Pelvic Floor Strong Review: Does Alex Miller Pelvic Floor Exercise Program Really Works?

Pelvic Floor Strong is an exercise guide, introduced by Alex Miller Health, that has been made available specifically for women who are suffering from weakness of the pelvic floor, secondary to trauma or childbirth. In a normal human being, the pelvic floor is also known as the pelvic diaphragm and it is composed of strong tendinous muscles and fascia. It encloses some major organs such as the urinary bladder, intestines, and uterus in females. The weakening of the pelvic floor is very common in females yet an alarming sign. It can be prevented if careful therapeutic measures are taken. For this reason, a detailed guide is now available to help with pelvic exercises and save you from weak pelvic muscles.

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What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

It is a non-invasive method that does not include any surgery and administration of oral or intravenous supplements. It is based solely on exercises and information about fixing the weakness of the pelvic floor. It includes a pelvic floor informational manual, Flat Belly Fast 10-minutes Quick Start Manual, Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Video, Flat Belly Fast Quick Start Video, Back to Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free Program. When added together in a package, all of these serve to help women who are tired of the consequences of a weak pelvic diaphragm.

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Pelvic Floor Strong vs Other Strategies:

No other strategy is as effective as the exercises being promoted by this package. Most of the other techniques include taking medications for weak muscles that have their own side effects and act only until they are continuously taken. They have a short-term impact and do not produce benefits in the long run. Other treatments include surgery for pelvic dysfunction that costs way more than these exercises and has a long recovery time.

What Can Cause Pelvic Muscle Weakness?

A list of factors is responsible for decreasing the strength of the muscles that make up the pelvic diaphragm. However, in women, the most common factors are:

  • Trauma:

Trauma means a physical injury or a distressing experience such as a car accident or any other injury.

  • Childbirth:

More than anything else, childbirth through the perineum can disrupt pelvic muscles, causing weakness.

  • Overuse injury:

In daily life, a lot of people put strain while defecating which affects the strength of pelvic muscles.

  • Surgery:

In case of any surgery related to the pelvis, the healing brings only 70% of the original strength of the muscles back.

  • Obesity:

Obesity puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor because of the weight of fat accumulation which can cause pelvic weakness.

  • Aging:

The normal process of aging is characterized by a loss of muscle tone. This directly affects the pelvic muscles and can produce serious consequences if combined with the above-mentioned factors.

What Indicates A Weak Pelvic Floor?

Like all other disorders, a weak pelvic floor presents a list of symptoms that can help you realize that you might be suffering from muscle weakness. It is not only indicated in women who have given birth to children but it can present in any woman, irrespective of age. Some of the most common symptoms of a weak pelvic floor are:

  • Urinary incontinence:

It refers to the inability of controlling urine so it can leak anytime without you realizing it. Most women experience leakage of urine when they laugh, sneeze or carry out strenuous exercise, revealing the weakness of their pelvic muscles.

  • Feeling of discomfort in the pelvis:

With a decrease in the tone of the pelvic floor, the organs present in the pelvis like the uterus and bladder may start to bulge out, leading to pain and discomfort.

  • Painful Bowel Movement:

Due to weak pelvic muscles, it becomes difficult to complete a bowel movement, resulting in the painful evacuation of bowel contents. This can lead to constipation and disrupt your bathroom schedule.

What Are The Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Strong?

This exercise manual is popular because of the benefits it has produced in women. Some of these benefits include:

  • Strengthens pelvic floor:

With stronger muscles, the pelvic organs do not bulge out and they have ample support to stay at their anatomical position to function properly.

  • Rebuilds confidence:

Without the fear of leakage of urine, a woman can move around more freely with confidence.

  • Enhances the tone of abdominal muscles:

The pelvic exercises benefit the strength of the pelvis and help maintain the tone of the abdominal muscles, helping you achieve a flat belly.

  • Gives relief from back pain:

It improves the quality of life by relieving back pain caused by weak muscles.

  • Improves posture and balance:

These exercises help achieve a balanced gait and fix posture.

  • Helps attain bowel and bladder control:

With an increase in the strength of the pelvic muscles, it becomes easier to control urination and defecation.

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What Does The Package Contain?

It consists of:

  • Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Manual:

It includes the written information about achieving stronger pelvic floor muscles, exercises for improving posture and a 3-step movement sequence.

  • Flat Belly Fast 10-minute Quick Start Manual:

It contains the details about exercises in case you cannot access a screen to help you during exercise.

  • Pelvic Strong Floor Informational Video:

It is included to educate you about the pelvis, its contents, and its association with organs to give you in-depth knowledge about your body.

  • Flat belly fast 10-minute Quick Start Manual:

This program isn’t all about pelvic muscles, it also helps you get a flat belly with properly toned

  • Back to Life 3-step pain-free program:

A renowned health expert, Emily Lark, has given her tips and suggestions to help you attain a body that does not ache at all times.

How Much Does Pelvic Floor Strong Cost?

A complete package with the inclusion of the below-mentioned videos and manuals is available at a reasonable cost of $37 only.

  • Pelvic Floor Strong: Informational Video
  • Pelvic Floor Strong: Informational Manual
  • Flat Belly Fast:10 Minute Quick Start Video
  • Flat Belly Fast: Exercise Manual
  • Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist

There is a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee in case you don’t haven’t achieved desired results.

Final Verdict on Pelvic Floor Strong Review

After a detailed analysis, it is safe to say that Pelvic Floor Strong is a reliable package that focuses on lifestyle changes through exercise rather than medications and other strategies. It ensures healthy and strong pelvic muscles to help you overcome the problems associated with a weak pelvic floor, such as leakage of urine and pelvic discomfort.

The price is fixed at a reasonable rate and the package includes a variety of informational and supportive manuals and videos for guidance. With the offer of a money-back guarantee, this product can be considered one of the best available solutions to pelvic floor dysfunction in the market.

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