The Benefits Of Online Psychic Reading Instead of Offline Psychic Reading


Psychic Experts has recently garnered attention among customers and media alike for its excellent psychic reading reviews and offerings. The site has come up with a unique concept of online psychic reading. It has provided recommendations for four well-known psychic reading experts that have begun providing online readings. With the pandemic looming at large, these online psychic readings have become extremely popular among users, who can avail of these services from the comfort of their own homes.

Before embarking on the various psychic reading sites and their advantages, one must understand what psychic reading truly means and what all it entails. A psychic reading makes use of heightened perceptive abilities or an extension of the five senses of a human being, namely, touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound.

Psychics who conduct these readings rely heavily on their intuitive powers. While many people associate psychic reading with paranormal activity filled with ghosts and spirits, in reality, this concept is not quite so fanatic. There are several common activities that actually fall under the phenomenon of psychic readings, such as astrology, aura reading, cartomancy, cleromancy, numerology, and so on. Most of these utilize the intuition of the reader and the body language and vibe of the client to draw conclusions.

Psychic Readings Online vs. Psychic Reading Near Me – Detailed Comparison

With the pandemic looming at large, people are turning online in nearly every sphere of life, from education, working, and now even psychic reading. The session is generally conducted over a video call, but if the user is not comfortable with this, they can even access the services via email, chatting, or text.

Some people, however, according to resource continue to favor offline readings by visit a psychic reader near me

Since there are two absolutely conflicted parties when it comes to psychic readings, here are some advantages and disadvantages of both types of psychic readings.

Advantages of Online Over Psychic Reading Near Me

  • Reading availability

The psychic reading is available at any time of the day. This is not possible in offline settings due to time constraints, transportation problems, and availability issues. With online readings, the session can be accessed whenever the user is comfortable, depending upon their convenience.

  • Comfort

Online readings are comfortable not just for the user but for the reader as well, who can carry out the session as a work-from-home. This allows the site to assign appointments to each user so that the waiting time is reduced. This prevents the time of both the reader and user from being wasted and ensures improved efficiency of the overall session.

  • Convenience

In many cases, the reader does not start analyzing and reporting the results during the session. He or she just spends the session observing the user and making notes. The results are compiled by them later after the session has been completed. Therefore, the user does not have to wait while the reader completes their analysis. They can simply close and exit the session and come back for their results once they receive the notification.

  • Discounts

Discounts and offers are available in plenty at almost every online psychic reading site. This is not a common site in offline settings. While these discounts are a way of attracting customers, the users do enjoy the benefits in the form of saving money as well as getting accurate results.

  • Privacy protection

Breach of data is a major issue in several countries across the globe. Psychic readings are personalized affairs. The user must provide personal information to the reader for accurate results. Online sources, unlike offline ones, are very particular and careful about the protection of privacy. There are set standards that each website must follow to be qualified for a psychic reading. Users have the right to complain to the customer support team and even to the consumer forums if there is any breach of data or leaking of personal information.

Disadvantages of Online vs. Psychic Reading Near Me

  • Possible quality issues

Compromise of quality is the biggest drawback with online psychic reading. While reviews and user ratings are available to judge the efficiency and quality of the psychic reading site, they may not be absolutely reliable. It is very easy to produce counterfeit reviews from fake sources to improve traffic to the website. The site cannot be absolutely trusted in terms of accurate results and complete confidentiality.

  • Checking authenticity

The authenticity and expertise of the psychic reader or advisor are difficult to gauge in online sources. While some sites do provide a complete profile of the reader, this is not commonly available across all sites. Once again, it is easy to forge profiles and achievements of the reader. Offline readings offer more security in terms of quality and genuine.

  • Lack of physical presence

Psychic readings near me by source rely strongly on intuition. The reader observes the body language of the individual and forms a connection with them which enhances the psychic reading experience and also provides accurate results. Several users choose not to have a video call during the reading. Naturally, this hinders the reading as the psychic is unable to form a strong connection over only email, text, or phone call. It is only expected that the readings from the session are not very reliable and correct.

  • Scam websites

Safety is a major concern in today’s world. With the popularity of psychic reading soaring up, several forged sites have come into existence to scam users into using their services. To avoid this, users have to be aware of such websites and make their selection for psychic reading very carefully. They must only access verified websites that are popular among the general public. User ratings and reviews can also help to a certain extent in this condition.

  • Per reading expense

Online readings can sometimes become expensive since the session is timed down to the last minute, and charges are added as such. While the initial discounts and offers are very attractive, they are usually only applying for the first session. Following this, the reading can get quite expensive. In offline readings, one just pays for an hour or so as a whole and can ask an unlimited number of questions during that time at no extra cost.

4 Best Sites For Psychic Reading

While several sites have begun offering psychic readings, there are 4 sites that continue to dominate this field thanks to their high ratings by satisfied customers. These are as follows –

  1. Kasamba Psychic Readings

As a popular site among customers and users, Kasamba has left no stone unturned to ensure that its psychic readings are smooth, easy, and 100% user-friendly. Kasamba understands that people may be skeptical about undergoing psychic reading online. Therefore, it provides users the opportunity to browse through the website and only avail of the reading if they are satisfied.

They can then select their reader or advisor and accordingly register an appointment. Kasamba offers a wide variety of psychic readings ranging from crystal readings, aura readings, pet psychics, psychic mediums, rune casting, and many more.


