Nectar Sleep Reviews – Is Nectar worth the Money? (Nectar Mattress Review)

Nectar sleep is a mattress made especially to help you get a peaceful and sound sleep. This mattress has many layers of memory foam, which is a standard one for delivering painless, peaceful sleep.

Nectar Mattress

You may have questions like is nectar bed any good? The answer is, unlike many other mattresses, Nectar will not put pressure on your shoulder, back or hips. It is featured so that you will not feel the movements of somebody else on the mattress. Not bouncy enough; hence it lasts for a long period.

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Let’s not waste any more time and see in our nectar sleep reviews how good the nectar mattress is in getting sound sleeps.

What is Nectar Sleep?

As mentioned before, nectar sleep is a good quality mattress that will make you feel comfortable with it while using it, no matter by sleeping or by doing other things on it. That’s why they assure you it’s best mattress sleep like the dead.

It’s a total bed in a box mattress that is made of only high-quality layers of memory foam. The firmness of this mattress is rated medium, but it is claimed to give people a comfortable experience.

What is Nectar Sleep?

 If you ask us, is nectar sleep a good matress? our experience with nectar mattresses says it’s one of the softest and most comfortable bed mattresses currently available on the market.

Who Might Like the Nectar Sleep?

Every human being does not have the same choice. They prefer different types and features in common things. For example, some people like to wear lightweight dresses and some like heavyweight dresses.

Hence we must talk about this serious issue to whom the nectar mattress may be the perfect mattress to use and to whom it may not be okay. At first, let’s check who might like it in this nectar sleep mattress review;

  • If you like a mattress made of slow-moving memory foam and the softest feeling to use, then Nectar is the perfect mattress for you.
  • If you are a side sleeper who prefers a light or medium weight mattress to have a pressure-relieving sleep on your hips and shoulders, you might like it.
  •  If you are looking for a mattress that relieves pressure on your back for having a comfortable sleep, then this matter is what you need.
  •  If you want to balance your whole body when sleeping, Nectar is here for you.
  •  If you want to get the best mattress at a budget-friendly price, you will definitely like nectar sleep.

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Who might not like the Nectar Sleep

  • Heavy people may not feel much comfortable using it.
  • People who prefer a bouncy mattress may not like it.
  •  People who are afraid of overheating will not feel good using nectar mattresses, especially during the summer season.

How firm is Nectar Sleep, and what it feels like to use it?

Let’s take a quick sneak peek at how a firm is nectar mattress or what you will feel like using it. This nectar mattress reviews sleep like the dead will help yourself on deciding on whether or not you should buy a nectar mattress.

The Firmness of Nectar Sleep

From our experience we are writing nectar sleep memory foam mattress reviews, we have given its firmness the 6.5 rates out of 10. You can say it’s medium firm. The top layer memory foam of the nectar mattress is quite soft.

But beneath all the layers, it gets progressively soft. Still, it gives the right balance and comfort you need for having a peaceful sleep.

Sleeping on Nectar Mattress

Well, we face a common question regarding nectar mattress. People ask can I sleep on my nectar right away? Well, when we slept on our back, all the layers of memory foam comforted each curve of the body. The base layer also gave good support along with the lumber.

Sleeping on Nectar Mattress

When we slept on our sides, we felt a slight pressure on the shoulders and hips. But that’s definitely not too much of an uncomforting. However, the experience may vary depending on larger or lighter sleepers.

But according to most reviews of nectar sleep, this is good enough for side sleeping. Besides, this is claimed to be the best of mattresses for those who have arthritis or pain in their body.

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The mattress is so soft that your center part of the body gets dipped into the mattress. However, more firmness is required for the proper support for our body as a whole. For stomach sleepers, we will say it’s not a good choice. Also check other nectar sleep google reviews where you can see consumer ratings.

What does the Nectar Sleep feel like?

In simple words this nectar sleep return reviews will tell you how it feels to sleep on it. Nectar feels so soft that it seems like our body is sinking in the mattress. Slowly it takes the shape of our body because of having so many memory foam layers in it.

Average Weight Sleepers

This should do the best job for average weight sleepers who prefer comfort and support when sleeping on the back or side. It will literally treat the hips pain for average weight sleepers.

