Life in the Scheduled Lane: Making intelligent booking and scheduling decisions

Back when “curb-side pickup” wasn’t even in the English lexicon, many businesses and companies wouldn’t bother about booking specific times for customers to drop by to receive products and services. However, as we prepare for “back to normal”, the use of an online booking system in UK offices, educational institutions and other commercial entities is pivotal. Welcome to the scheduled lane, where everyone can remain safe and secure.

Back to “Normal”…Quicker and Safer!

Unlike most jurisdictions in Europe, and many North American countries, the U.K. seems to be on track to restoring a semblance of “normalcy” to businesses, educational institutions and commercial and industrial operations. But that does not necessarily mean an end to safety and wellness protocols across the board. Individuals and businesses must continue to work to ensure their keeping their environments safe and secure. And one way that companies are doing that is through the use of intelligent scheduling and booking software.


Today’s online booking systems are highly intelligent, and integrate with other corporate communications and email systems. Because many workplaces and educational campuses aren’t likely to initially accommodate 100% capacity, resources like classrooms, desks and cubicles may now be booked ahead of time, and scheduled based on time and space constraints.

What does this mean to school, college and office administrators? Well, if the safety and well-being of your students, staff and visitors must be protected, then the use of an online booking system at UK institutions put that priority at the forefront.

Scheduling Safety First

How do booking and scheduling tools help businesses reopen quicker…but safely? By empowering users with unparalleled resource planning, booking and scheduling features:

 – Facilities, such as meeting rooms and lecture halls may now only be booked to a specific capacity or limitation. If “normal” capacity was to accommodate 100 students, then the new “safe normal” might be 50 seats – no more!


– Office staff and managers, and Faculty and students attending campuses, may now use the power of their software tools to check resource availability from anywhere – be it from home, while on the road or at another off-site location. Only if safe space is available, will they venture into the campus or the workplace

– Campus and office administrators can now use integrated communication tools – such as email software – to notify staff, students and visitors of any changes to available resources. Instead of doing this manually – which is always an error-prone process, integrated booking software may send messages automatically to provide up-to-the-minute status updates

These, and many other integrated tools, such as room display touch-screens, thermal scanners and mask detection technologies, and lobby kiosks, are ideal solutions for everyone to consider when planning back-to-work or back-to-school. The cost of compliance, with government and corporate safety protocols, can hardly outweigh the cost of the consequences of being non-compliant. Life in the scheduled lane is likely to be far different than what many of us are used to. However, online scheduling and booking tools can make that “new normal” and safe and healthy experience for everyone returning back to workplaces and campuses across the U.K.

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