Buy Now Pay Later with PayPal Makes Jurllyshe Grow Rapidly

Buy now pay later, as a new shopping method, is hot in the group of young people. And the store like Jurllyshe who offers the PayPal installment can also Attract a large number of customers.

After launching buy now pay later with PayPal installment, the cheap clothes online store Jurllyshe has grown very fast, their number of orders has been about doubled than before.

Research of our journalist department had shown that Buy now pays later wigs, fashionable sexy summer dresses for women, two-piece outfits, lace-up dress and many other trendy products can be the most popular shopping habit among the young people, especially for young girls who are between 18 years old to 28 years old. Some of them said that they need to use their own money to do wealth management, so they will use some zero-interest installment services to buy clothes and foods, and some of them are the ones who really don’t have enough money to satisfy their shopping needs. Very few people said that they don’t care about the payment methods, they may have enough money and don’t do wealth management, they just pick the buy now pay later as they want.

To cater to the needs of customers, many online fashion stores have launched the installment as their conventional payment methods, as for Jurllyshe’s report for the reporter, it can be seen that after providing PayPal installment to customers, the number of their order rose swiftly, it really helps the brands to develop.

Louis Lee, the marketing manager of Jurllyshe said: “Since our customers are almost students or the girls who just graduate for a short time and just have their career, money is always the biggest problem for them to develop themselves. And some of them may want our human hair headband wig, which can’t be too cheap, so we have cooperated with PayPal installment. We choose it for reasons, it’s complete customer service system and clear payment rules will make our customers reassured, we always put the interests of customers in the first place, I think it is another reason why we can grow fast, besides offering the buy now pay later service.”

If customers want to use PayPal installment on Jurllyshe, some rules should be learned as the following show. There are two kinds of payment methods of PayPal installment. They are “Pay in 4” and “PayPal Credit”.

For Pay in 4, customers can use this when the order is over $30 but under $600.

-Users sho bind a credit card.

-It is only available in the USA and UK, and people in New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Wisconsin of America can’t use Pay in 4.

-Users need to pay 1/4 of the order when it is placed and pay the other 3/4 every 2 weeks, so it is paid in 6 weeks.

-No interest if users pay on time.

For PayPal credit, users don’t need to bind a credit card. And for the order over $99:

-It needs to be paid in 6 months without interest.

-There will be interest if users can’t pay within 6 months. the interest will be calculated from the first day when the order was placed. The rate is set by the PayPal office and at least $2 per year.

-In the first 6 months, users should pay the minimum payment every month.

For the order under $98.99:

-No interest if users pay it monthly on time in certain months.

-Users can pay the minimum bill for months till it is paid off, but there will be interest.

For more information please check PayPal’s official website.

Buy now pay later has become a trendy lifestyle, the PayPal installment has helped Jurllyshe developed rapidly. Besides PayPal installment and debit cards, Jurllyshe also provides Quadpay and Stripe as their payment methods to satisfy different customers. For more information please see Jurllyshe’s online store:

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