The painter Pierre Paul Marchini denounces the exploitation of artists by the “art world” and launches his own sales channel

Attention, nothing is going any more in the universe of the Culture! More and more voices are rising to challenge abusive practices in a sector that is nonetheless very profitable: each year, culture and creation bring in 100 billion euros for the French economy ( source ).

Singer Pascal Obispo has just created his own application to escape the stranglehold of record companies ( source ), cartoonists and comic book authors have signed a call to boycott the Angoulême Festival which does not pay them and to challenge their precariousness ( source )…

In the field of visual arts, it is the painter Pierre Paul Marchini who “slams the door” of the institutional “World of Art”.

After twenty years spent practicing exhibitions and salons, Pierre Paul Marchini denounces the abuses of this elitist milieu, which exploits artists and prevents the general public from acquiring works by practicing prohibitive prices.

The painter does not mince his words:

I have witnessed more than doubtful drifts in the artistic world! From gallery owners to designers of paid sites for artists, including trade show organizers, many players see art as an investment without appreciating its depth. They are content to speculate, as on the Stock Exchange, and run after recognition …

The artist therefore decided to follow another path by launching NO ARTE  (registered trademark), his own online gallery of permanent exhibition available on Facebook.

His goal: to democratize access to his art, by recreating a direct link between the artist and art lovers.



Canvases listed at Drouot offered at affordable prices

Did you know that the gallery owners take, at a minimum, a 50% margin on the sale of works? That the exorbitant prices charged to artists who exhibit in exhibitions, most often without any guarantee (number and profile of visitors), are partly reflected in the price of the pieces presented?

Thus, artists and art lovers are the big losers in the current system, which ends up forgetting the essential: each creation is the result of a story, a heart and a soul.


It is high time to get out of a pure business logic to put people and emotion back at the center of the artistic circuit.

This approach also involves the end of over-rating works for speculative purposes.

Pierre Paul Marchini specifies:

Although listed at Drouot, all my paintings will be accessible to the greatest number on No Arte. In particular, I intend to offer affordable prices, installment payments and discounts for special occasions. Because artists are nothing without their audience, I prefer my efforts to go to the people rather than to the profiteers.


Zoom on a selection of oils on canvas that will be offered on NO ARTE

All the works exhibited on NO ARTE are sold with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, this pleasure purchase is also a wise investment since the artist’s rating will not change.

Wild Flight

wild flight

Abstraction of a flight of birds.

Dimensions: H. 100 x L. 100 cm



Dimensions: H 90 x L 90 cm

The sea


Dimensions: H 60 x W 70 cm

Corsican Spring


Dimensions: H 66 x W 80 cm


Dimensions: H 110 x L 80 cm


Dimensions: H 100 x L 80


Dimensions: H 100 x L 80

About Pierre-Paul Marchini, free man and artist

Originally from Ajaccio, Pierre-Paul Marchini is one of the 50 new masters of contemporary art, alongside masters such as Kandisky or Pollock, according to a work of art published in English by professionals in Italy (published in modern art galleries, among collectors).

Painter of abstraction and the informal, he started painting about fifteen years ago, very quickly finding his way: oil work, which allows him to create incomparable effects.

The artist specifies:

Going from brush to knife with a larger gesture, I feel closer to my emotional and artistic reality.

His absolutely modern works oscillate between an abstract, sometimes lyrical, sometimes decorative.

Its geographical meanders reflect the impulses of its soul. We also find in his work his love of Corsica, with a style that expresses the diversity of tones and nuances of the Island of Beauty.


By diverting the theory of colors and exploiting each of the materials, he breaks with the classic canons. Pierre-Paul Marchini goes beyond simple representation by plunging into the pure psyche. The color is brought to its climax with great freedom.

He underlines :

Art is life, Art is violence! He is born in dissonance, in tumultuous currents, never in calm and silence. Whoever creates transmits an idea, he takes it deep within himself, but in fact, it comes from elsewhere, from these unknown and high worlds which make up our being. He creates as he would cry, breaking the established harmony then becomes calm again, for a short moment, as if on a break between two lives.

An international art critic, Salvatore Russo, writes about him: “His painting is characterized by the great genius, with which the artist draws his lines. He is a painting in action. A painting, which strongly calls out situations, involving modern man. A painting, which is emerging in contemporary art, and he is a great protagonist ”.

Pierre-Paul Marchini exhibits regularly in Parisian and Corsican galleries. He exhibited at the Fiac in 2012 and won the 3rd prize for painting at the great international contemporary art competition in 2014.

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