For the stomach sleepers, we suggest a more supportive mattress because it’s medium-firm, and the top layer is not much soft to make you feel comfortable while sleeping on the stomach. Nectar mattresses are said to be perfect for teen people.

Heavy Weight Sleepers

After researching nectar sleep customer reviews, more significant people who are almost 230 lbs may find it acceptable for back sleeping, but people who are over 300 lbs will not feel comfortable enough.

They need a more supportive mattress that has coils constructed in it. For side sleeping, larger people may look for a thicker mattress with more layers.

Heavyweights may drop your body down from the comfort layer. This way, they will feel pressure on the shoulders along with the on the hips when laying down.

Stomach sleepers who are heavier in weight will need a more firm and soft mattress. Nectar will not be much of a help for them.

Heavy people will feel as if their hips bowing into a nectar sleep mattress. This can lead them to lower back strain often.

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Light Weight Sleepers

We can assure nectar mattresses like a good option for both back and side sleeping if you are a lightweight sleeper. 

Our experience and the nectar mattress reviews can give you the surety of this mattress being the best comfortable mattress for side and back sleepers.

They will get support and comfort in any position they sleep. Although a majority of lightweight sleepers like to have firmer mattresses than the Nectar, some are doing fine with it too.

The Construction of Nectar Sleep

In this part we will give nectar sleep bed reviews. To have a better understanding of this product, we will take you to look at the materials it is made of. We are about to discuss with you the features and layers of the nectar sleep mattress.


The Tencel fabric is used in making the Nectar’s cover. It’s used in better quality mattress because it’s breathable and always keep cool the top part of the mattress.

Comfort layers

The top part layer of the nectar mattress contains gel foam. The gel foam is not very responsive, and when we apply pressure on it, after few moments, it reforms itself.

This gel foam is used to keep the top environment of the mattress cool. The next layer is made of high-core memory foam.

This one has a higher density and much firmer than the top part. It works as the transition layer and thus eases the sleepers.

Support layer

The bottom Nectar has a thick support foam that works as the base. Its density is 5 lb which makes it quite supportive and durable.

Mattress height

The height of Nectar is 11″ tall. It is the ideal height that most foam mattresses have.

Mattress design

Nectar Sleep price and various sizes

Check the list below, which consists of the current prices and sizes of nectar mattresses available in the market.

  • The size is called twin, the dimension is 39″ x 75″ x 11″, and it costs $898
  • This size is named Twin XL. The dimension is 39″ x 80″ x 11″, which costs $968
  •  The size is called Full, the dimension is 54″ x 75″ x 11″, and it costs $1098
  • The name is Queen, the dimension is 60″ x 80″ x 11″ and will cost you $1198
  •  This one is called King which dimension is 76″ x 80″ x 11″, and it will send you $1398
  • This one is last and called California king which dimension is 72″ x 84″ x 11″ and costs $1398

Nectar Sleep Performance

Nectar has gathered a good number of fame. So, it is called nectar sleep super king mattress. We tested the nectar mattress in many ways to see how it performs in cooling, giving edge support, and doing motion transfer. Stick your eyes to the whole article to know how the mattress performed.

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Sleeping Hot or Cold

Nectar mattress is made of layers of foams only, which means it likes to trap heat. But the good thing is the top part will keep itself cool because of the Tencel cover and memory foam infused with gel.

When we slept on the nectar mattress to see how it feels, we didn’t feel much hot. However, every people have a different body temperature.

People who feel hot very early may suffer from overheating at night. They might need the mattress with latex or coils.

Motion Transfer

If you are looking for the best mattress that is comfortable for couples, nectar will do its job best. The mattress Is thick and has slow-moving memory foam.

There is a material that cuts down generally on motion transfer. To check its motion transfer, we put a glass filled with water on the middle point of the mattress and pushed the surrounding area.

 The water barely moved. According to its users, when two or more people lay down or do other things on the mattress, they don’t feel the motion from one side to another.

Edge Support

When someone sits on the edge of the Nectar, it collapses very little. Feel absolutely secure to lean on for wearing socks, shoes.

You can lay down near the edge without having any fear in the mind of rolling off the bed. The Nectar sleep mattress has impressed every user with its edge support.


