Organization begins process of restoring rule of law

Grass roots movement seizes moment – gaining traction

Washington D.C. ———— June 8, 2021 ———– While Americans across the nation continue to watch firsthand, how their country, their heritage and their treasured rights and freedoms are being eroded by corruption, abuse, and a general lawlessness, which is turning a once free America into what many feel is a cesspool of despotism.  A large swath of Americans no longer feel that they have any avenue for redress of grievances in any legal or political venue.  The institutions that were once relied upon for the rule of law no longer prosecute the most grievous crimes, but instead, knock down peoples’ doors who do little more than attend a rally to express their political views.

In view of this raging sentiment which is sweeping America the

The National Action Task Force (N.A.T.F), a grass roots movement is gaining traction to help restore the rule of law and respect for the constitution of the United States of America.

N.A.T.F. is a decentralized national network of volunteer investigators, who are dedicated to identifying unconstitutional activity and corruption on a local level, calling it out and using various means to correct errant public servants when they overstep their delegated authority.

An important focus is not only teaching people what their rights are but giving instruction on how to defend and protect them.  N.A.T.F. works to build strong alliances with their public servants who are dedicated oath keepers.  In the alternative, they work to identify and call out those who are violating their oaths with unauthorized un-American activity.

Founder Mark Emery stated, “Until the people assume their proper role and authority in this experiment of self-government, which we call America, we’re only going to see people being subjected to increasing levels of tyranny, where we are eventually stripped of our rights, our heritage and our future. We are at a turning point in history.  It’s up to the people to determine now what their future will be.  That’s the choice we must make, and we have little time to make it.  N.A.T.F. is developing local chapters across the country with a plan to bring knowledge, training, tactics, and strategy, to help the people reclaim their heritage starting on the local level. We encourage everyone who shares these sentiments to find us and join with us to take America back,” concluded Emery.

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