  • The first 3 minutes of the psychic reading are free. If the user is satisfied with the reader’s advice, they can choose to continue the reading at a low price.
  • Personalized readings with absolute confidentiality. Users can choose to hide their identity if they wish to, but this may interfere with the reading results.
  • No secrecy about the advisors. Their profiles are available to the public, including reviews left by other users.
  • Discount of 50% from the first reading given to every new customer who registers.


  • No option for video reading, which reduces the personalization of the session. Since psychic readers rely heavily on body language and creating a personal connection, this makes it difficult to provide a correct result.
  • Top-rated psychics are expensive. While the quality of service definitely improves, it proves to be heavy on the wallet.
  1. California Psychics

California Psychics an ideal platform to consume tarot card reading near me and psychic reading near me according to this important source comes with a rich history in the field of psychic readings. They have been one of the leading providers of the readings since 1995. Their experience has made them one of the most sought-after sites for psychic readings. The site functions on reward points.

Once the user registers, the team credits a small amount in their account, which they can use for the readings. With every purchase, points are added to the user’s account. The greater the number of points, the more benefits, offers, and events are unlocked. The site also provides discounts and offers to the user for their birthdays and anniversaries.


  • The site provides trustworthy psychic readers with several years of experience. They are thoroughly trained, interviewed, and authenticated.
  • Waiting time for a psychic reading is limited. The site displays the waiting time clearly, which is based on real-time data.
  • Provides psychic readings to international clients, with an active customer support team that is available round the clock.
  • The first 5 minutes of the call with the psychic are free. If the users are making their first call, they are charged only $1 per minute post the free 5 minutes.


  • No video calls are available with the readers or advisors, which hampers forming of connection with the user. The psychic reading may not be as accurate as is expected as a result.
  • All advisors and psychics are not available on both call and text. This limits the options provided to the user. Only the top-rated psychics are available on a video call, which may require extra charges.
  • Lack of intimate connection between the user and reader often discourages the users from availing the psychic readings of this website.
  1. Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics a reliable source for psychic reading near me has been around for years and has garnered nearly 30 million users in its lifetime. This popularity of the site arises from its extremely accurate and positive results. The website provides an app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. It provides multiple forms of readings with video calls, emails, chatting, or even text.

Therefore, those who feel apprehensive about their privacy can use email or texting to get their psychic readings. The site is especially popular for its love psychics and love relationship readings. With its refining tool, choosing a reader or advisor of the user’s choice is a piece of cake.


  • The services of the site are available 24/7. The advisors are available for sessions, even on holidays. Therefore, this service can be availed by international clients, as well. This also allows users to access the services at any time of the day, depending upon their comfort and convenience.
  • The first three minutes of the consulting session are free. The user has to fill in their payment details before accessing the reading, but they are not charged for the first 3 minutes. When close to the end of the free session, they receive a notification so that they can choose to continue or exit the session. The next few minutes of the session can be availed with a subsidized payment of $1.99 for 10 minutes.
  • Keen Psychics is one of the very few in the market that offers complete refunds to its users. If users are not satisfied with the readings or the services, they can easily contact the customer team and ask for a refund, provided that they are able to produce genuine and valid reasons for their dissatisfaction.


  • There is a lack of bilingual readers on the site. Therefore, even if international clients can avail of the services, it makes it difficult to produce authentic and accurate results because of a lack of proper communication between the reader and the user.
  • While there is an option to decline video calls during psychic reading sessions, it most definitely reduces the accuracy of the results. Since the video calls cannot be recorded and are not available at the end of the session, the user cannot view back and reflect on their results or the actions that influenced those results.
  1. Psychic Source

The strength of the Psychic Source lies in its specializations. While it comes with 30 years of experience in the field of psychic readings, what sets it apart from the other sites is the service of psychic readings in specialized and specific areas such as finance, education, love and relationships, life, and many more. Additionally, it also provides services for angel card reading, cartomancy, astrology, numerology reading, past-life reading, and so on.

Psychic Source is very thorough with its readers and psychics. Each applicant is scrutinized down to the most minute detail and authenticated to ensure their credibility. Psychic Source is another website that provides the first three minutes of the session for free and a complete reimbursement if the user is not satisfied with the session or its outcome.


  • The website boasts of economic and cost-friendly services. With the first 3 minutes of the first session being free and the remaining minutes available at a subsidized rate, the site has become a hit among users across the globe.
  • According to, The tarot reading website has a large variety of readers working under it. This provides users with an ample number of options for readers to choose from. The advisors’ profile is available publicly to the users, including the ratings and reviews left by other users. This allows the new users to make their reader choice easily and smartly.
  • The site emphasizes customer satisfaction. It provides complete remuneration and refund if the user is not satisfied with the session and provides a valid reason for the same. Their customer service team is also available easily to the users so that they can solve any problem they may face before, during, or after the session.
  • The portal provides several options to access the sessions, ranging from video calls, texting, chatting, and even emailing. Readers can choose their route of conversation based on their comfort and convenience.


  • While most other sites provide the user with options such as an offline meeting, according to latest reports by this is unfortunately not possible with Psychic Source. The workings of the website are completely online, and sessions cannot be conducted in offline settings. As one already knows, psychic readings are much more accurate and positive when they are conducted in offline mode. Therefore, the results at Psychic Source may not be as accurate as some other sources.
  • The introductory rates of the website are quite subsidized and pocket-friendly but get expensive as the user starts availing more of their services.

About Psychic Experts

Psychic readings offer an insight into the various aspects of a user’s life and for them to introspect and improve the said aspect. However, users must be careful and make informed and smart decisions while using the internet for online readings. ensures that the privacy of the user is protected at all points of time during the session. Head on to the website and get an accurate psychic reading today!


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