Nectar mattress product is made of foam only and has no coils or extra-durable materials like latex. Although the company claims its 5 lb density is enough to make it a durable mattress.

Its average lifespan is 5-7 years which proves how strong and durable it is. As reported by ordinary weighted people, it lasts for them over the years, and for the light weighted people, it lasts for 7 years or more.


Actually, the Nectar is a bed that comes in a box mattress. Therefore some mattress off-gassing is always expected by the customers. So, if you open it, you will see a bit of chemical emanating. But within 48 hours, it goes away.


Your kid can roll around the whole mattress, but still, it will not make a single sound. We are saying this from our own experience.

No matter your kid jump or rolls on the mattress, it will absorb all the noises. Even if it seems you have heard sounds like squeaks or creaks, that’s definitely coming from the nectar sleep bed frame reviews.

Nectar Company Policy

Are you thinking of making a nectar mattress purchase? Don’t worry, come. Let’s walk together through its industry policies.

It’s wise to know and understand the policy of the company you are going to make a purchase from. Followings are the nectar company policies;


The more warranty we get of any product, the more we become assured of its legitimacy. if you ask, is nectar sleep legit? We can claim the Nectar mattress is a 100% legit product because it comes with a forever warranty.

Sleep trial

They offer you a sleep trial for 365 days to help you understand if the mattress is the right fit for you.

Return policy

This is, nectar sleep return reviews. If you don’t feel like the mattress is okay for your use, you are allowed to return it anytime, contact them through a website on nectar and they will refund you with the total price except the shipping and other charges. Let us tell you, nectar sleep delivery is not enough good.

To learn more about the product return policy, read from Nectar’s website.


When we checked nectar sleep bad reviews, the nectar mattress product reviews, we saw some people complained about the delivery service.

 According to some of the nectar sleep customer service reviews, the delivery came late, didn’t respond to the emails properly, indistinct responses.

 If you prior the customer service first, you may look for another company mattress with better customer service.

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How does the Nectar Sleep compare to other mattresses?

There are always similar products in the market hence to get the best product it’s wise to compare among them. Let’s get to know the comparison between nectar mattress and its competitors;

Nectar Sleep vs Purple

The big difference we can see between Nectar and the purple mattress is in the comfort layers. Nectar’s comfort layer is made of memory foam, whereas the purple one is a hyper-elastic gel polymer grid.

Hence Nectar is way softer and gives a slow-moving feel, but the purple mattress will give you balanced support and comfort. Still, the comfort depends on the people who will use it.

Seeing the nectar mattress customer reviews, we have understood that this might feel softer for lightweight sleepers but for the heavyweight sleepers, the purple mattress will feel softer.

However, the price of both mattresses is almost the same. Therefore to make the right decision in buying one from these two, one must consider his or her sleeping position and size.

If you ask for our suggestions, we would say Nectar is the perfect match if you are a side sleeper and lightweight, especially if you prefer the feel of memory foam.

The purple mattress will be the right option for people who are heavy in weight and are combination sleepers, especially if you prefer a more durable mattress.

Nectar Sleep vs Casper

Although both the mattresses nectar and Casper are all-foam, there are some differences as well. Nectar sleep has on its top the memory foam, whereas the Casper has the responsive poly foam.

Therefore using nectar sleep will give you a slow-moving feeling, while Casper will give you the feel of balanced foam. 

Another big difference is nectar sleep does not have a zoned support system, but the Casper does. For this, people who sleep on their stomach and back finds Casper firmer than Nectar.

Also, side sleepers find Casper softer. But in every position, nectar is softer than Casper, and this is the user’s opinion.

Based on all the reviews, we can say nectar sleep will be comfortable for those who sleep on the side and are light or medium-weight.

Nectar mattresses will work great for couples if they prefer a memory foam feel. On the other hand, Casper will be a comfortable place for combination back sleepers along with those who like a balanced foam feel.

Nectar Sleep vs Tempurpedic

Every shopper has different choices, tastes, and requirements. For shoppers who like a medium-firm mattress that is affordable and gives them an experience of memory foam, a nectar mattress is the right one they need.

