Millions of us use anti-food-waste apps, but which other green apps are popular?

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Experts all around the world are voicing their concerns on the environment, with recent news suggesting that our forests are facing a make or break moment. The issues don’t just end there, with concerns around plastic, carbon emissions, and a whole lot more.

Thankfully, with the help of a variety of apps that are now gathering momentum, people are starting to take notice. As such, families in the UK are signing up to anti-food-waste apps to share their unused produce and finding a way to tackle what is another societal issue in food wastage. To some, it might seem a tad ironic using a smartphone to tackle environmental problems, but for others, if it leads to changes in the way people treat our planet, then it can ultimately do more good than not.

It’s the way of the world now, after all, with people turning to an array of smartphone applications to conduct various aspects of their daily lives. Some use apps like Uber to travel around, while others are gaming at a trusted casino offering games like roulette. All this accompanies the other types of apps out there, with people turning to a variety of health and fitness offerings, banking apps, and even finding love through popular platforms like Tinder. The options are certainly comprehensive.

The same type of apps are now helping people take control of environmental issues and contribute towards making our planet a better place. Some champion a greener lifestyle, while others might promote ethical shopping opportunities or help people cut back on electricity usage. Here is a look at some of the popular options being downloaded today.


It’s certainly important to know where our clothes come from. Thousands of people are discovering just that through using apps like ThredUp. The app is tackling the various issues within the fashion industry by championing shopping second-hand and selling both new and used products at a lower price. You can search for specific brands and even make use of its styling delivery service.


A widely used eco-friendly app, Oroeco raises awareness on issues such as climate change and global warming by enabling its users to focus on what they might be contributing towards the issue. The app tracks your carbon footprint, your climate impact, gives you tips and advice, helps you reduce pollution and save money, and ultimately make sure you’re doing your bit.

WeDontHaveTime Climate Change

Keen to make specific and impactful changes to protect the environment? Then the WeDontHaveTime Climate Change will most definitely help you get there. Helping you to stay informed on climate change news and join various campaigns around the world, the app connects you to environmentalists to essentially provide strength in numbers and help promote change.

Too Good To Go

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An app that has shown dramatic growth of late, Too Good To Go keeps people posted on any leftover food from supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. As a result, the app claims to save 100,000 meals per day and radically reduces food waste in the process.


Borrowing instead of constantly buying is something we need to get used to. Promoting that exact way of life, Olio helps reduce wastage in your local area. All you do is take a picture of any foods or a product you don’t need for whatever reason, and people nearby will get notified and potentially put it to good use.

Other apps worth checking out are Good Guide, Carma Carpooling, iRecycle, PaperKarma, Ecosia search engine, HappyCow, iHuerting, Think Dirty, GreenChoice, Waterprint, Ecoviate, and Farmstand.

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