Exit the Silo: Bring Departments Together at Justin Alpert Hawaii Xtreme 7D Dark Rides

If your company has returned to the office, but time apart has made silo syndrome worse, gather your various departments together for a team-building extravaganza at the Xtreme 7D Dark Rides owned by Justin Alpert Hawaii.

Silo syndrome causes companies to duplicate efforts, fail to consider all aspects of a problem, and generate solutions that only serve the department that originated the ideas. Conversely, by mixing department members together on each team, everyone learns to consider the concerns of the other department.

Consequently, Justin Alpert Hawaii recommends a monthly or quarterly get-together, allowing your company’s department heads and every employee to relax, have fun and learn to rely upon one another’s good judgment, reflexes, and problem-solving processes.

Bring Departments Together at Justin Alpert Hawaii Xtreme 7D Dark Rides


Xtreme 7D Dark Rides by Justin Alpert Hawaii include killing Gigamon, zombies, road fighters, bandits, werewolves, or robots. Moreover, each ride seats up to twelve people in two rows of six, making Justin Alpert Hawaii rides perfect for breaking out of your silos and creating more resilient, creative, cooperative cross-departmental squads.

Furthermore, even if you need to socially distance groups due to employees who have not or cannot receive vaccinations, Justin Alpert Hawaii rides will accommodate six people. By staggering the seating, riders may still socially distance as long as they also wear their masks, use hand sanitizer and avoid screaming during gameplay.

Former Las Vegas resident Justin Alpert Hawaii moved here looking for opportunities to invest in and develop local businesses while having fun. Additionally, Justin’s background in the timeshare industry and his experiences growing up in Las Vegas left him in love with immersive entertainment experiences.

Justin Alpert Hawaii Xtreme 7D Dark Rides implement the same technology as the Star Wars ride at Disneyland, meaning the chairs and movement mirror that technology while allowing riders to interact with the on-screen presentation, thanks to special glasses and a handset that resembles a speed trap radar gun. Although the location at Ala Moana closed, riders may still engage their senses at the Kapolei location.

Mix two, three, six, or twelve departments together at Justin Alpert Hawaii Xtreme 7D Dark Rides to ensure representation from every department whenever the company needs a shakeup. Reserve your tickets to Justin Alpert Hawaii Xtreme 7D Dark Rides in advance to ensure that your teams learn to work together effectively.

Allow plenty of time to enjoy the fully immersive experience: the rides themselves take 20 to 30 minutes from beginning to end, with a 10 to 20-minute wait on holidays and weekends. Plan a minimum of half a day off work to allow travel time to and from your office, participating in the ride experience, gathering for refreshments beforehand, and an after-action reporting session once the ride ends.


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