About the Tempurpedic mattress, it gives you the feel of luxury memory foam. It is the densest foam you can find in the market. The huge difference between these two is their costs.

While Tempurpedic costs much but gives you a more comfortable feeling, Nectar can almost give you the same comfortable but at a more reasonable price.

On voting between Nectar and Tempurpedic mattresses, people gave 4.5 stars out of 5 to the Nectar, and the Tempurpedic got 4.0 rating.

Lessa vs Nectar Sleep

If you are looking for a mattress between lessa and Nectar that gives a softer feeling, then Nectar is the right choice. From users, we got to know they feel nectar mattresses softer than the lessa.

Nectar mattress has the memory foam on its top, but on the lessa, the top foam is of latex. If you want your mattress to feel like classic memory foam, buy nectar mattress, but if you want a balanced feel, choose to buy lessa.

Also, if you like the responsive mattress, then lessa will be your favorite. Another difference you must know is sleeping on lessa mattress will make you feel cooler than sleeping on Nectar.

Hence if you have an overheating problem buying a nectar mattress will not bring a pleasant experience.

Sleep Number vs Nectar Sleep

We researched on both the mattresses and found out Nectar is better in almost all the requirements than sleep number. Let us explain some of those differences which make Nectar a better option.

The first main reason is their softness. While Nectar feels very soft to the customers, sleep number felt less soft.

The Nectar mattress is made of so many layers and quality full memory foams, which also make it more durable than the sleep numbers.

Coming to the point of firmness, people rated nectar mattress more than sleep number. According to people, the Nectar works way better in relieving pressure and thus helps to reduce body pain, while sleep number does not help in this matter much.

Last but not least, the terms and conditions for shipping and trials are also better than the sleep number mattresses.

Nectar Sleep vs Dreamcloud

There are not 2 or 3 differences between the nectar mattress and dreamcloud, but more. The first difference is in their construction. On one side nectar mattress is fully made of foam.

On the other side, dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress made by using foams and springs. The Nectar is also better than dreamcloud in the thickness. While dreamcloud’s thickness is 4″ at 15″, Nectar’s is at 11″.

If you are looking for a more reasonably priced good mattress, then still Nectar beats the dreamcloud. Nectar does not feel much heavy, but dreamcloud does.

The dreamcloud gives an offer to serve professional cleaning for one time only, but Nectar does not offer anything like this.

Nectar Sleep Reviews – Our Final Verdict

If you are planning on investing your money in a high-quality mattress, Nectar is the right choice. It’s undoubtedly one of the best mattresses you can find in the current marketplace.

It’s not only getting popular but also benefitting its consume in many ways which you can’t ignore to consider.

Benefits like Cooling effect, forever warranty, made of memory foam with 5 layers, 365 days trial, money return policy, impressive height makes the Nectar mattress a perfect choice.

Buy Nectar Sleep

FAQs About Nectar Sleep

What makes the Nectar Sleep different?

Nectar Sleep is different yet great than many other mattresses, and the main reason is you get sound sleep on Nectar. This product will offer you contoured support.

Another amazing fact that makes Nectar different is its 365 days trial and a warranty with no end. The shipping process is done sooner, and lastly, the company will return you the whole price spent if you are not satisfied with the nectar mattress.

Can I sleep on my Nectar mattress without the cover on it?

No, we don’t suggest you sleep on the mattress without a cover. You will be soon given the new cover, and whenever you receive that, wear your Nectar mattress that covers and then sleep.

Until you get the new one, use an old one. If your mattress cover gets dirty, use mild detergent and water to clean the dirty areas.

When can I expect to receive my Nectar?

Nectar company ships their mattress to you with the help of FedEx or UPS Ground. The standard delivery process is done within 2-5 business days. But if you choose to get the full setup by their white-glove service, you need to wait extra 2 or 3 days.

The nectar agents call to know when you are free to receive the product, and at your chosen time, they deliver it.

How long does it take for the nectar mattress to expand?

Generally, nectar sleep takes 24-72 hours for expanding itself fully, yet you can use it to sleep right after you have received it.

Because its layers of soft memory foam will not make you feel pressured or painful, sleep when you get your Nectar mattress and let it expand, not letting you even feel the expansion.

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