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Last year, Ryan Levesque created the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass for digital marketers. Ryan claimed to have started a business during a financial crisis and going from a $0 income to $25,000 within 18 months. Ultimately, he managed to increase the amount to $1 million per year. Quiz Funnel is the secret that helped him penetrate 24 markets and earn a lot of money during a worldwide hardship period.

The expert is back at it again and this time he has introduced the new Quiz Funnel Masterclass. Unlike the first series, the second one has many additions, new learning opportunities, and fresh perspectives. The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2021 version comes at a great time, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses and forced some to close. Ryan claims that the Quiz Funnel Masterclass is the right choice for people dreaming of taking their online presence to another level.

This Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review 2021 will provide you with all the information you need and tell you whether the Quiz Funnel Masterclass is worth buying.

An Overview of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2021

Every business owner knows that meeting the needs of his/her clients is important. One secret of succeeding in business is providing something that your prospective customers need in daily life. Unfortunately, the large number of offered products and services leave many business owners wondering the route to take or the products and services to sell. Finding a way to serve your customers in a better way is a great idea, but how can you learn about their needs? The Quiz Funnel Masterclass allows you to do that easily.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a form of online masterclass training that comes with automation software along with other important resources. It teaches entrepreneurs how to use Quiz Funnels and quizzes in their businesses to engage with their prospective and existing customers.

The program consists of tests and quizzes, funnel diagrams, means of converting leads to customers, 27 pre-made templates, and other important resources. After using the offered quizzes, you can use the results to categorize your prospective customers and make a personalized report based on the quiz answers. You can further create your quizzes and use them to maximize your sales.

Who is the Creator of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

Ryan Levesque is widely known for his product known as “The ASK Method.” Also, his company has appeared three times in the Inc. 5000 Company lists and listed at number 50 in the list of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. Ryan claims that the Quiz Funnel Masterclass helped him generate more than $32 million across 23 markets and build an audience of 4.1 million email subscribers.

The number of people that have completed the Quiz Funnel Masterclass stands at 30 million. His work has appeared on Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. It has also appeared on some of the national televisions such as Fox News and NBC News.

Further, he has launched many successful products, books, and services. For example, the Ask Method was mentioned in “The Top 10 Business Trend of the Year” and his book “Ask” was ranked as the “#1 Marketing Book of the Year.” Ryan has been giving back to society by working with Village Impact, which provides education to more than 500 young children each year. Further, he collaborates with Kiva.org to support people through microloans.

How The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Works?

The quiz funnel masterclass program employs the “ask method concept.” The methodology helps you determine the products and service your customers require. Ryan splits the program into three stages, which include choosing the market, finding out the products and services your customers require, and creating the products. He claims that customers may need something different from what they claim they do.

The author takes the users through a survey that helps them understand their market and what they would want to introduce to it. He also teaches the language patterns they should look out for and what they can determine by the languages. The program works for all entrepreneurs, regardless of their business stage.

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What to Expect After Paying for the Program

The new Quiz Funnel Masterclass version presents several advancements for a better user experience. Expect Live Q&A calls, a 90-day private course FB group, and live funnel reviews. Here are the main contents of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass:

Step by Step Training on Creating a Quiz Funnel

The program offers 6 training modules based on Ryan Levesque’s $5000 Quiz Funnel Bootcamp.

Advanced Quiz Funnel Software

In this, the author guides the users through Ready to Go Page Templates, a Drag and Drop Quiz Builder, and various software analytics and integrations.

Quiz Traffic Training

This training centers on driving optimum traffic to your Quiz and the structuring of advertisements. The author also offers real-life examples related to the quiz funnel ad campaigns.

Choose. Ask. Build Training

The author targets beginners with this course. It guides them on how to select their market and build a quiz funnel after analyzing the responses of their customers on quizzes. He also gives examples.

The Structure of Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Ryan Levesque breaks down the Quiz Funnel Masterclass into six modules. Here are the modules to expect.

Module 1: Your Quiz Hook

The creator of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass will introduce you to the program with a “quiz hook.” He will walk you through the process of creating a quick book that you can use to increase your customers and make more money. To guarantee that, he will take you through an idea generation course to help you create a convincing course, pretest it and set a catchy title or name.

Module 2: Your Quiz Questions

Quizzes may look simple but the process of creating them is not. You have to choose sensible questions and organize them in an understandable and flowing manner. Each question should leave the individuals wanting more. That means individuals who take the quiz will buy your goods and services at the end. Ryan also offers “9 Secret Elements Post Quiz.”

Module 3: Your Post Quiz Offer

This module emphasizes more on the customer. It will teach you how to identify the needs of your customers and find ways to increase the demand for your goods and services. The module discusses the five types of questions you should ask and the three types to avoid. Further, Ryan will teach you how to ensure that the results are optimal. Depending on your needs, he will teach you how to choose between mapping and scoring results.

