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The world under the Covid-19 pandemic has become a bit lonely. Since social isolation is critical to containing the infection, schools, recreational centers, universities, bistros and cafés, exhibition halls, and theaters have shut their doors, leaving individuals home-bound for quite a long time. It’s something clever when individuals joke about needing to stay away from social circumstances, however when constrained, actually sort of melancholic.

As people find ways to make the quarantine worthwhile and connect with people through social media, food is the equalizer. No matter what the racial, and cultural differences, gastronomic desires are always shared by all. Self-isolation has forced individuals to the kitchen, creating new, creative and innovative recipes using some limited ingredients available at grocery stores.

Of course, a lot of people even share these newly-found recipes online, building a virtual community of people cooking during quarantine. In line with this, Vuuzle.TV has included a number of cooking and food shows on its platform! Even though people are stuck at home, they can still explore food cultures of different countries, and learn different ways of cooking virtually!

Quarantine Cuisine

Quarantine Cuisine is a series composed of 9 tasty episodes. The series offers viewers a wide selection of creative recipes from ingredients that are accessible and readily available to use. Quarantine Cuisine aims to upgrade your quarantine cuisine while at the same time, putting a spotlight on what is happening in our kitchens during this long national time-out.

Health is more important to watch on this global pandemic. Buying outside food will cost a lot of money, and cooking your own would be the best remedy.


Quarantine Cuisine Episodes 1-9:

Taste N Cocktails

Worried about hosting a party, or inviting guests over because of the pricey cost? Taste N Cocktails got you!

Taste N Cocktails is a series that consists of 9 episodes. All episodes will serve a delicious and mouth watering cuisine. As viewers follow an episode journey into new dinner, lunch, or date night ideas, Vuuzle.TV-goers will find their tummies full of new recipes, tips and tricks for a flavorful dish. Feel free to access these tasty shows for free, anytime anywhere!


Watch Taste N Cocktails Episodes 1-9 :

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Written by: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Public Relations Specialist

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