies name and identity that has a wonderful trinity of products will be unveiled and highlighted.

Folks from around the USA & world can view online at and can also call in at 502-571-1240

A weekly invitation only zoom call is available by text to (936) 718-2747 with a five-line minimum introduction and inquiry.

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