Breeze Tec Portable AC – [SCAM ALERT] Is BreezeTec Really Worth to Buy? Price and Reviews

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Breeze Tec could be your hottest Portable air purifier which may facilitate the hot days of summer. In accordance with the state site, this multi-purpose apparatus filters the atmosphere to shield against harmful germs, cools the warmth, and increases moisture from the atmosphere for a warming effect. Breeze Tec can be a reasonable alternative to the pricey airconditioners which increase the power invoices and include hefty maintenance expenses.


It’s almost impossible to invest the scorching days of summer with no air-conditioning unit. The scorching heat not merely frustrates everyone but also relieves the disposition. What’s more, you could well not have the ability to execute daily tasks as a result of the temperature. Though many folks take pleasure in the summertime, the temperature can lead to heatstroke that becomes mortal sometimes. Thus, you’re able to put money into an inexpensive airconditioning apparatus that facilitates the summer days.

Breeze Tec Portable air-conditioning unit could be your solution to all of your issues if you’re searching for a reasonable device. You don’t have to employ a plumber to put in this air purifier, also it can not arrive with any maintenance expenses. Additionally, the lightweight body with this unit can make it a simple task to shift anywhere in your space. This Breeze Tec review has a closer look at the specifications and functionality of the particular device.

What is Breeze Tec?

Breeze Tec can be a Portable air cooler that utilizes advanced technology to wash out the atmosphere and humidify it. The lightweight and tiny size of this unit allow it to be the best instrument to carry along with you anywhere. Additionally, its efficient mechanism enhances the warmth however hot it’s outside.

This atmosphere cooler is definitely a highly efficacious means to knock out the summertime without spending countless dollars. It absorbs way less power in comparison with a conventional air compressor. In addition, it doesn’t need any maintenance expenses. On the flip side, a traditional AC includes hefty setup and maintenance, and power expenses.

Breeze Tec perhaps not just cools the surrounding atmosphere but also removes tingling in the atmosphere. What’s more, it filters the atmosphere pollutants, therefore, you inhale a healthy atmosphere. This cooler also doesn’t require any external power supply and works with the battery in your device.

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How Does the Breeze Tec (BreezeTec) AC Work?

Breeze Tec AC utilizes the air mechanism to lessen decrease the heat and cools the atmosphere. It gives optimum relaxation during the scorching summertime and enhances the quality of air due to the filter feature.

The filter found in this system prevents germs and pollen from the atmosphere. In addition, it eliminates harmful pollutants and pollutants which endanger your wellbeing. This gadget works as a successful heating system through the summer from these manners.

  • No Installation 

You don’t have to put in this atmosphere cooler at a wall or perform some settings. This unit is about to use the moment you go out of their packaging.

  • Portable Unit 

This unit is constructed from lightweight cloth and also uses a very simple mechanism. Thus, you are able to take it anywhere with you personally, for example, workplace or vacation.

  • Multiple Functions 

Breeze Tec can be a multi-purpose apparatus as it warms the atmosphere, humidifies it, also removes contaminants. Thus, it protects from several germs and allergens which disperse through the summer.

  • Simple Mechanism

This system works on a very simple mechanism also doesn’t possess complicated technology. It utilizes a filter that cleans and moisturizes the atmosphere.

  • Affordable Cost

The cost of the cooling system makes it more preferable over traditional air conditioners. Additionally, you’re able to purchase it to get a reduced price from the official site of the corporation.

  • Travel friendly 

Breeze Tec is lightweight, convenient, and small in size, which makes it perfect for getting around. However frequently you need to shift places, this Portable AC will go anywhere with you personally.

Usage Instructions for Breeze Tec

Breeze Tec will come in a traditional box whenever you get it. Though it’s an easy and easy-to-use apparatus, this guide can allow you to clear some doubts.

Remove the system from the packaging and scrutinize the whole apparatus closely to see some signs of damage.

Simply take the charging cable provided within the box and then control the apparatus before deploying it.

Fill out the water tank to the specified degree and press on the button to begin the gadget.

You might even read the documentation included in the package before using this gadget.

In the event you would like to visit for this particular AC, then be certain that you get rid of water from the container and then wash the water drape. Keeping it wet without even utilizing it can cause mold creation and bacterial growth. However, all that is avoided with one Hazard of draining and drying it if not being used.

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Should You Try Breeze Tec?

Breeze Tec Portable AC sticks from additional cooling apparatus offered from the market due to its efficient layout and operation. What’s more, it’s really just an even practical and more economical option when compared to a conventional air conditioner readily available on the marketplace. Some of those primary Breeze Tec characteristics which create this apparatus specific are as follows.

  • Concise Design

The design of Breeze Tec can be a more practical solution for people that find themselves always on the move. You are able to store it in a little area and take it anywhere with you personally. This unit is appropriate to use in a vehicle, your room, or even perhaps the workplace.

