6 Valuable Tips for Choosing a Custom Canopy Tent


It is to promote your company and outdoor activities, and a custom canopy tent can meet your needs. We will provide some tips for choosing a custom canopy tent.

Tip1: Consider size

Choosing a custom canopy tent first needs to consider how much space you will need. Common custom ceiling dimensions are 10x10ft, 10x15ft and 10x20ft. These sizes are perfect for trade shows, sports teams, outdoor activities, farmers’ markets, etc.

Tip2: Consider settings and portability

Customized transportation around the canopy, the surrounding is widely loved by the public, convenient and easy to transfer from one activity place to the next. In addition, the ceiling structure design requires no tools to set up, and the entire installation process only needs to be installed, which can be completed by one person.

Tip3: Frame

The custom canopy frame is made of aluminum, rust-proof, lightweight and strong. And can withstand a variety of severe weather conditions. Aluminum brackets can last longer, even when exposed to extreme environments. Signleader Display provides commercial-grade aluminum frames with a thickness (40 mm).

Tip4: Canopy material

The most common canopy material is polyester fiber. This has the characteristics of being light, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-wrinkle. Signleader Display uses 600D polyester fiber, which is strong and waterproof, durable and tightly packed, making it the best fabric material for custom canopy tent.

Tip5: Accessories are suitable for custom canopy tents

Believe that you have now understood the size, application scenarios and the most common roof and bracket materials of common custom canopy tents, then it is time to upgrade options. Add side half walls or full side walls to your custom canopy tent, taking into account the protection of brand elements and so on. The polyester awning has a fastenable Velcro strap for easy installation and removal.

What’s interesting is that half a wall can also give full play to your creativity. First of all, security needs to be considered before adding walls. Set it in the middle of the canopy tent to get airflow and strengthen the brand impression. Set it on the top edge to create a mask. Setting it at a lower position can create a protective fence for obstacle passages.

Tip6: Brand design & custom printing

 The design with brand elements is a good opportunity to increase exposure for any outdoor activity. The custom canopy tent made of polyester fiber material can be printed according to your personalized design. Using very stable UV ink to print on world-class printers through thermal transfer technology, the graphics effect is vivid. You can upload the artwork directly or use Signleader Display’s online free design tool to make it online. Of course, you can also go directly through the manual design process. Our professional design team is always ready to help you turn your ideas into reality.

At this point, you have completed the guide, and now it’s time to create a custom canopy tent. Signleader Display offers a selection of custom canopy tents designed for various events and climates. It has excellent durability and excellent overall performance. Contact us to learn more about custom canopy tent, and provide banners, table covers, trade show booths, and trade show displays solutions.

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