Jobs for Convicted Felons

Felons who are eager to live out their dream jobs despite their past criminal records are fortunate. Opportunities abound in lucrative industries. Here are some of them:

Lucrative Jobs for Convicted Felons

1. Welding

Possessing welding skills is one of the many jobs felons can do. They find it rewarding and depending on the type, duties vary on the location. In the United States, the typical annual rate is $41,380. At the least, profit after a year becomes $25,000. This is for inexperienced welders. Upgrading the skills and specializing them can generate a minimum revenue of $60,000.

Based on the project specifications, they join metal pieces with equipment. These are shapers, for welding, and cutters. Part of the duties includes developing new materials, creating new buildings, and bridges. It is also possible to serve in the automotive repair business. That is when you have suitable training for it.

Another task is reconnecting broken metal to keep structures, buildings, and equipment safe. The absence of welding skills should not stop you from proceeding. You can have training for the duties. In this scenario, the expectation is low pay. After completion, they can give you a contract requiring service for some years. Stopping with an active agreement may let you pay the training amount.

Doing this work goes beyond the land environment. You can also share your service on boats and underwater. The hourly rate is $30. Fortunately, felons have the opportunity to rise! This goes with the effort to learn and grow.

2. HVAC Technician

Companies that hire felons want those who can serve as HVAC technicians. At the end of a year, you can earn $47,610 on average. From the years 2016-2026, the estimated rise is 16% for this work. As long as the place has heating, an air conditioner, or needs ventilation, this type of technician is in demand. Examples of settings are:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Factories

Before considering sharing skills for it as a felon, it is important to know the type of place to stay at. In general, those who experience trouble with the HVAC need the service. At any time, prepare to immerse in very hot or cold surroundings. Your body has to stay strong in odd hours and functional on weekends. They give emergency repair services for 24 hours. This means at any time, you are ready to take calls.

Becoming an HVAC technician is easier than you think. But at present, more effort is necessary. In recent years, advancements in technology created more complicated systems. Training in the past required trade school for starters. Likewise, having guidance while working was adequate. Felons who want to do this have to give it plenty of effort and time.

3. Military

Felons who desire a new work life in the armed forces are fortunate. Opportunities are depending on the case. Details about rising the ranks and pay are vague, however. Since this government entity has many divisions, the roles and ranks in each vary. Your marital status and position are bases for housing. This can cut down costs monthly.

When you have a criminal record on the background report, it is a challenge. The military wants employees who possess good moral character. This is because they want little disciplinary concerns during employment. You have a chance to join them, but with difficulty. A smart move is letting the recruiter give you a waiver. Despite the past criminal record, it grants you work.

Some crimes prevent you from proceeding, however. These include sex, kidnapping, attack with a harmful weapon, and credit card fraud. Giving false information about your past crime upon discovery becomes an automatic denial of the opportunity.

4. Driving a Truck

The demand for delivery of items to different places also causes a surge for truck drivers. This is throughout the United States. Expect plenty of stress in handling a commercial type. Experiencing it is a factor for the fast replacement of those who do this. In this way, there is always an influx of new employees for the role. You need a valid commercial license for acceptance.

Succeeding as a truck driver means staying on the road while on long hours of duty. The expectation is days to weeks without going back home. Expect an annual rate of $43,690 on average.

While it is true a criminal record stops a felon from having high-paying work, take chances with those who accept. Look for the right ones with the right skills to match.

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