  • LED Light Feature

Breeze Tec atmosphere cooler comes with an LED lighting installed interior that helps with a calm sleep during the night time time. Additionally, it signaled the water amount from the tank to ensure you don’t need to test it again and again again. This special feature is infrequently found in portable air conditioners.

  • Multiple Speed Options 

Breeze Tec has different rate options based upon what you require. You are able to place it low, moderate, and high in line with these current elements. As this unit features a lasting body, a high speed doesn’t hurt the machine.

  • Large Water Tank 

This atmosphere cooler has sufficient water capacity therefore the gadget stays running for all hours. Thus, it’s just really actually a better option compared to different selections out there on the marketplace.

The other specialized features of the device include:

  • Strong batteries which run all night.
  • Constructed USB charging cable.
  • Three distinct rate adjustments.
  • Nose-free air-conditioning mechanism.

These features make this device a suitable option to devote summer time effortlessly this past year.

Where to Buy Breeze Tec?

Breeze Tec Portable ac is currently available to get on the official website of the product,

It’s possible to get one unit should you live independently, nevertheless, you may gain from different bundles too. The business provides discounts on buying over 1 unit. The pricing and package choices are as follows:

  • 1 unit of Breeze Tec for $89.99
  • 2 units of Breeze Tec for $170.98 
  • 3 units of Breeze Tec for $242.97
  • 4 units of Breeze Tec for $305.97 
  • 5 units of Breeze Tec for $359.96
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All these packages are beneficial in the event that you would like to get a mobile ac for that entire household. Providentially, the business delivers a warranty to make certain you do not suffer some monetary loss. In case the device suffered some damage in shipping or location any flaw, you’re able to request that a 30day test warranty.

Contact BreezeTec

  • (855) 265-5772
  • M-F 8am – 5pm MST

Please send all returns to:

  • PrimeTimeTrends
  • Attn: Returns Department
    2345 Vauxhall Road
    Union, NJ 07083

Best Way to Utilize Breeze Tec Portable AC?

Portable air conditioners or Air Coolers such as Breeze Tec are available in handy in the event that you’re planning for a day outside swimming, stargazing, hiking, or even grilling hamburgers out. Breeze Tec can be the ideal cooling system that ensures your comfort and stops you from sweating from the heating system.

Nonetheless, it’s not only a computer tool for outdoor, it is possible to even use it in your home, from the kitchen as you cook at your table. Even the Breeze Tec Portable AC works great in a little space, which explains the reason it’s the ideal fit for smaller rooms or cottages.

As a result of its lightweight and portability, Breeze Tec may be obtained on school trips or may be utilized in a classroom as well rendering it easy for folks of most ages, even kiddies.

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Features of Breeze Tec Portable AC

1. Breeze Tec can be actually just really great addition to your everyday home apparatus because it isn’t only air conditioning equipment however an air conditioner too. It’s especially equipped using a water filter to help boost immunity and also help you to stay safe from indoor pollutants.

2. With the minute pulling from the dust impurities and particles, this system releases a clean atmosphere to its own surroundings. As a consequence of this flow, certain contaminants which may negatively affect users with sinus issues are completely removed. So, Breeze Tec has been still also an excellent air cleaner built to get rid of air pollutants to help keep you perhaps maybe not merely trendy but healthy also.

3. Having its evaporative technology which needs less energy, then it cuts on the power cost of using conventional conditioners, to ensure which it is possible to deal with your power bills readily without any compromises in the summertime. Without much power usage, this gadget releases a cool atmosphere and eliminates this heat.

4. Breeze Tec may be applied as a normal fan in the event you opt never to make use of its atmosphere cooling system feature, helping to make it more worthy to make use of in all seasons, but not simply in the summertime.

5. One other crucial facet of this system is that it creates zero to no sound. When in comparison to additional coolers with loud sounds, Breeze Tec is quite silent and won’t interrupt the space’s peace.

6. Easy settings of Breeze Tec allow it to be exceptionally user-friendly, therefore an individual with difficulties is going to have the ability to make use of it readily. A setting will permit you to select from different gears to deal with the degree of atmosphere flow. Besides that, there’s really just actually a user guide including all of the maintenance directions necessary to be followed closely therefore that the apparatus might possibly be utilized with no issue.

7. Owing to the cute layout and led-light feature, Breeze Tec may be quite a fantastic pick if you select to provide it for a present — since it’s not just of use but looks pretty too.

8. As it’s simple to hold, Breeze Tec is never a waste product since it’s a cooling apparatus that could be useful at any moment, anywhere.

Drawbacks of Breeze Tec Portable AC

1. Though Breeze Tec is a much less expensive option in relation to an air conditioner, you will find a number of drawbacks.

