Bigg Boss 14 Overview & Bigg Boss 15 Start Date

BIGG BOSS Overview

Bigg Boss is such a game show where celebrities were selected to be housemates in the initial season later, they introduced the concept of the general public which were selected based on their auditions. Currently, season 14 is on-air and people are loving it as usual.

Bigg Boss 15 Start Date

Bigg Boss 15 To start soon in October 2021, As the corona impact is high in Indian these days, it might get delayed. But the producers are very confident to start this show on time as previously, Bigg Boss 15 Online Vooting will be started soon as the show start.

BIGG BOSS 14: Nominated Contestants of the week

All the housemates are nominated except Rahul Vaidya. Contestants one by one will go into the theater room and will write one name whom they want to save. First Rubina goes and wrote Abhinav’s name then Abhinav chose to keep his name only on paper.

Then Rakhi Sawant enters and she also chooses Abhinav after that Arshi goes and she also sticks with Abhinav’s name. Then Rahul goes and he decided to scrap Abhinav’s name from the safelist. As the page was blank then Aly enters and he wrote Rahul’s name after Devoleena goes and she chooses to stick with Rahul’s name. In the last, it was on Nikki to decide whether Rahul to be safe or all the housemates to be nominated by scraping Rahul’s name. Nikki decided to save Rahul from nomination this week. By this Rahul is safe and all others are nominated.

BIGG BOSS 14: Colors favorite Bahu Rubina Dilaik shocked on the statement of Rahul Vaidya

In the latest task, Rahul was asked with whom he wants to marry, date, and kill. Upon which he said he wants to marry Rubina, date Rakhi Sawant and wants to kill Arshi Khan. Rubina was shocked and her reaction was amazing. Now, what twist will come in this tom and jerry relation? Stay tuned to find more.

BIGG BOSS 14: Rahul Vaidya is doing Devoleena’s makeup

As Rahul is doing her makeup Devoleena said now its lipstick turn on that Rahul said I don’t know how to put lipstick on which she is blushing I said I was about to say you’ll enjoy it while putting it. That was #RaLeena moment.

BIGG BOSS 14: Big fight between Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi said that lustful Abhinav gave me the signal that’s why I started this love triangle on which Rubina got very aggressive and threw the water on Rakhi. Rubina said she does not care if she will be evicted for this act but she can’t tolerate anything against Abhinav.

Yesterday Rakhi and Devoleena washed the utensils in the bathroom sink as the kitchen area was assigned to Rubina and they don’t want to give scores to Rubina. By which Rahul said don’t play with people’s health. On that Rakhi said when the bread was made from the stale pulses at that time it didn’t affect people’s health. For that reason, the cold war between Rubina and Rakhi.

BIGG BOSS 14: Rahul is imaging on be in top 2 with Aly Goni

Rahul said to Aly imagine if we both friends are in top 2 what will be that moment, mind-blowing. On which Aly said I wish on that Rahul said I pray that this moment will happen. Then Aly said whoever wins from both of us I’ll be very happy.

BIGG BOSS 14: Abhinav and Rubina ignoring Rakhi Sawant

Both of them are now ignoring Rakhi and from the morning she is sitting alone and how she is looking at Rubina’s love.

Nikki is upset because of her behavior, Rubina is also looking negative. Nikki wants Rubina to win the Game so she wants to stay away from her. But Rubina came to console and took care of her. Their bond of friendship is pure.

BIGG BOSS 14: Colors favorite Bahu Shakti as Rubina Dilaik crying because of Rakhi Sawant

After bashing from Salman Khan Rubina turns emotional that in the name of entertainment disgusting and cheap things happen by Rakhi Sawant. It’s not entertainment its annoyance, If the same thing is done by any male contestant then it will become Muda.

BIGG BOSS 14: Conversation between Rahul and Nikki

Rahul said to Nikki you don’t need to tell me what should I have to do on which Nikki replied you are my friend just that’s why I am saying it. On which Aly said both of your friendship is like crime patrol episodes where anything can happen at any time.

BIGG BOSS 14: New Jori in town #RaLeena

Devoleena said to Rahul you make good tea on which Rahul said Thank you and further she asked Rahul Did you lived with your parents Rahul replied Yes. The whole conversation was very sweet. And their hashtag is #RaLeena.

BIGG BOSS 14: Connection/ Family Week is coming in Next week 

As the connection week is coming few of the connections have been quarantined for 5 to 6 days. Ejaz Khan will come back this week too. Stay tuned for more updates.

After every task, you went to Rubina Dilaik to cool her down and make things normal if anytime she comes to you. On which Aly said No. Now Aly should understand the advice given by Salman Khan.

BIGG BOSS 14: Recently Dattaatina went inside the Bigg Boss house 

To celebrate the 12th years of her show utaran she went inside the house and according to her Rubina Dilaik will win this season. According to many celebrities, Rubina will win the show as she has all the winner qualities and has the maximum number of tweets as well people are loving their favorite Bahu.

Nikki has a soft corner for him, Devoleena has a crush on him, Arshi got possessive about him, Rakhi needs Rahul. On which hands now Rahul will come?

Weekend ka war revolves around Rubina Dilaik there is no doubt that Rubina is driving the entire show. The strong Queen facing every situation very gracefully and she will win the season.

Where to Watch Bigg Boss 15

You can watch Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player or Voot official Website.

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