Module 4: Your Quiz Pages

In this module, the author teaches you about high-converting quizzes. They are pre-set structured quizzes that capture the attention of people naturally. Besides, the quizzes have an outcome page that considers the customers. Ryan discusses the factors that affect customer conversion.

Module 5: Your Traffic Strategy

After the quizzes are complete, you will need a traffic strategy for your business. Ryan will teach you how to create a quiz report that will function as your sales tool. He emphasizes the format, structure, and design of quiz reports. Furthermore, he will educate you on segmentation and customization.

Module 6: Optimization and Beyond

In this module, Ryan Levesque will guide you on how to launch and scale quiz funnels and compare conversion rate benchmarks. Even more, he will teach you how to customize the outcome pages.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2021 Bonuses ( Value Over $20.000 )

Get these valuable bonuses when you register for the Quiz Funnel Masterclass today:

Bonus #1: Bucket 2.0 Quiz Software ( Value: $4.500 )

Bonus #2: Quiz Traffic Secrets ( Value: $2.500 )

Bonus #3: Business in a Box Training ( Value: $2.500 )

Super Bonus #4: “We Build Your Quiz” ( Value: $10.000 )

– Ryan’s team is going to BUILD your quiz for you. This is Amazing.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Price

Due to the many benefits, the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program offers, its price is high. The program will cost you $1999. Ryan offers a three-month installment payment method for people who would need more time to pay for it. The installment method requires you to pay $799 per month. That means that you will end spending $2,397.

After registering for the quiz funnel masterclass, you will access the Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software automatically. The first edition of Quiz Funnel required users to pay an additional $2000 or $200 per month to use the Quiz Funnel Bucket.io. The price has been reduced to $99 per month with the current version. Besides, the program comes with a 14-day 100 percent money-back guarantee. However, you will have to complete the coursework in Module 1 Lesson 1, and watch all the videos to get the money.

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Who Should Go for the Program?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who would want to get more online customers and generate more business leads. It is also a good choice for people who want to build a large email list and reach more online audiences. If you are establishing a new business, it will help you do that easily.

Digital marketers and affiliate marketers can also benefit highly from the offered training and tools. The program is beginner-friendly, meaning that any business owner can use it. The author recommends it for consultants, bloggers, authors, influencers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and podcasters.

Who Should Not Go For the Program?

The program is not a good choice for these groups of individuals:

  • Individuals who are not ready to take a 6 weeks course: The program has a lot of information that you must go through to succeed in business. So, if you are not ready to invest the time, it is not for you.
  • Individuals who are not ready to pay the fee: The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is expensive. You have to invest $2000.
  • People who feel it is a get-rich-quick scheme: The program does not offer a magical way of making money. You have to work hard and use the offered tools.
  • People who are not ready to provide their customers with what they need: The program teaches you how to study the market and offer what your customers need. If you are not ready to do that, it is good for you.

Pros and Cons

This Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review would not be complete without the pros and cons of the program. Like other online programs, The Quiz Funnel Masterclass has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons.


  • It is ideal for both beginner-level and experienced entrepreneurs
  • It works for every business platform
  • It provides cheap leads that offer faster conversion
  • Allows users to understand their customers perfectly
  • Provides a unique customer experience
  • It will increase your digital marketing skills and knowledge


  • It is expensive
  • It requires dedication


Q: Is the Quiz Funnel Masterclass Legitimate?

A: The Ask Method Company claims to have generated over $32 million in 12 months across 23 markets after using the Quiz Funnel Masterclass. Further, its number of email subscribers increased to 4.1 million. Within the same period, around 30 million of its customers from different parts of the world completed the Quiz Funnel Bucket.io course.

The Ask Method Company is a 3-time Inc. 5000 Company and a #50 fastest growing company in America. Besides, most of their work has been published in various magazines and the Quiz Funnel Masterclass official site has over 1000 case studies and success stories from business people. That shows that the program is legitimate.

Q: Can Beginners Benefit from The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

A: Yes, beginners can benefit from the program. Actually, Ryan Levesque has structured the program to support people starting their online businesses and those who need guidance on producing high conversions.

Q: How Can I Access the Quiz Funnel Masterclass Training Material?

A: All the training material will be accessible after you sign up for the program. The contents include:

  • Live Q&A Calls
  • Live Funnel Reviews
  • Step-by-step Checklists & Templates
  • Examples! Ultimate Quiz Swipe File
  • Support Private Course FB Group access
  • Lifetime Access to the Training

Q: Does Ryan Offer Any Money-Back Guarantee?

A: Yes, Ryan Levesque offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. That means you can demand your money back if you do not get any results within 14 days. However, you have to watch all the videos and complete the coursework in Module 1 Lesson 1 to get a refund.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2021 Review Conclusion

The 6-week Quiz Funnel Masterclass program focuses on the benefits of using quizzes to convert potential leads into customers. It will help you develop a quiz, launch it, and summarize the results. You have to consider the needs of your business and those of your customers at every stage to increase your profits, online presence, and build better relationships with your customers. Ryan teaches a single topic each week. And if the course does not offer any good results, you can demand your money back.

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