2. The size of the unit implies it can simply provide cooling to a single person at one time. In addition, it just melts the encompassing atmosphere rather than the whole space. In this manner, a traditional air purifier operates more effectively than this gadget.

3. It isn’t offered in a physical shop, also you may just purchase it online. This variable can eventually become a deterrent for people that are uncomfortable with internet purchases. Nevertheless, the business supplies a foolproof warranty, meaning you won’t lose your dollars.

4. The many Breeze Tec customer reviews available on the web reveal this device is untrue and not really just a scam. In addition, it originates out of a respectable company which has provided efficient services and products for ages.

Breeze Tec User Reviews

Kelly Haley

This tiny atmosphere cooler is precisely what I have been on the lookout to get my own desk. My office construction is OLD and also my desk is right close to one pain window in order the summertime sunlight beats directly inside and it makes HOT even though a fundamental AC at the workplace. I am now able to cool my area having only plain water or ditching a couple of ice cubes if I need to buy excess cold. It’s several”rates” therefore that I will remain comfortable, snaps place with no wreck, and continues throughout the day long. I also enjoy I can set up the vents or down to correct where it’s blowing off the atmosphere. Additionally, it offers such a small footprint so that it tucks perfectly at the corner of the desk. I am quite glad I discovered this, it’s wonderful to own a cold atmosphere rather than a normal fan pushing a warm atmosphere.


This really is a great compact, Portable, and simple to make utilize of heating. It’s lightweight and it includes a grip, which makes it very mobile. The directions are clear and also walk you through how to make utilize of them. Additionally, it offers clear and easy controls in addition to Remember, it’s a lightweight unit, therefore it will not hold a lot, however, it also works nicely. It’s a good strong heating system but works in an immediate course. I live within a 20x20ft space, also it will not cool off the room just as far as I’d enjoy, however, it’s strongly pointed in my way. It really is fantastic to have readily available for work, rooms, or travel without even any AC!

Laura J. Ibanez

It’s a really strong fan to retain the distance trendy. This portable evaporative cooler is really for my baby and it’d be a lot better compared to AC because of him personally. On account of the ecosystem system, I will use it for the baby without fretting. Allow me to retain the warmth around 75 degrees within his room, which will allow it to be well.

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Why Is Breeze Tec Better Compared to Additional Competitors?

You may possibly come across Portable ACs in the current industry which claims exactly the exact features as Breeze Tec and might come at cheaper prices. Although perhaps maybe not most of them deliver exactly the same caliber because of this gadget. Breeze Max is copied by a trusted company that provides quick customer service in the event you face any difficulty with your purchase or apparatus.

Breeze Tec additionally has quite a distinct design from additional Portable ACs — using exceptional qualities to provide air compressors and LED lights, all in a single small system.

The exceptional look of this product, caliber features, and also the dependable company produce Breeze Tec mobile AC a lot much better compared to its competitors from the market nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Personal Air Cooler Make Noise?

Ans.  No,  this Air Cooler is quite silent.

Question: How does the Personal Air Cooler purify the air?

Ans. The private Air Cooler employs a water filter to filter dust particles from the atmosphere.

Question: Can the Personal Air Cooler utilize a Whole Lot of power?

Ans. The private Air Cooler runs exceptionally effectively using evaporation technology which eliminates warmth and produces an amazing atmosphere.

Question: Could I buy the system from the store?

Ans. The private Air Cooler is just available online and provides are limited.

Question: How Can I install the Personal Air Cooler?

Ans. Every Personal Air Cooler ships using an in-house user manual with maintenance directions for simplicity of usage

Final Words 

Breeze Tec portable air conditioning equipment is a streamlined unit that facilitates the summer days by providing a comfy temperature. It employs the nozzle mechanism to cool the atmosphere and add warmth for it to reduce dryness. What’s more, the lightweight body tends to make it a lot simpler for one to take it anywhere and revel in a cool breeze. You might even place the rate of atmosphere in accordance with your wants and revel in the minimum temperatures throughout the scorching heat of the summer.

Breeze Tec will not include any setup or maintenance expenditures, and it’s actually really just a ready-to-use gadget. In addition, it reduces the power bills as it merely works via battery. Even though the water drape will have to be replaced occasionally to ensure cleaner air, it doesn’t need much care to continue.

Set the cooler onto a level working work surface and close an open window to reap the most of its own benefits. A set work surface will avoid the cooler out of an open window will undoubtedly pave the way for greater flow.

The manufacturing company supplies a 30day warranty so you can buy this unit together with ease of mind. What’s more, you’re able to feel the Breeze Tec customer reviews to learn what people say about the item. In general, it’s really just a harmless purchase and enables you to stay calm and calm throughout the summertime. 

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